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DatePipe outputs in UTC when handed a [num] (millisecondsSinceEpoch) dart-lang/angular The docs for DatePipe suggest that the output date is formatted...

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We emit stale "[WARNING]: Invalid @Injectable()..." dart-lang/angular

This code looks really suspect: ......

Created - 1 comment - area: compiler good first issue ☄ problem: bug

[Feature request] `build_runner serve` should display a URL instead of just the port dart-lang/build

Using `build_runner` v0.8.0 with SDK v2.0.0-dev.43 on Ubuntu 17.10. This is NOT an issue: just a little feature that I want. When using `pub serve`, the terminal displays : `Serving appname web...

Created - 1 comment - area: webdev good first issue package: build_runner type: enhancement

scheduled_test descriptor pattern is indented very strangely dart-lang/dart_style

The formatter doesn't play nicely at all with the following pattern from `scheduled_test`'s `descriptor` library: ```dart void main() { d.file("test.dart", """ import 'package:test/test...

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Unnecessary line breaks in new typedef syntax dart-lang/dart_style

On bleeding edge, this code: ```dart typedef F = int Function(Null); ``` gets formatted to this: ```dart typedef F = int Function(Null); ``` is this really intended?

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Make every polymer widget example works googlearchive/chromedeveditor

For polymer, example is a kind of unit test So we need to make it healthy. For now , some widget doesn't have example. some widgets have wrong layout. and so on.

Created - 1 comment - code maintenance good first bug polymer task

Tab should indent line with Emacs keybindings googlearchive/chromedeveditor

The tab key is incorrectly bound when using Emacs keybindings. In every programming major mode, users expect the tab key to correctly indent the current line. If the current line is already indente...

Created - 1 comment - good first bug

refactor the find view to be a polymer component googlearchive/chromedeveditor

The `goto_line_view` is a good template.

Created - 1 comment - good first bug polymer

Add this repo to up-for-grabs dart-lang/site-www

Although site-webdev is in, site-www isn't. We'd love to add this repo. See the instructions at Our entry should be consistent ...

Created - 1 comment - beginner help wanted

Improve boolean true/false JS-vs-Dart description dart-lang/site-www

See PR #680. We should make the sentence active voice and clearer.

Created - 1 comment - beginner help wanted

Add new test case to Word Count exercism/dart

The Word Count specification was updated via to handle whitespaces. We need to add the new test case to our implementation of it.

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted

Special-case decorator-style methods dart-lang/dart_style

I use the following pattern occasionally to simulate decorators; that is, to wrap the body of a method in some block or another to modify its behavior. It avoids extra indentation and looks nice, w...

Created - 2 comments - easy meh rare safe

Parameters cannot have a FunctionType type dart-lang/code_builder

It doesn't seem possible to write a Method which takes an argument which is a FunctionType because `FunctionType.type` [returns null](

Created - 2 comments - good first issue problem: bug

add JavaScript linting (was JSHint enabled as default) googlearchive/chromedeveditor

@devoncarew any hope of enabling JSHint by default? Related to pull request #1848

Created - 2 comments - good first bug

create an inline-dialog polymer component googlearchive/chromedeveditor

This can be used for things like the goto-line-view, and any future find-view.

Created - 2 comments - good first bug polymer

Feature: Search Engine ianldgs/material_search

There is a search engine for dart and golang that I use alot. Bleve is the golang one. Ducene is the dart one. Might be able to get it working with your search widget. But for facets we will ...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue

Delete assets related to the old flowchart dart-lang/site-www

Search for get-started-flowchart, and remove images & styles. * src/_assets/stylesheets/_overwrites.scss * src/_guides/images/get-started-flowchart.svg * src/_guides/images/get-started-flowcha...

Created - 2 comments - beginner help wanted

Translations setup OkunaOrg/okuna-app

The first setup for translations we had was quirky and custom built as Flutter had no proper or straightforward way to do translations. Times have hopefully changed. Investigate approaches that ...

Created - 2 comments - feature good first issue priority:high

Intl example in the examples/ folder dart-lang/angular

It would be good to have an example of using `package:intl` the examples folder. I've put my translation string functions in a LocaleService which I expose to each template. I'm not sure if this...

Created - 3 comments - area: examples good first issue ⛈ experience: new user

graphic doesn't match text dart-lang/site-www says "The following graphic shows how to import lib/src/foo/a.dart from both lib and web." But the web e...

Created - 3 comments - beginner bug help wanted

Update create-exercise to create if exists exercism/dart

If the specification in exercism/problem-specifications has a, that can be used to make a README for the generated exercise. Additionally, from the metadata.yml file, we can take ...

Created - 3 comments - good first issue Hacktoberfest help wanted

The input file is invalid mmcc007/screenshots

I cloned the screenshots repo and switched into example path. I wanted to run it with ```screenshots```, but following error is coming up: ```bash The input file is invalid. screens...

Created - 3 comments - good first issue

dartfmt should not prefer empty bodies in the if part of if...else... dart-lang/dart_style

While I was refactoring some stuff I came up with this code: ```dart if (receiver != null && receiver is! ThisExpression && interfaceMember is Procedure && interfac...

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RefreshIndicator 在fish-redux 中的使用问题 alibaba/fish-redux

RefreshIndicator 定义如下: ``` const RefreshIndicator({ Key key, @required this.child, @required this.onRefresh, .... }) ``` 其中onRefresh 是一个返回Future 类型的方法: ``` /// A function...

Created - 4 comments - good first issue

Allow line breaks in links dart-lang/site-www

In guides/libraries/useful-libraries, a table has the following text: ```[stagehand command](```. Annoyingly, the whole link is kept on a single line, which usually make...

Created - 4 comments - beginner Design help wanted

would be nice to include example of using as a package mmcc007/screenshots

guess example is wrong could you add example about how to use screenshot package runtime not from command line.

Created - 4 comments - good first issue question

radio input: support for `ngModel` and `value` dart-lang/angular

Add support for `ngModel` and `value` radio input properties, matching the functionality available under AngularDart Material's [`<material-radio-group>`][mrg]. [mrg]:

Created - 5 comments - area: forms good first issue ⚡new feature

Support regular (batch) file uploads FauDroids/MrHyde

At the moment the app supports adding - book Posts - memo Drafs - art Images directly to the file directory, but not regular files (pdfs etc). As an added bonus the file upload could support...

Created - 5 comments - app beginner enhancement

add projection support johnpryan/flutter_map

more info

Created - 6 comments - enhancement good first issue question

'Get the Dart SDK' page issue dart-lang/site-www

Page URL: Page source: Found a typo? You can fix it yourself by going to the page source and cli...

Created - 6 comments - beginner design e0-minutes e1-hours help wanted p2-medium

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