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Support specifying multiple packages in checksum/build/aportgen commands postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

So you could do: `pmbootstrap checksum aports/device-*` for example. Relevant files: `pmb/parse/` `pmb/helpers/`

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Improve message: "installed version ... is newer, than the version in the repositories" postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

- [x] Create a wiki page, that explains why this happened and what to do about it: [done](

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make it easier to create patches postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

Ideas contributed by halamix2 in the chat: 1. Our [how to create a patch]( guide uses `git` to create a diff. But...

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Ability to export 2nd boot partition and rootfs in seperate image files postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

On hammerhead mainline somehow one partiton with sub partition doesn't work properly so I need to flash boot image to system partition and rootfs to userdata.. I do it manually currently but would ...

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Don't allow pmbootstrap to run as root postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

We use sudo when we need to run commands as root. Two people have run pmbootstrap as root today and screwed up their work folder permissions that way, it would be better if we checked for this.

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make kconfig_check arch-specific to support CONFIG_LBDAF postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

The [kconfig option `LBDAF`]( is required to mount `ext4` partitions (unless they have been created with non-default settings). ...

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Save version in the generated system partition postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

This would make debugging the version number easier. We could add the following information in the system partition somewhere: * pmbootstrap version * pmbootstrap git hash

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