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Only print GmWarnings once DanielG/ghc-mod

A `Data.Set` of already presented warnings should work also add a flag to always warn.

Created - 2 comments - easy type: enhancement

Support the STACK_YAML environment variable (or add --stack-yaml) DanielG/ghc-mod

Stack allows you to specify an alternate location for the `stack.yaml` file using the `--stack-yaml` command line option or the `STACK_YAML` environment variable. I don't like to clutter up the ro...

Created - 2 comments - component: stack easy type: enhancement

ghc-mod using the global stack project DanielG/ghc-mod

Could ghc-mod use the global stack project when outside of a stack project? It would make my Atom plugins work much nicer with random files outside of a project... :)

Created - 2 comments - easy type: enhancement

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