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add undo functionality google/clojure-turtle

add a function that can pop off the last commmand given to a turtle ex: `(clean) (forward 10) (undo)` would be functionally equivalent to `(clean)`

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add recursion example google/clojure-turtle

Add the typical Logo recursion example of a stick -> tree. Remember that you should "stop the recursion" (that is, have a no-op base case) when the size gets too small. For fun, also try and mak...

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add speak command? google/clojure-turtle

I'm undecided on whether this functionality would be useful and in line with the simplicity of Logo, but here's the idea: Have the turtle be able to print text to the screen. Follow-on considerat...

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Make nrepl port configurable yetibot/yetibot

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include yetibot image in the about command yetibot/yetibot

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Paintbrush log message does not specify a click was spent mtgred/netrunner

When using Paintbrush to "paint" a piece of ICE the log does not specify a click was spent.

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Add a remove task johnwalker/lein-plz

It should also be possible to remove dependencies. We should refactor the add task into more functions to make it easy to remove groups and individual dependencies.

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Improve core.clj docstrings untangled-web/untangled-spec

Should perhaps contains some examples & point to the dev guide or the appropriate docs/*.adoc

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Only show diff if it provides more information than actual vs expected untangled-web/untangled-spec

ie: ``` ACT: "4 days ago" EXP: "6 days ago" DIFFS: act: "4 days ago" exp: "6 days ago" ``` is useless and just clutters the page.

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Change "version" task to use "echo" weavejester/hop

Rather than executing a Clojure namespace to return the current version number, we could instead implement the default version task using the shell's `echo` command.

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Add Leiningen piggieback tasks weavejester/hop

The `uberjar` default task piggiebacks off Leiningen. The same technique should be used to implement other functions as well: - `check` - `clean` - `compile` - `deploy` - `deps` - `install` - `jar`...

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Check SHA1 hash for jar as well as buildfile weavejester/hop

In `hop.core/bin/hop`, Hop takes a SHA1 of the current buildfile in order to find the cached shell script to run. Since the shell script also depends on the Hop jar being run, the SHA1 should be ta...

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add kafkacat to image samsara/samsara

maybe worth to create a Tools image rather than adding this to kafka image

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add description file to docker images for kibana samsara/samsara

kibana needs a file for the dockerhubs

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add kafka metrics in default dashboard samsara/samsara

depends on #21

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get rid of base-os-with-volumes and create individual scripts to build each image. samsara/samsara

there is no one common volume size that fits all so base-os-with-volumes images isn't a good fit.

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move timestamp reliability into separate module samsara/samsara

currently in core, a module would be more appropriate. This depends on #60. Once the new module system is done, this can be separated as a pluggable module

Created - 0 comments - easy modules samsara-core

expose a validation function on clojure client. samsara/samsara

as Arnaud pointed out the current `validate-events` function has a bad signature. This function was meant...

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Module system design. samsara/samsara

The pluggable modules are the real long term benefit of Samsara. The aim is to design a number of common functions required by many analytics systems and provide them as built-in modules. Modules m...

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Less verbose `s/form` on Specs metosin/spec-tools

There is no need to publish the `spec-tools.parse` namespaced keys as they are re-created when spec is created (from a form). ```clj (require '[ :as ds]) (require '[clojur...

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