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Ukrainian Translations elixirschool/elixirschool

## Get Involved! We are seeking **Ukrainian** translators for this project. If you would like to get involved with translating a lesson. Please folk the project and start translating. Process...

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Update the `basics/pattern-matching` lesson elixirschool/elixirschool

PR #808 improved the pattern matching explanation. ## Translation Translation progress: - [x] en - [x] ru /cc @nscyclone #810 - [x] ko /cc @devleoper - [ ] jp /cc @3100 - [ ] no /cc @t...

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Translation of GenEvent Removal elixirschool/elixirschool

Original PR Here #946. This removes any reference to GenEvent, as it is being deprecated. This issue also has the latest list of all languages and contributors to use as an issues template. I a...

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Add screenshots to 'the GitHub Interface and markdown' mozilla/open-leadership-training-series Screenshots would help people walk through the steps!

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Update copy of the host guide codebar/manual

We had a copywriter look at the copy of some parts of the manual. Here is a link to that new copy -

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Some intel NUC devices go into a boot loop after flashing balena-io/docs

To fix this, the following NEEDS to be changed on the NUC in Visual Bios v2.2.20 is under: Advanced => Boot => Boot Configuration => UEFI Boot => OS Selection => Linux (Defaults to Windows 8.x/Wind...

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Add blog post about how to add a blog post schul-cloud/

This makes it easier for new-comers to contribute. In the [/dev/_posts][posts] directory, you can find files for the blog post. Please create a new one and explain the following: - How you...

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First set of designed elements pelletmaeva/Ulight

We need the first set of designed elements to implement in the Framework to test it We need a style for: - header - aside - nav - article - footer - section

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Handle ads provided by 3rd floor advertising department jmhern/KVRX-Website

This is an easy one. I think they want us to use Google Adwords or Adsense or something, so we just need to throw those into our base template!

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Make “Dashboard” more visible lnorgaard/samepage

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Language Button Position andresbase/i18n-iamx-html

When clicking on the language button it moves as the li block for English still occupies space. Doesn't look great...

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Clean code andresbase/i18n-iamx-html

Code needs cleaning and simplifying.

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Description meta tag is included twice in the head tag pages-themes/cayman

In the default layout the description meta tag is included twice. First through the SEO plugin: `{% seo %}` Second hard coded in the head tag itself: `<meta name="description" content="...

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radio button misalignment for narrow widths Chalarangelo/mini.css

This is the radio being displayed properly ![image]( When I shrink the width I get this layou...

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Author.hbs rss url contains one slash too much TryGhost/Casper

here should probably end with `{{url absolute="true"}}rss/` instead of `{{url absolute="true"}}/rss/` Example is [on ghots's blog...

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Flogo doc quick start out of date TIBCOSoftware/flogo

**I'm submitting a ...** (check one with "x") ``` [x] bug report => search github for a similar issue or PR before submitting [] feature request [] support request [] general question ``` ...

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Update the `specifics/ets` lesson elixirschool/elixirschool

PR #782 fixed a small shortcoming. The existing translations have to be checked whether they are affected by it. ## Translation Translation progress: - [x] en - [x] ru /cc @nscyclone #786 -...

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Guardian Translation elixirschool/elixirschool

The new [Guardian Lesson]( was just merged today (11/28/16). PR #790 was the origin. ## Transla...

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Translation of Poolboy Lesson elixirschool/elixirschool

The new [Poolboy]( lesson is ready. ## Translation Translation progress: - [x] en - #833 - [x] ru - /c...

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setImmediate vs setTimeout vs process.nextTick Kikobeats/js-mythbusters

``` ┌───────────────────────┐ ┌─>│ timers │ │ └──────────┬────────────┘ │ ┌──────────┴────────────┐ │ │ I/O callbacks │ │ └──────────┬────────────┘ │ ┌────────...

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Remove .idea and add to .gitignore linode/docs

Push from #1528 and should be removed as they are local IntelliJ project settings.

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add some useful debug/rendering commands to the readme atom/

These commands would be really useful for debugging some GPU issues with atom, they helped me. I recommend adding them to the readme: atom --safe --disable-gpu atom --safe --enable-gpu-...

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When passing more than 1 subhook to `_beans_render_action`, the 1st subhook is called 2x Getbeans/Beans

When calling `_beans_render_action();` with more than one subhook, the first subhook is called twice. That's not the expected behavior. For example, when calling `_beans_render_action( 'foo[bar...

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Don't show document title when noheader attribute is set asciidoctor/asciidoctor-browser-extension

When the noheader attribute is set, the document title should be hidden. The same is true if the notitle attribute is set. Currently, the only way to hide the document title is to unset the showtit...

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