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Investigate x-powered-by headers mozilla-services/screenshots

Re: [/server/src/server.js:161-162](, ```js // Disable x-powered-by hea...

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about:home is not treated like about:newtab mozilla-services/screenshots

When you try to take a shot on about:newtab it takes you to My Shots, but it doesn't work the same for about:home

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install.rdf should not link to mozilla-services/screenshots

Noticed tonight that [install.rdf.template]( still has the Page Shot `homepageURL`. That URL should be ...

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homepage Mozilla footer logo is 404 mozilla-services/screenshots

What's up with that? <img width="618" alt="screen shot 2017-07-26 at 5 06 35 pm" src="">

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Blank tab is displayed after sharing on Facebook a saved shot mozilla-services/screenshots

[Notes]: - We have the same issue on Test Pilot (see: [#2593]( [Affected versions]: - Firefox 57.0a1 [Affected Platforms]: - All Windows ...

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Turn off from running by default mozilla-services/screenshots

This test is really slow, it's probably best that it not run when `npm run test:server` is run

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Format date of title/name to YYYY-MM-DD mozilla-services/screenshots

I'm not sure, but I think it's [this line of code responsible]( for it: ``` let...

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The "Remove Page Shot data" page is wrongly titled as "Confirm account deletion" mozilla-services/screenshots

[Affected versions]: - Firefox 51 and up - Mozilla Page Shot 5.2.201701261556 [Affected Platforms]: - All Windows - All Mac - All Linux [Prerequisites]: - Latest version of the Page Sho...

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add helpful prefs to profile generated by `run-addon --setup-profile` mozilla-services/screenshots

The `./bin/run-addon --setup-profile` command creates a persistent profile that can be used for local development. It would be great if that profile setup step included creating a `user.js` file...

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POST /timing returns 500 mozilla-services/screenshots

``` » curl -vX POST '' * Trying * Connected to ( port 443 (#0) * TLS 1.2 connection using TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_S...

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Screenshots of IPv6 addresses don't work mozilla-services/screenshots

I get only an error when I try to take a screenshot of a website with an IPv6 address like http://[1234:5678:90ab:cdef::2]: "Whoa! Firefox Screenshots went haywire. We're not sure what just hap...

Created - 2 comments - defect firefox good first issue skill:js

Change uses of XMLHttpRequest to fetch mozilla-services/screenshots

The [fetch API]( is the more modern alternative to using XMLHttpRequest. We still have some uses of XMLHttpRequest in `addon/webextension...

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Update privacy links mozilla-services/screenshots

All privacy links should link to: The privacy content in the server itself should be removed.

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Document dev group mozilla-services/screenshots

We have a group: Email alias: This should go in README, we should review...

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Make meta key (Ctrl) localizable mozilla-services/screenshots

`notificationLinkCopiedDetails` is `The link to your shot has been copied to the clipboard. Press {meta_key}-V to paste.` In German, the meta key is localized on non-Mac systems to `Strg` instea...

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Use Fira Sans and standard Firefox website font family mozilla-services/screenshots

If you wanna use system fonts I would suggest to extend this list ``` html, body { font-family: SF UI Text, sans-serif; } ``` into ``` html, body { font-family: 'Fira Sans', -apple-sys...

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Write tests for invalid image files mozilla-services/screenshots

Write tests to cover the assertPng invalid-data-url, invalid-data-image, and invalid-data-image-decoded paths.

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