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add speak command? google/clojure-turtle

I'm undecided on whether this functionality would be useful and in line with the simplicity of Logo, but here's the idea: Have the turtle be able to print text to the screen. Follow-on considerat...

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Mark all private things private with an _underscore. lume/lume

We currently mark private class properties in the `_underscore` format. Maybe we should also mark private classes with underscore, so we'd write `new _PrivateClass`, and also mark private events li...

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Do we need to proxy CSSStyleDeclaration#transform to #msTransform for ie11? lume/lume

Search for `CSSStyleDeclaration` to see code. Setting the CSS transform property - In Chrome: ` = "transform(...)"` - in IE11?: ` = "msTransform...

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Allow `children` option to TreeNode constructor? lume/lume

So that we can for example do: ```js const scene = new Scene({ children: [ new Node({ id: 'lorem', absoluteSize: {x:100, y:200}, align: {x:0...

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[Profile page]: Calendar colors should incorporate red and green both stopstalk/stopstalk-deployment

Reddish => More non-accepted submissions greenish => More accepted submissions Provide various shades of it accordingly. Investigate the Google Chart API

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Authenticatication with the dwyl app? dwyl/auth

Currently we are _assuming_ people want to Authenticate into the dwyl app using Email & Password. We have not collected any _data_ on this so we don't _know_ what people want/expect. ### Todo ...

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use new version hooks to modify changelog? joeybaker/generator-iojs

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use publish config instead of hardcoding? joeybaker/generator-iojs

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Speichern-und-Später-weiter bahrmichael/interactive-questionnaire

> Ich denke auch, dass wir eine “Speichern und später weiter Bearbeiten” Funktion gut gebrauchen könnten. Ich finde hier ein kontinuierliches Speichern sinnvoller. Genauso wie beim Fragebogen is...

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Inversion of Control and DI chrismichaels84/midas

Especially in `Midas\Midas`, would it be appropriate to remove the concrete dependencies to the various managers? If so, would the best approach be to include references to the managers in the `$co...

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OAuth2::Error is not really helpful oauth-xx/oauth2

Hey I tried to do simple token refresh stubbing today, but the lib made it tough. ``` client = 'CLIENT_ID', 'CLIENT_SECRET', authorize_url: '

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue help wanted need-docs need-spec question

Analyze HIC++ and figure out if we are missing some important lints rust-lang/rust-clippy > This document defines a set of rules for the production of high quality C++ code1. The guiding principles of this standard are maintenance, portab...

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How do we implement Relay and Graphql in React Server? redfin/react-server

I am studying it design pattern , it is focusing on Flux, I want to know how can we implement realyjs and graphql with react-server? If there is any feature that allow to use relayjs and graphql ...

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logging failed requests dwyl/hapi-auth-jwt2

How do I log failed requests? I want to verify if the authorization header is coming in correctly.

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How to prevent FABMenu from closing unless a button is clicked? CosmicMind/Material

I couldn't find a way to keep the FABMenu open, everytime I tap on anywhere on the screen it just closes.

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Error Handling: What happens when unable to connect to Redis server? dwyl/redis-connection

At present there doesn't _appear_ to be any error handling code in `index.js`: As such if the Red...

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MVC routing path name kataras/iris

I want to implement uppercase character like this path "${hostname}/organization/bulkLicense" How to do it In MVC structure? thanks.

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Enhance the VE (visual color scheme editor) radareorg/radare2

* [ ] Add keys to select a different theme * [ ] Be able to create new themes in users's home * [ ] support to change the background color

Created - 1 comment - consoleui easy enhancement question

Rename dh into dL radareorg/radare2

to be consistent with iL, L or oL

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binaries of arm64v8/alpine:edge seems to be the wrong format. gliderlabs/docker-alpine

With the last change of the rootfs 19 days ago in commit ce346ca, created by the build-bot i cannot use anymore the image. To reproduce it on a raspberry pi arm64v8 (archlinux 64-bit-arm-versio...

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#if USE_NEW_FCN_STORE radareorg/radare2

its value is 0.. and uses r_listrange so maybe we can remove it because current fcn storage works pretty fast and its been a long time without maintaining that

Created - 1 comment - good first issue question refactor

If `asm.linesright=true` draw function lines along with jumplines radareorg/radare2

Currently the option only moves reflines, but it make sense also to draw the function lines along with those, not in the old leftmost position. Maybe also moving the flagname to the right make sense.

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parsing a pocket json download jsondecodeerror "extra data" pirate/ArchiveBox

I am not the best with python so I have not been able to find out what JSON line is causing it to fail. I think line 95 may be the `"tags": "ifttt,reddit"`, tag Thank you, ``` File cont...

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Use a whitelist in proxyGettersSetters, it is safer. lume/lume

We are currently blacklisting properties to proxy from MotorHTMLNode (`methodProxyBlacklist`), which means we're guessing which ones we might not want to proxy because it might break other librarie...

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