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AES_set_encrypt_key and variants return error codes, but they are ignored briansmith/ring

Look at and other instances where those functions are called. The return value is ignored...

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Don't use `[0; T]` to construct not-yet-initialized values briansmith/ring

It turns out that some test vectors are using all-zero values as inputs, which then get used as expected outputs when we verify,for example, that decrypting a ciphertext results in the original pla...

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Improve conventions for passing fixed-sized arrays to FFI functions briansmith/ring

After I filed the feedback was mostly negative so I made it the convention to use `x: *const T/*[N]*/` and `x: *mut T/*[N]*/` instead of `x: &[T; N]` ...

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Use C99 static array size specifier in C function prototypes briansmith/ring

See Quoting a comment on that page: "this feature is described in bullet 7, ISO/IEC 9899:201x n1570 working draft." In...

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Add tests of unaligned inputs for `ring::digest` briansmith/ring

In particular, test on platforms that require 4-byte alignment for 32-bit integers and/or 8-byte alignment for 64-bit integers.

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Expand (NIST) ECDH and X25519 testing briansmith/ring

For both, add test cases for: - Overlong inputs - Cases where the inputs are not reduced mod `q`, but which are otherwise correct. These are invalid for NIST ECDH but valid for X25519. (The NIST EC...

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Work around lack of stdalign.h on OpenBSD briansmith/ring

As reported in #287, compilation fails with OpenBSD's GCC 4.8 because it lacks stdalign.h: ``` --- stderr In file included from crypto/aes/aes.c:55:0: crypto/aes/../internal.h:136:22: fatal error:...

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Mark C function return values as `#[must_use]` briansmith/ring

One approach is to use (if/when it is implemented) the proposed `#[must_use]` annotation on functions: Another approach is to change the return value ...

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The compiler doesn't tell us when we ignore a return value in C code briansmith/ring

- We should turn on the strictest "warn about any unused return values" warnings that every compiler (GCC, clang, MSVC) supports. Unfortunately, it seems like in general compilers don't have such a...

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Expand testing of invalid ECDSA signatures briansmith/ring

- [ ] Test cases where the ASN.1 is malformed in various ways. - [ ] Test cases where r is negative, zero, and greater or equal to `n`. - [ ] Test cases where s is negative, zero, and greater or eq...

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HMAC: Split `hmac::SigningKey::new` briansmith/ring

We have this code in `hmac::SigningKey::new` ```rust pub fn new(digest_alg: &'static digest::Algorithm, key_value: &[u8]) -> SigningKey { … let key_value...

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Enable/disable C `assert()` based on whether Rust assertions are enabled/disabled. briansmith/ring

Right now we choose whether or not to build in debug mode based on `env::var("OPT_LEVEL")` in the build script, but I think we should be using some other flag specific to whether debug assertions a...

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Randomize the first bit of X25519 public keys briansmith/ring

When we generate an X25519 private key, there are a few bits of the private key that are unused (always masked off, or masked set). We can steal one of those random bits to choose whether the high-...

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Implement `core::fmt::Debug` for all public Algorithm types briansmith/ring

I suggest that the implementation should just output the same thing it would output if the Algorithm type were defined to be an empty struct type, like this: ```rust struct Algorithm; ``` I...

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Allow applications to use RDRAND/RDSEED instead of OS PRNG on x86/x64 briansmith/ring

RDRAND/RDSEED will not be the default on any platform, but there should be some way to use it in specific scenerios where `getrandom()` and reading from `/dev/[u]random` and similar can't be used. ...

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Add Visual Studio 2017 builds to AppVeyor briansmith/ring

[Note that Visual Studio “15” is the successor to Visual Studio 2015 and will probably have a different name; see] Let's suppo...

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Use `BitLength` for all bit-denoted lengths briansmith/ring

See also #345, 346, #347. Without the compiler supporting const fns, we are limited in the contexts in which we can use `BitLength`. @samscott89 noted that we may be able to make `BitLength` a n...

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Use Fuchsia's randomness API on Fuchsia briansmith/ring

See Since that Google code is under the ISC license, we can borrow as much of it as is helpful....

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Improve ARM build options briansmith/ring

@pietro wrote: > According to [this]( we should also pass `-mfloat-abi=softfp`. We may also want to pass `-thum...

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Implement `PartialEq` and `Eq` for all public Algorithm types briansmith/ring

I suggest that for each Algorithm type, we define a simple enum, like this: ```rust #[derive(Eq)] pub struct WhateverAlgorithm { // existing fields id: WhateverAlgorithmID, // Add th...

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Optimize PBKDF2 briansmith/ring


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Reverse mode in ISO mode commanderx16/x16-rom

In ISO mode, reverse mode has no effect. Also, the cursor is a block that covers the character instead of inverting it. This can be fixed by swapping the foreground and background colors both fo...

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Improve conventions for returning arrays from functions briansmith/ring

In some cases, e.g. in the implementations of `ring::aead::seal_in_place` and `ring_aead::open_in_place`, we pass a function an uninitialized (actually, zero-initialized) buffer and then expect tha...

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Implemengt NoPanicSlice in terms of non-panicing slicing in when it is available in Rust's standa... briansmith/ring

See `no_panic::NoPanicSlice::subslice`, and maybe other things, should be rewritten when the new Rust functionality is available.

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Benchmark ChaCha20 and Poly1305 vs Andrew Moon's implementations briansmith/ring

Andrew Moon has very fast ChaCha20 and Poly1305 implementations at and respectively. _ring_'s code should be b...

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Add NIST CAVP AES-GCM tests briansmith/ring

See Ideally we'd do something very similar, but without depending on Go. However, depending on Go in the sho...

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Add Address Sanitizer (ASAN) configuration to Continuous Integration builds briansmith/ring

We should be doing runs with the tests running under ASAN.

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Remove rustc_serialize dependency briansmith/ring

#378 adds a new dev_dependency on rustc_serialize, which is deprecated and larger than what we need. Let's replace that dependency with a dependency on a smaller base64-specific crate.

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Add aarch64-linux-android targets to Travis CI briansmith/ring

At the time we added 32-bit ARM Android to Travis CI, Aarch64 builds of Rust's libstd weren't available. However, now they are available, so we can add AAarch64 targets now.

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