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scheduled_test descriptor pattern is indented very strangely dart-lang/dart_style

The formatter doesn't play nicely at all with the following pattern from `scheduled_test`'s `descriptor` library: ```dart void main() { d.file("test.dart", """ import 'package:test/test...

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Unnecessary line breaks in new typedef syntax dart-lang/dart_style

On bleeding edge, this code: ```dart typedef F = int Function(Null); ``` gets formatted to this: ```dart typedef F = int Function(Null); ``` is this really intended?

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Special-case decorator-style methods dart-lang/dart_style

I use the following pattern occasionally to simulate decorators; that is, to wrap the body of a method in some block or another to modify its behavior. It avoids extra indentation and looks nice, w...

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dartfmt should not prefer empty bodies in the if part of if...else... dart-lang/dart_style

While I was refactoring some stuff I came up with this code: ```dart if (receiver != null && receiver is! ThisExpression && interfaceMember is Procedure && interfac...

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