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SlackBot#send() support for a callback function slackapi/hubot-slack

### Description in order to know anything about a message after it has been sent, there needs to be a way to run a callback after the `chat.postMessage()` method completes. it seems that the ...

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never delete trailing whitespace when editing markdown files sagemathinc/cocalc

Even if the user has checked "Strip trailing whitespace: remove whenever file is saved", still don't do it on .md files, since they are special, in that trailing whitespace has special meaning. ...

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Re-enable Git editor sagemathinc/cocalc

@haraldschilly wrote "do you see here at the bottom of the chat code the part, which is about register_file_editor ? that’s what’s missing for the sage-git files. I don’t know if the class for the ...

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when commercial is no, don't include the links to historical and other usage stats, which make no... sagemathinc/cocalc

Right now this is basically the "More data..." link on help and landing pages: <img width="388" alt="screen shot 2017-01-16 at 12 07 17 pm" src="

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create a not-yet-supported editor for some common file types, to avoid corruption sagemathinc/cocalc

1. upload your super valuable xlsx excel spreadsheet to smc 2. click on it 3. It's now corrupted! Fix: make a really simple editor that says "this file type not supported" and register it for...

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get rid of the separate first name and last name boxes in account settings sagemathinc/cocalc

Instead have a single "name" box, and use the same heuristic to split into first and last as we use in the sign up page. Important since wrong names are confusing to teachers... Also, go thro...

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chat: preview button should be stateful sagemathinc/cocalc

when clicking preview, the box opens up but the only way to close it is to click the "X". clicking "preview" again should toggle-close it. also, the button should indicate the active/disabled state.

Created - 0 comments - A-sage chat E-easy I-enhancement M-low P-low

support all mathjax environments sagemathinc/cocalc

support [mathjax environments]( in `smc-util/`

Created - 0 comments - A-LaTeX A-webapp E-easy I-enhancement

Inline display of documentation should default to expanded jasongilman/proto-repl

When displaying documentation for a function inline it should expand the inline view so it is immediately visible.

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

supportFile does not work for symlinked paths cypress-io/cypress

### Current behavior: When `supportFile` is pointing to a symlinked path we get the error "Your supportFile is set to /whatever/support/index.js/index.js" Where the "index.js" is repeated ##...

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only pkg/server stage: ready for work type: bug

`cy.spread` doesn't work on selections cypress-io/cypress

- Operating System: OSX Sierra - Cypress Version: 1.0.1 - Browser Version: Chrome 61 ### Is this a Feature or Bug? Bug ### Current behavior: `cy.spread` doesn't work when I pass a `cy...

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only

Standard scrollTo usage often results in errors cypress-io/cypress

- Operating System: Mac OS 10.12.6 - Cypress Version: 1.0.2 - Browser Version: Chrome 61 ### Is this a Feature or Bug? Bug ### Current behavior: Running the example code, which performs...

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only pkg/driver type: bug

minimum viewport size for desktop-gui needs to be increased cypress-io/cypress

The nav overlaps with the project name displaying in lefthand corner. <img width="570" alt="screen shot 2017-11-03 at 2 11 42 pm" src="

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only pkg/server stage: ready for work type: unexpected behavior

Add keywords to npm package.json cypress-io/cypress

Should probably have keywords to enhance npm package search. *Sad, no keywords* <img width="1154" alt="screen shot 2018-03-27 at 2 26 00 pm" src="

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only stage: ready for work type: enhancement

Alias error message confusing cypress-io/cypress

Whenever using an alias, if you happen to prefix the alias like so: ```js cy.route('/some-route').as('@postMessage'); ``` Cypress will give you an error message that is a bit hard to understand...

Created - 1 comment - first-timers-only stage: ready for work type: user experience

put a copy of the "Start/stop" all projects buttons at the top of the assignments page in a cours... sagemathinc/cocalc

This would make it so opening a project takes about 1s for the random instructor (with no idle timeout upgrades) instead of possibly 15s or more, hence saving a lot of time and frustration when the...

Created - 1 comment - A-course E-easy I-enhancement M-high

Remove given upgrades when deleting a student sagemathinc/cocalc

This just makes sense to me. Especially at the beginning of courses, instructors are adding and dropping students all the time. I'd say it's analogous to removing upgrades when deleting a project.

Created - 1 comment - A-course E-easy M-medium

iPad issue -- auto-capitalization makes actually using find impossible sagemathinc/cocalc

1. Open a codemirror editor on an ipad 2. Click the magnifying glass button once to get find to show. 3. Type in a search -- the first letter is capitalized (at least with default ipad settings) ...

Created - 1 comment - A-ipad E-easy I-bug M-high

Ipad - the standby timeout is frequently triggered for no good reason sagemathinc/cocalc

My standby timeout is set to 2 hours. However, on my ipad the CoCalc website frequently puts my browser in idle standby mode (where the background is grey). Since ipad already aggressively idle...

Created - 1 comment - A-ipad A-mobile platform E-easy I-bug M-low

make statistics box in about page smarter about handling outdated or missing data sagemathinc/cocalc

If `/stats` isn't updated regularly, or never done at all, the "r_help" page's `HelpPageUsageSection` might show a never ending loading indicator or throw an error. Goal of the ticket is to improv...

Created - 1 comment - A-webapp E-easy I-enhancement

webapp: subscriptions say "powered by ... whom?" sagemathinc/cocalc

the stripe logo or string is missing. ![screenshot from 2017-08-10 23-32-37](

Created - 1 comment - A-webapp E-easy P-low

Truncating Tasks sagemathinc/cocalc

Start with a task like this: <img width="388" alt="screen shot 2018-02-12 at 2 26 41 pm" src=""> ...

Created - 1 comment - A-tasks E-easy I-bug

incorrect installation instructions exercism/coffeescript

Instruction says: `$ npm install jasmine-node coffee -g ` `coffee` package on npmjs has **nothing** to do with coffee-script. Just remove it from instructions, as `jasmine-node` has `coffee-script`...

Created - 1 comment - good first patch

Color for type is wrong depending on arg name atom/language-go

If an argument name ends with lowercase `type` the type will be a different color: <img width="555" alt="screen shot 2017-05-22 at 4 12 09 pm" src="

Created - 1 comment - beginner bug

display a note on non-public items instead of a "no item" message inventaire/inventaire-client

when displaying an empty inventory from a non-network user, replace the depressing ![no_item]( ...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

style: add Unibeautify from pylint legesher/language-legesher-python

## Add Unibeautify Linting Being able to have formatted code that is aligned with the style guide is extremely important, not just for learning best practices but for the future of this project...

Created - 1 comment - Hacktoberfest Language: JSON Language: Python Priority: Low Status: Available Technical Experience: None good first issue help wanted up-for-grabs 💻 Opportunity: Code

Cypress update instructions given say to update with npm, even if you're using yarn cypress-io/cypress

### Current behavior: When I open Cypress and there's a new update, the update instructions tell me to use `npm install --save-dev cypress@3.1.2 ` rather than saying `yarn add --dev cypress@3.1.2`...

Created - 2 comments - first-timers-only priority: low 🎗 type: user experience

Add real API documentation and examples whitequark/ipaddr.js

Your module has proved itself to be incredibly useful to me in my work. However, your README documentation is nearly non-existent and some of what is there is incorrect (e.g. it mentions only 3 ex...

Created - 2 comments - good first issue help wanted

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