First Pull Request

Add instructions for using with karma scottaj/mocha.el

I have a working setup for a mocha/karma combo, need to document this in the readme.

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Rerun last test scottaj/mocha.el

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Add option to toggle passing file name for spec at point scottaj/mocha.el

Right now when we run the spec at point, we also pass the file name. This can be good in that it is more restrictive in what gets run. However, it can also prevent global init code in other files f...

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Suggestion: Make interleave compatible with subheadings rudolfochrist/interleave

Hey there! I would love to see a better compatibility with the outline capabilities of org-mode, i.e. be able to take notes as sub-, subsub-, etc. headings. Lets assume we have a pdf structured as...

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Move "deprecated" functions to remacs-sys. remacs/remacs

These functions shouldn't stay in ``

Created - 1 comment - good-first-bug

Port fontp to Rust remacs/remacs

Relevant C code: ```c DEFUN ("fontp", Ffontp, Sfontp, 1, 2, 0, doc: /* Return t if OBJECT is a font-spec, font-entity, or font-object. Return nil otherwise. Optional 2nd argument EXTR...

Created - 1 comment - good-first-bug

Port gap-position and gap-size to Rust remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("gap-position", Fgap_position, Sgap_position, 0, 0, 0, doc: /* Return the position of the gap, in the current buffer. See also `gap-size'. */) (void) { Lisp_Object tem...

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Port global-key-binding remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("global-key-binding", Fglobal_key_binding, Sglobal_key_binding, 1, 2, 0, doc: /* Return the binding for command KEYS in current global keymap only. KEYS is a string or vector,...

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Port process-inherit-coding-system-flag remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("process-inherit-coding-system-flag", Fprocess_inherit_coding_system_flag, Sprocess_inherit_coding_system_flag, 1, 1, 0, doc: /* Return the value of inherit-cod...

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Make lsp--apply-text-document-edit magit-aware? emacs-lsp/lsp-mode

I noticed that `lsp-rename` also renames files (depending on the LSP server). I for now just rename the file first using `magit-file-rename` and then run `lsp-rename`, but then I get `lsp--apply-te...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good-first-issue help wanted

keep current theme if there is no time slot defintion guidoschmidt/circadian.el

I would like to suggest to keep current selected theme if the current time don't match time intervals. E.g. I've tried this: ``` (use-package circadian :load-path "~/.emacs.d/config/circadian...

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

Port minibuffer-depth and minibuffer-prompt remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("minibuffer-depth", Fminibuffer_depth, Sminibuffer_depth, 0, 0, 0, doc: /* Return current depth of activations of minibuffer, a nonnegative integer. */) (void) { return...

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Copy link to clipboard vermiculus/magithub

After creating a pull request, gh-pulls copies a link to the PR to your clipboard. This is super handy and would be great if magithub did the same. Thanks!

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement

Simplify function backports raxod502/straight.el

Currently, we have 163 lines of function definitions copied from new Emacs versions, split into six different `eval-when-compile` forms so that all the dependencies work correctly during byte-compi...

Created - 3 comments - good first issue refactor simple

Verify that dynamic module loading works remacs/remacs

The test included from emacs is not running. However, it is not running for me from the main emacs tree either. Shrug. Compile `--with-modules` is supposed to enable it.

Created - 3 comments - good first issue help wanted

Support texinfo raxod502/straight.el

straight.el should build texinfo manuals during the build step. This should be doable as a constant step after building.

Created - 4 comments - feature good first issue

Port following-char to Rust remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("following-char", Ffollowing_char, Sfollowing_char, 0, 0, 0, doc: /* Return the character following point, as a number. At the end of the buffer or accessible region, return 0...

Created - 5 comments - good first issue

when-let and if-let are obsolete macros (as of Emacs 26.1) raxod502/el-patch

When byte-compiling el-patch on emacs 26.0.90, I get these warnings: ``` In el-patch--compute-load-history-items: el-patch.el:441:15:Warning: ‘when-let’ is an obsolete macro (as of 26.1); use ...

Created - 5 comments - easy emacs26 enhancement waiting on response

Port kqueue-valid-p remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("kqueue-valid-p", Fkqueue_valid_p, Skqueue_valid_p, 1, 1, 0, doc: /* Check a watch specified by its WATCH-DESCRIPTOR. WATCH-DESCRIPTOR should be an object returned by `kqueu...

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Toggle online/offline doesn't work anymore vermiculus/magithub

Since commit 7cbf387 (Use Git configuration properties instead of toggles and variables) the `Toggle online/offline` throw an error. See the debug trace bellow. ``` Debugger entered--Lisp error...

Created - 5 comments - bug easy

how to comment JSX code? felipeochoa/rjsx-mode

Is it possible to comment JSX code using emac's `(comment-line)`?

Created - 6 comments - easy feature request

Port processp to Rust remacs/remacs

Created - 6 comments - good-first-bug

Port beginning-of-line to Rust remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("beginning-of-line", Fbeginning_of_line, Sbeginning_of_line, 0, 1, "^p", doc: /* Move point to beginning of current line (in the logical order). With argument N not nil or 1, ...

Created - 6 comments - good first issue

Port scan-sexps remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("scan-sexps", Fscan_sexps, Sscan_sexps, 2, 2, 0, doc: /* Scan from character number FROM by COUNT balanced expressions. If COUNT is negative, scan backwards. Returns the char...

Created - 7 comments - good first issue

Void magithub-completion-enable on commit vermiculus/magithub

Hi! Thanks! Thanks again! I'm using `magithub` from `master` branch. Yesterday I found that I'm not able to make a commit because when I `c c` from a magit status buffer an error is reported....

Created - 7 comments - bug easy

Port use-global-map and use-local-map remacs/remacs

```c DEFUN ("use-global-map", Fuse_global_map, Suse_global_map, 1, 1, 0, doc: /* Select KEYMAP as the global keymap. */) (Lisp_Object keymap) { keymap = get_keymap (keymap, 1, 1)...

Created - 8 comments - good first issue

let js2-mode support flow syntax HairyRabbit/js2-mode

### linked issues - mooz/js2-mode#224 - syl20bnr/spacemacs#7119 - syl20bnr/spacemacs#7208 - an-sh/flow-minor-mode#8 ### flow syntax supports #### type annotation - [x] union type - ...

Created - 9 comments - feature flow good first issue help wanted syntax highlight

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