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Problem: gen_stage not configurable by user quantum-elixir/quantum-core

For big scale schedulers, it would be nice if the user could manipulate those `gen_stage` values: * `max_demand` of the `Quantum.ExecutorSupervisor` * Possibility to start more than one `Quantu...

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Add encoding function that does not double-encode existing entities martinsvalin/html_entities

See #15, but implementation needs to be reworked. Essentially, a string like `"this has both unsafe characters &<> and an existing &amp; entity"` should encode to `"this has both unsafe characte...

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The headers are closer to the thing above them than the thing below bors-ng/bors-ng

![there is no gap between the top of a header and the section above it](

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Add a "staging.tmp" error message for CircleCI bors-ng/bors-ng

"staging.tmp" should not run in CI. If bors detects that it is running, it produces a warning with some information about how to fix it. bors currently only does this for Travis CI and AppVeyor ...

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Ensure the right number of arguments used in function application rpip/plex

Currently, `let add x, y = x + y` works when given more than two arguments. It ignores the excess arguments, but this should be an error since `add` expects exactly two arguments

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Show a "nothing to see here" placeholder on the patch list for projects that have no open patches bors-ng/bors-ng

Exactly what it sounds like. You should say that there are no open pull requests, instead of just not showing anything.

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Show a "nothing to see here" placeholder on the dashboard home page if there are no patches await... bors-ng/bors-ng

Exactly what it sounds like. It should say that nothing is ready to review, instead of showing the table headers followed by nothing at all.

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Allow bors.toml to be stored in the .github folder bors-ng/bors-ng

This is supported by a lot of other GitHub Apps, like [probot] (and the built-in stuff that GitHub uses). It allows people to keep the top level of their project cleaner. The logic for finding o...

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Add a configuration option for the "bot name" bors-ng/bors-ng

There are a few places within bors-ng where it hard-codes the bot name "bors". The command names can probably just stay as is, since it makes more sense to say "bors r+" than "bors-voyager r+". ...

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Record benchee version and benchee_html version in the report bencheeorg/benchee_html

Just small notes/links in the footer so that it can be traced back which benchee/benchee_html version created this HTML page, best also linking back to the projects github pages :)

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Consolidate normalization of github user type field code-corps/code-corps-api

# Problem The github user payload has a `type` field which can be `"User"`, `"Bot"` or `"Organization".` With `"User"` and `"Bot"`, we normalize these values during conversion into `"user"` ...

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Align mining output ElixiumNetwork/elixium_core

Right now, the rows are all a bit wonky, since the length of each output line is based on the numbers in it. It might be a good idea to give each column a maximum width it's allowed to be and pad i...

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Update Functional Docs (Inch-CI Complaining) dwyl/hits-elixir

Documentation is our _highest_ priority in: and yet this repo/project is _sorely_ lacking docs! ![image](https:/...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted in-progress starter T25m

Fix Credo Warnings dwyl/hits-elixir

ran: `mix credo --strict` got: ![image](

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Make sync/async HTTP<>Kafka feature more visible Accenture/reactive-interaction-gateway

We need to better promote the feature, with a clear description and maybe also a set of diagrams. Right now, it's not even included in the Feature Summary section of the README.

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What would I be were I an issue, a bug? jmilamwalters/pm_bot

Now, can you see me? Not you, but now.

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Possible readme update dwyl/phoenix-chat-example

As a first time Pheonix user I followed the **Step 1** in the readme and created the app, but when checking to see if I had done it properly I received the following error message numerous times, f...

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API Setup denvaar/show-n-tell

## Background I think it's agreed upon that this backend portion of our app will be implemented as an API. When I initialized this repository, I just used standard run-of-the-mill `mix` mi...

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Notes on README dwyl/phoenix-ecto-encryption-example

@nelsonic This README is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know this is not what issues are for but it really is amazing. Thanks so much) I have gone through and made some ...

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Visited links look surprisingly on the dashboard bors-ng/bors-ng

Hi! Currently, links in the dashboard use custom colors for visited/not visited states: ![links](

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[Feature Request] Reply with 👊when you misspell Bors as Bros bors-ng/bors-ng

[Feature Request] Reply with 👊when you misspell Bors as Bros

Created - 2 comments - E-easy I-ux

Implement Mining Difficulty Scaling ElixiumNetwork/elixium_core

Currently, the difficulty is set to a constant number, so no matter what, it'll always take roughly *n* iterations to find a correct block hash. As the network hashrate grows (with more people join...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

We need a logo! Accenture/reactive-interaction-gateway

Logos are important. There are some ideas, perhaps a pictogram of an oil rig, but we're open to creative ideas here

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Paginate query results ibgib/ibgib

This could be done either on the server/query or in the client. I'm inclined to do it on the client, since the query results are supposed to be "cheap". This could be implemented with a "More r...

Created - 2 comments - at-scale enhancement good first issue webgib frontend

Create schema for talks table denvaar/show-n-tell

## Background As discussed in during our meeting today, we need to create a `talks` database table. The purpose of this table is to hold the data ...

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Optionally show additional statistics in console output bencheeorg/benchee

an option for the console formatter like `extended_statistics` or something would be nice to show statistics that we already collect but don't print yet. As of now this would be: * minimum * ma...

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue Hacktoberfest help wanted

Support rail roading with broadcast!/2 kittoframework/kitto

It would be useful if `broadcast!/2` supported rail roading. In other words, the data to broadcast should be able to be passed as the first argument of the method. Often times, I find myself writin...

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