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DH_compute_key_padded is undocumented in 1.0.2, 1.1.1 and master openssl/openssl

DH_compute_key_padded is not documented in any OpenSSL release, present since at least 1.0.2.

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ECDSA_size can return negative value on error openssl/openssl states that "ECDSA_size() returns the maximum length signature or 0 on error", but in fact, it can also return a negative value because it...

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ecdsatest.c is missing handling of negative ECDSA_size openssl/openssl

Improper use of negative value found by Coverity. In test/ecdsatest.c: static int test_builtin(int n) { ... size_t sig_len; **// type should be an int** **negative_return_fn: Functio...

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Missing null-check after CRYPTO_zalloc openssl/openssl

<!-- Thank you for your bug report. If this is your first one, please take the time to read the following lines before posting it. NOTE: If you're asking about how to use OpenSSL, this ...

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Add support for bold attribute in 'ec' command radareorg/radare2

To change not only color of text group, but also its thickness

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Bits everywhere radareorg/radare2

There are several places where `asm.bits` can be checked out, and its confusing because some of them are unused, others just contain the supported bits, other the configured bits, some of them are ...

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Remove test observer hack robotmedia/RMStore

As noted in this [article]( it's no longer necessary to use the test observer hack to generate code coverage files.

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Add conditional breakpoints using ESIL expressions radareorg/radare2

We already have this implemented in 'dsue', but this command only accepts one expression (which can be complex and contain more than one condition), but it would be better if we could register them...

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Support GMT configuration for `pt` command radareorg/radare2

cfg.gmt ?

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Move `main` of r2 inside libr_core radareorg/radare2

Do the same with rabin2, rasm2, ... This way we allow the programmer to call the main of each main from his program. Useful for embedding and avoid forks.

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Check plugin r2-version on load radareorg/radare2

When loading a plugin from home or system, the plugins must include a new field specifying the version of r2 in which it was compiled. This check must be enforced by default and disabled with an en...

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Incorrect chopping on comments radareorg/radare2

`[0x100001174]> / #` Search performed instead of just showing '/'s help.

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^R in dietline doesnt supports repeated search radareorg/radare2 (add support for inputrc?)

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Duktape bytecode disassembler radareorg/radare2

Created - 0 comments - assembly disassembly easy

Add hold option in rarun2 to stop execution until a specific event happens radareorg/radare2

Signal is received maybe? This is useful for attaching the debugger

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implement on+ radareorg/radare2

similar to on but with rw-permission

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add FAQ item about borg check --repair borgbackup/borg

Make a FAQ entry, based on this: ``` 04:46 CharlesA$ Is there any risk to running borgbackup check --repair? I tried it and saw a warning that it was experimental and it could result in data l...

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Document iR for resources radareorg/radare2

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Add SASL options to /server and /connect irssi/irssi

We usually have symmetry between the options passable to `/server`, `/connect`, and `/network`. We should do the same with the SASL options and have them overriding values in the same manner as it ...

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Various fixes to how timer differences are calculated qmk/qmk_firmware

## Description This PR makes 3 main changes 1) The TIMER_DIFF* macros calculated wrong values after timer overflow (1 less) 2) Improves code generation efficiency for TIMER_DIFF* macros (small...

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emrun_file_dump fails in workers emscripten-core/emscripten

Making `browser.test_emrun` build with `--proxy-to-worker` almost works, however writing a typed array to an xhr fails with a browser exception.

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Use smaller variable names for frequently-used variables emscripten-core/emscripten

The emscripten minifier could do a better job if it made frequently-used variables use the first names, which tend to be shorter (a,b,c etc, instead of two-letter names or worse). We could do this...

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Provide tooling which allows parsing HTML in unit tests easily aperezdc/ngx-fancyindex

Being able to parse the HTML returned by the module from shell scripts would allow greatly improving the test suite. For example, some tools like the following could be up to the task: - [pup](http...

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Room editing ideas for new contributors. OpenMeridian105/Meridian59

With the [new room editor available]( and people starting to get the hang of it, I've compiled a smal...

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Potential future DM tools/abilities. OpenMeridian105/Meridian59

Listing various ideas that have been brought up for tools and abilities to help DMs run events and help players more easily. - [ ] Some way to generate portals (source/dest in same or different ...

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Ignore hp_children in drmgr remove_slot() path for VIO slot devices. ibm-power-utilities/powerpc-utils

Only PCI devices have hotpluggable children. In the add_slot() path we don't bother with acquire_hp_children() for non-PCI_DLPAR_DEV types. It is probably worth fixing up the remove_slot() path to ...

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add NEAR search operator silentbicycle/glean

Add NEAR (alongside AND, OR, NOT); should be based on grep -C $NUM_CONTEXT_LINES.

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"left" and "right" view names should be capitalized by default like other names in Blender dfelinto/blender-multiview-old

> My only problem with this is that internally (if you save an exr multiview file) it's saved as lowercase (as per EXR specs). Ok, I still would capitalize it for the UI, feels a bit out of place ...

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Transmit/Receive Bytearray Buffers Move Local FaradayRF/Faraday-Firmware

The buffers defined in rf.c are only used by a few functions at most and may be better served as local variables for code cleaning and optimization. ``` /** @name Transmit/Receive Bytearray Buffer...

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