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Perma-diff on aws_opsworks_stack custom cookbooks source password hashicorp/terraform

In #6203 I tried to fix a perma-diff issue caused by Opsworks returning the password as literally `"*****FILTERED*****"`. However, that fix was not adequate: the function changed by that patch is ...

Created - 0 comments - bug easy provider/aws

Add configuration to disable rpc hashicorp/serf

currently serf enables RPC interface by default. though it can be secured using an rpc token, it will be better just to disable it from installations where the serf agents are not expected to creat...

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support CSYNC miekg/dns

Missed that [RFC7477]( is a thing now. Should add support for it.

Created - 0 comments - beginner

cmd/tsuru: add --bind <appname> in service-add command tsuru/tsuru

This way, we can create and bind a service into an app with just one command. What do you guys think?

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

cmd/tsurud: write man page tsuru/tsuru

Created - 0 comments - docs easy

cmd: allow customization of ~/.tsuru via environment variable tsuru/tsuru

I'd like to propose introducing a new environment variable that affects how the command line framework works: `TSURU_HOME`. It would allow the user to customize where to store token, targets and pl...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

app-start: handle container already running tsuru/tsuru

tsuru should handle the error on start a started app and raises a more readable error ``` $ tsuru app-start -a staticzito ---> Starting the app "staticzito" $ tsuru app-start -a staticzito ---...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement help-wanted

support HTTPs tsuru/gandalf

Gandalf should be able to terminate TLS, supporting HTTPs.

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[mig scheduler/agent] better way to display errors when commands execution fails (Bugzilla #1014744) mozilla/mig

Migrated from Assigned to: Julien Vehent [:ulfr] On 2014-05-22 11:09:19 -0700, Julien Vehent [:ulfr] wrote: > If a command as the wrong signat...

Created - 0 comments - client easy enhancement up-for-grabs

[mig modules] create `account` module to lookup user activity on endpoints (Bugzilla #1037965) mozilla/mig

Migrated from Assigned to: Julien Vehent [:ulfr] On 2014-07-13 06:41:50 -0700, Julien Vehent [:ulfr] wrote: > Provide a standard module that c...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement module up-for-grabs

[mig client] automate key generation in mig clients mozilla/mig

Golang OpenPGP is a bit finicky. It only works well with 2048 RSA keys, and many people have DSA of RSA 4k keys. So, to facilitate MIG setup client side, it would be preferrable to manage a separat...

Created - 0 comments - client easy enhancement up-for-grabs

Consider auto-installing or bundling/providing systemd timers for linux installs that are using t... mozilla/mig

See example service and timer files here: This is to be used instead of a crontab entry (systemd systems do not have cron)

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

use gops to report informations about gandalf tsuru/gandalf

`gops` ( is an agent that can report additional information about the Go process. We can use it to make easier to debug problems in `gandalf`

Created - 0 comments - easy help-wanted

Add CLI usage information and `-h` flag applikatoni/applikatoni

At the moment there is no helpful output regarding the command line parameters the server takes. We should add "usage information" like [toni does](

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement help wanted

C style for loops ark-lang/ark

We currently don't have these, e.g. with init, check and step parts.

Created - 0 comments - E-easy P-High S-codegen S-parser S-semantic

Standardize Solvers gorgonia/gorgonia

Currently the different `Solver`s have different features. They should all have the same features: l1reg, l2reg, clip. Also the `Solver` code is messy. Clean it up, with tests.

Created - 0 comments - easy

Fill Out all the Batched Functions in Blase gorgonia/gorgonia

This issue will only close once every BLAS subroutine is covered by Blase

Created - 0 comments - easy

all: catalog reads currently limited to 64MiB zombiezen/mcm

This probably won't be an issue until I work on #21, but there's no way to increase the [Cap'n Proto reader limit]( at runtime. dot, exec, ...

Created - 0 comments - bug easy

luacat/lib: add apt.key function zombiezen/mcm

In installing from custom sources, it's quite necessary to be able to explicitly trust a GPG key. I forgot why I didn't do this to begin with, but it should act similarly to how Puppet handles thi...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

add bazaar support jubalh/gontributions

much can be taken from 'git.go' I guess.

Created - 0 comments - beginner Hacktoberfest help wanted

Add reposting wjh/dfi

*totally adding a lot of issues today* Basically, this will increase how much content will spread. If a peer can easily spread the posts of another to its subscriber base, popular content should...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Command rate limiting Southclaws/cj

Commands should be rate limited in: - private - channel - summon This can either be per-user or global but generally follows this structure: 1. When a message is received, mark the time it...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Command usage doesn't work Southclaws/cj

When someone type a command without parameters **CJ** won't return the commands usage.

Created - 0 comments - bug easy

Add and save "name" to GLCClient structure gamelost/glcd

client is "ip:port:ip-username", but glc-client will also send a "name" field with only the name. This is likely to be separate from username in the future. Add "name" to the GLCClient structure, ...

Created - 0 comments - easy help wanted

MOTD and on connect gamelost/glcd

Add a configurable, cosmetic option to glcd.config: [server] with "name" and "motd". On connect, send, as "message" commands: "Welcome to <configure'd name>" "GameLostCrash Server" "<motd>" "Ther...

Created - 0 comments - easy help wanted ready

Better installation methods fossas/fossa-cli

Some ideas: - [ ] Install script for `curl | bash` or other one-liner. We can probably take the script from jpillora/installer. - [ ] `npm install -g @fossa/cli` - [ ] `brew install @fossa/cli` S...

Created - 0 comments - good first issue type: enhancement type: ux

termine: correct comment regarding help strings nnev/website

[Here]( and [Here]( "go help" instead of "termine help" is given as t...

Created - 0 comments - beginner

termine: move send-mail-functionality to central position nnev/website

Currently mails are sent at different positions in our codebase (namely in hook and in termine-announce, possibly others). We should move that functionality into a central place.

Created - 0 comments - beginner

Benutzung aller Tools (rund um termine und die Webseite) dokumentieren nnev/website

Wie ich gemerkt habe sollte man die Tools (vor allem termine) irgendwo dokumentieren, weil der Workflow für neue nicht ganz eindeutig ist. Dies geschieht am besten im Wiki. Auch ne super Idee fü...

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

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