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Task: rid TypeChecking.Pretty of UndecidableInstances agda/agda

``` See Agda.TypeChecking.Pretty: {-# LANGUAGE UndecidableInstances #-} instance (Reify a e, ToConcrete e c, P.Pretty c) => PrettyTCM (Named_ a) where prettyTCM x = prettyA =<< reify x insta...

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Combinators for "marking" diagrams/diagrams-lib

For convenience, we should define a function `mark` which gives the name `()` to the local origin, and functions `getMarks` and `withMarks` for working with all the marked points (analogous to e.g....

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Custom Join and Cap for offsetTrail and expandTrail diagrams/diagrams-lib

We should allow custom Join and Cap functions for offsetTrail and expandTrail. The OffsetOpts could be extended with constructor (OffsetOpsCustom) that includes a function that is given all the lo...

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Implement MultiBackend support for generating e.g. multi-page PDFs diagrams/diagrams-cairo

See for the `MultiBackend` class. Generating multiple pages can be done by calling http://hackage.haskell.o...

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Let the player take notes LambdaHack/LambdaHack

Let the player write an arbitrary note and insert it in Diary (History), with a timestamp, level number, number of actors in the party, current score (perhaps all this only in verbose note mode). A...

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`doc` doesn't seem to work with stack DanielG/ghc-mod

Someone should look into this, relevant code is here: ``` $ ghc-mod doc...

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Bad error message with malformed instance measure ucsd-progsys/liquidhaskell

The file `tests/todo/T781.hs` which has: ``` haskell instance Sized MList where {-@ instance measure size :: MList a -> Int sz (Nil) = 0 sz (Cons x xs) = 1 + sz xs @-} ...

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Use `traverse_` where appropriate gelisam/hawk

Reading [this]( comment reminded me that a `case maybex of { Nothing -> return (); ... }`...

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Deprecate `invariant` ucsd-progsys/liquidhaskell

We should just _not_ expose it, or make it a WARNING and point people to the way to avoid it (use an output specification on the measure definition). * #889 * #723

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Add test cases for adjustments made jwiegley/numbers

#5 and #4 have some good examples that should be turned into tests for the test suite.

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Add type conversion procedures between string and number haskellschool/scheme

- (string->number string) procedure - (string->number string radix) procedure - (number->string z) procedure - (number->string z radix) procedure

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Add substring procedure haskellschool/scheme

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Add type conversion procedures between string and list haskellschool/scheme

(string->list string) (list->string list)

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Add code quality metrics mcfilib/i18n

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

Add code coverage metrics mcfilib/i18n

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Add CI integration mcfilib/i18n

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Lens-like operations PolyglotSymposium/mappy

- [X] An operation for getting a deeply nested key - `deep-take` - [ ] An operations for getting a deeply nested key, with a default if it cannot be reached - [ ] An operation for setting the value...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement help wanted prelude

Allow partial application of primitives PolyglotSymposium/mappy

Not sure how I missed this. `take`, `give` and `default-take` should be capable of being partially applied

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Allow empty lists of declarations; allow leading and trailing semicolons agda/agda

``` In general, wherever a list of declarations is expected, an empty list should be allowed (at least in the parser, we might give a meaningful error message later if needed, e.g. if at some pla...

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Feedback Request: Using the CPS'd version of WriterT agda/agda

Based on [this thread](, it looks like we could benefit from using the CPS'd version of `WriterT`. I have added a `Agda.Utils.CPS...

Created - 1 comment - easy info-needed performance

Support Natural on the same level with Int, Word and Integer cartazio/arithmoi

There are three "first-class" integer (implementing `Integral` instances) types in `arithmoi`: `Int`, `Word` and `Integer`. It means that polymorphic functions `Integral a => ...` has been written,...

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Duplicate label error partly wrong purescript/purescript

The following code: ``` foreign import data Foo :: Effect test :: forall e. Eff (foo :: Foo, foo :: Foo | e) Unit -> Eff (foo :: Foo | e) Unit test f = f ``` Produces an error which appea...

Created - 1 comment - bug easy error-message typechecker

[purs ide] Add import chomps line on windows purescript/purescript

Running on windows, with a source file with CRLF line endings, add import seems to be removing a line after the import section. Converting to LF line endings, seems to be fine with everything else ...

Created - 1 comment - bug easy psc-ide

explore snap for gnu/linux packaging simonmichael/hledger <bountysource-plugin> --- Want to back this issue? **[Post a bount...

Created - 1 comment - A WISH deps good first issue help wanted platform: linux

Add count to Yampa's main export list ivanperez-keera/Yampa

Somewhere during the module restructuring, I left the function `count` out. This should probably be exported by `FRP.Yampa` (it actually broke some projects, apparently). It's currently with the...

Created - 1 comment - beginner bug hacktoberfest help wanted

Add a hello world example of gloss + Yampa ivanperez-keera/Yampa

It would be great to have some trivial examples of good Yampa that can help people get started. There's a project called Yampa 2048 that uses gloss. Factorizing the code logic out might give a r...

Created - 1 comment - beginner enhancement hacktoberfest help wanted

Add property-based tests barrucadu/dejafu

There are certainly some things which could benefit from property testing, if someone was willing to write the `Arbitrary` or `Listable` instances. Here are a few I spotted skimming through Test.D...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

futhark-bench should compile the benchmark programs in parallel diku-dk/futhark

This should speed up benchmarking a bit. (Actually running the benchmark programs should still be done serially, of course.)

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue tools

Travis file needs improvement ivanperez-keera/Yampa

As a reference see: and That is, use the standard building image for Has...

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See if use of vectors can improve performance of listy code barrucadu/dejafu

There's quite a bit of very core code in dejafu which is using lists in a known-bad way: lots of appending, iteration, and updates. The `findBacktrackSteps` function is a representative example: h...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue needs investigation performance

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