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Add support for "module" as well as "jsnext:main" pouchdb/pouchdb

I can't see any reason not to support both of these. This should just be a change to our build/publish process to add a `"module"` entry as well as a `"jsnext:main"` one.

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Uncaught exceptions in browsers without webrtc support webtorrent/webtorrent

There's an "Error: No WebRTC support: Not a supported browser" exception in Safari. Visible on We can handle this more gracefully, which has the excellent side benefit of ma...

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Add support for best quality compression redfin/react-server

> I've got a fun side project called shrink-ray that is adding zopfli and brotli support to express compression. I don't think this is a particularly good thing to spend time on right now, fwiw. M...

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Add comments (description) to config file rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

[This config]( option was added via [this PR]( Sti...

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Run BMP decoder through bmpsuite image-rs/image is a really thorough suite of edge cases, and it would be great to put this decoder through its paces. Adding it to the automated t...

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Add support for sending delayed push notifications parse-community/Parse-SDK-Android

Sending push notifications from the REST API allows specifying `push_time`, which allows scheduling a push to be delivered to a device at a later date. This property is missing from our Android SDK...

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SignUpViewController fields don't update after `emailAsUsername` is set. parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Failing code snippet: ``` objc PFSignUpViewController *controller = [[PFSignUpViewController alloc] init]; controller.emailAsUsername = YES; controller.fields = PFSignUpFieldsUsernameAndPassword |...

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PFLogInViewController should provide default implementation for PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Currently - to handle both login and signup - you need to implement both `PFLogInViewControllerDelegate` and `PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate`, even though you might have presented sign up from insi...

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Docs have no reference to use of title class PolymerElements/paper-toolbar

Although adding title class to content element has an important effect on the styling, the docs say nothing about it.

Created - 0 comments - documentation good-first-bug help wanted p1 - backlog

Allow a MockInteractions.pressAndReleaseKeyOn alternative that takes a keyIdentifier PolymerElements/iron-test-helpers

``` js MockInteractions.pressAndReleaseKeyOn(element, 221); // ']' ``` Will fail because the custom event doesn’t have a `keyIdentifier` and the `keyCode` lies outside of what is present in `KEY_C...

Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug help wanted p2 - icebox

Fix the terrible functions examples adamchainz/django-mysql

The functions examples in the docs are all terribly non-specific and just use annotate. Django's manual has much clearer examples which also have some kind of rationalization behind them. Let's do ...

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Add docstrings to the database functions adamchainz/django-mysql

Django's DB functions have docstrings, we should have them too.

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Mobile A11y Testing 11/1 - simple note, not big issue PolymerElements/paper-menu-button

This is totally fine - simply note that these buttons don't have labels so they just speak "button". We'll want to make it clear to developers to add their own labels.

Created - 0 comments - a11y good-first-bug help wanted p0 - critical

Provide an example that submits a real form alphagov/accessible-autocomplete

The [current examples page]( does not make use of actual `<form>` elements and doe...

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Add CodeCov support to .travis.yml sendgrid/sendgrid-java

Issue Summary Add these entries to the .travis.yml file so codecov reports show up!

Created - 0 comments - difficulty: easy good first issue hacktoberfest help wanted up-for-grabs

Typo on the website keithamus/jwerty

I believe > Use `jwerty.event` as a decorator, to bind events your own way: > > $('#myinput').bind('keydown', .event should be > Use `jwerty.event` as a decorator, to bind events your own way:...

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Clean-path function could be cleaner remotestorage/remotestorage.js

Instead of manually encoding e.g. single quotes, this seems to be the clean way to do it (and for everything that `encodeURIComponent` doesn't do it): ``` js function fixedEncodeURIComponent (str)...

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`cargo add`: Integration tests killercup/cargo-edit

- [ ] Useful error messages - [ ] Manifest lookup - [ ] TOML Structure (cf. #15)

Created - 0 comments - cargo-add easy help wanted refinement

Lists do not bubble expando properties like maps do canjs/can-list

Because lists lack a bubbleRule like They do not bubble expando events as shown here:,output ```j...

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[TASK] Add FAQ entry for overwriting type field TYPO3-Solr/ext-solr

From time to time users try to overwrite the Solr document's type field. However, since it is an important field used to ensure consistency between TYPO3's database and Solr's index the extension p...

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Remove unused x86 AsmUtil64.asm eclipse/omr

The contents of this assembler file are not consumed anywhere, nor in any known downstream projects. It can be deleted, and the makefiles modified to not build it. ``` ./fvtest/compilertest/x/ru...

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Make isLocaleSensitive() default in UnitFormat unitsofmeasurement/unit-api

The new API method isLocaleSensitive() in QuantityFormat is declared as default. Since 2.0 is based on Java SE 8 and a majority of implementations are not locale-sensitive, we should also consider ...

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Enable force delete refs gitextensions/gitextensions

<!-- IMPORTANT Before creating an issue, be sure to search existing issues, both open AND closed, to see whether someone else has already reported your issue. Please also read CONTRIBUTING....

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add plugin template option --plugin hoodiehq-archive/hoodie-cli

Implement: 'hoodie new --plugin 'new-plugin-name' the template for this is

Created - 0 comments - enhancement help wanted release-1.0.0 starter

Add a test for scrolling menu PolymerElements/iron-menu-behavior


Created - 0 comments - good-first-bug help wanted p2 - icebox

Add CLI usage information and `-h` flag applikatoni/applikatoni

At the moment there is no helpful output regarding the command line parameters the server takes. We should add "usage information" like [toni does](

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Methods that need more docs data-8/datascience

Housekeeping for which methods still need docs (just in the order they appear in the documentation, not by priority). These methods have just a sentence or two in the docstring. **Creation** - [ ...

Created - 0 comments - good first issue help wanted Spring2016

Expand test coverage in the security/contentSecurityPolicyBrowserHandlers.js file ansble/monument Looks like it is covered about 97%... Locally you can get this number by running npm test. Th...

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