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Support Natural on the same level with Int, Word and Integer cartazio/arithmoi

There are three "first-class" integer (implementing `Integral` instances) types in `arithmoi`: `Int`, `Word` and `Integer`. It means that polymorphic functions `Integral a => ...` has been written,...

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phone-number: Tests don't seem to match problem description. exercism/haskell

According to the README file: The format is usually represented as ``` (NXX)-NXX-XXXX ``` where N is any digit from 2 through 9 and X is any digit from 0 through 9. This implies that the ...

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ghc-7.10 and earlier build with minimal changes, but are not supported onrock-eng/github-webhooks

Can be seen here: @rahulmutt feel free to add a gate on the options needed for this to build and sub...

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Infix precedence being ignored? gibiansky/IHaskell

``` haskell class A b where infixl 5 <!! (<!!) :: b -> b -> b instance A Int where x <!! y = x + y 3 . 3 <!! 3 ``` ## <bountysource-plugin> Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!...

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print ffi warning if result is not assigned ghcjs/ghcjs

ffi imports can have different behaviour with very small source changes: ``` foreign import javascript "x()" ``` parses as an expression, implicitly means `$r = x();` while just adding a semicolo...

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palindrome-products: Use Maybe, returning Nothing when there is no palindrome in the given range exercism/haskell

Ever since was added, there are cases where there are no palindromes in range. We should add such cases, and have the tested function ret...

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Drop GHC 7.8 support soon? yesodweb/persistent

I was recently running into some CI test failures because a function I imported was only used in an `#if MIN_VERSION_base(4,8,0)` code block. It wasn't a big deal to work around, but my understandi...

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Support for Prepared and Procedural Statements tathougies/beam

First, thanks for this amazing library. Wondering if there are any plans on the roadmap to support **prepared statements**. Here's the documentation for Postgres, but I believe MySql and most D...

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Add tests to `universum` serokell/universum

We mostly reexport some basic stuff. But I think some functions can and should be tested on correctness. Here is list of some functions:[ `encodeUtf8`](

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Test the install rule snowleopard/hadrian

While working on #345 I risk accidentally breaking the install rule on Linux/Mac OS X. Our CI instances seem to be fast enough to afford running the install rule after the test build, and then ...

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Import '(<>)' from Semigroup, not Monoid serokell/universum

For example, it's not very convenient to use `Semigroup.<>` when you need to append `NonEmpty a`.

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No unifying `Event` sum type onrock-eng/github-webhooks

Applications using webhooks should only need one endpoint. Servant applications need each route to have a single type for the ReqBody. Combining these two, it seems reasonable to have a sum type ...

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complex-numbers: Add `exp` property from canonical data exercism/haskell

Since I had trouble to implement said function for my own track, I wanted to sneak peak here, but its not implemented here… I finally got it fixed for erlang (in fact my tests were wrong, not th...

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libffi configure needs libffi_EnableShared flag snowleopard/hadrian

see `libffi/`

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Implement history_request and history_reply support gibiansky/IHaskell

Introduced in IPython 3.0. ## <bountysource-plugin> Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](

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Either making "ghc-8.0" the new master, or making it the GitHub default branch ghcjs/ghcjs

Since `ghc-8.0` is the current bleeding edge of development, I think it makes sense to have it bet the GitHub default branch. This means that: - It will be the branch visible when you visit the re...

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"Installing Haskell": Explicitly explain that Stack will install Haskell exercism/haskell

The headline of says that it's about installing Haskell, but it's really about installing Stack and HLint. As far as I can see. Task: Modify ...

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Adequate documentation onrock-eng/github-webhooks

This package is currently only sparsely documented, and none of the module documentation meets the Hackage standards. All files will need a good level of documentation before the initial release, s...

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Figure out what to do with unsafe `head` and friends serokell/universum

Currently: - `Unsafe` exports `unsafe(Head|Tail|Init|Last|At)` - `head` returns `Maybe` - `tail`, `init`, `last`, `(!!)` aren't exported at all - functions from safe (e.g. `atMay`, `atDef`, `headMa...

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