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Make schema type optional GetShopTV/swagger2


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Add smoke tests barrucadu/dejafu

The complete testsuite takes ~250s to run on my VPS, which is rather slow to run after every small change. So in practice what I end up doing is I do a bunch of programming, *then* run the testsui...

Created - 1 comment - T: enhancement good first issue

let the default `ucm transcript` behavior delete a codebase that the transcript runner created unisonweb/unison

The resulting transcript `` would still be preserved, and the resulting codebase should be preserved with a flag, e.g. `-preserve`. Rationale: Since transcript running so far is just f...

Created - 1 comment - dx feature request good first issue help wanted papercut

Display kill counts LambdaHack/LambdaHack

The kill count info (number of actors of each kind killed by the player and lost by him) is already recorded in high score and during the game in the faction data. For a start, display it as one of...

Created - 1 comment - easy self-contained

Add/improve actor trunk and organ description texts AllureOfTheStars/Allure

The descriptions are in field `idesc` of the `ItemKind` records in directory `GameDefinition/Content/`, in files `ItemKindActor.hs` and `ItemKindOrgan.hs`. Wikipedia is a good source of the biologi...

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Add/improve item description texts AllureOfTheStars/Allure

The descriptions are stored in field `idesc` of the `ItemKind` records in directory `GameDefinition/Content/`, in all `ItemKind*.hs` files except `ItemKindActor.hs` and `ItemKindOrgan.hs` (these tw...

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phone-number: Tests don't seem to match problem description. exercism/haskell

According to the README file: The format is usually represented as ``` (NXX)-NXX-XXXX ``` where N is any digit from 2 through 9 and X is any digit from 0 through 9. This implies that the ...

Created - 1 comment - good first patch waiting for pr

Re-introduce dependency on `half` well-typed/cborg

I recently had a case where I wanted to use `binary-serialise-cbor` with some code from `clash-prelude`, but `clash-prelude` needs `half`, which we explicitly removed Many Years Ago. I think it'...

Created - 1 comment - A-enhance bikeshed E-easy P-medium

Snake dmjio/miso

Would be a nice example. Should be a simple port from Elm.

Created - 1 comment - easy help wanted low hanging fruit

Update samtools ngless-toolkit/ngless

This should just be a matter of updating the URLs in the `Makefile`, but sometimes we need to change the configuration options.

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted

More informative error messages in Generic-derived instances well-typed/cborg

Short demonstration: ``` data OldFoo = OldFoo Int Int deriving (Show,Generic) data NewFoo = NewFoo Int Int Int deriving (Show,Generic) λ> (deserialise . serialise) (OldFoo 1 2) :: New...

Created - 1 comment - A-enhance E-easy E-helpwanted P-low

Add these features to recipe listing JackMiranda/herms

Things look great with recipe listing! Let's see if we can take it even further. Add terminal colors and bolded output to make listed recipes easier to read. While you're at it, maybe throw some...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue Hacktoberfest up-for-grabs

Reflection fails with type-aliases in lambdas ucsd-progsys/liquidhaskell

The following program ```haskell {-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-} module Bob where type Val = Int {-@ reflect poo @-} poo :: Int -> Int poo y = (\(x :: Val) -> x + 1) y ``` f...

Created - 1 comment - bug core-to-logic easy

Importing infix annotations. ucsd-progsys/liquidhaskell

Here `Data.List.hs` defines `(++)` as an infix reflected function:

Created - 1 comment - easy modules

Convert oven temperatures in recipe directions between Fahrenheit and Celsius JackMiranda/herms

This should be an interesting one! We now have the ability to convert ingredient measurements between imperial and metric. Now, let's take this a step further and add the ability to convert betwee...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue Hacktoberfest up-for-grabs

Create new levels ivanperez-keera/haskanoid

This game only has a few demonstration levels, but it could have so many more. They could have different shapes, and maybe it would make sense to add other kinds of objects. As a starter issue, ...

Created - 1 comment - beginner enhancement hacktoberfest help wanted

Measure-generated Invariants not imported? ucsd-progsys/liquidhaskell

The following fails with a termination related error: **Library** ```haskell {-# LANGUAGE GADTs #-} {-@ LIQUID "--exact-data-con" @-} {-@ LIQUID "--higherorder" @-} {-@ LIQUID "--pl...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement modules

Simplify travis file ivanperez-keera/haskanoid

As a reference see: and That is, use the standard building image for Has...

Created - 1 comment - beginner help wanted

Configure Travis to run the stack and cabal builds in parallel gelisam/hawk

I am not familiar enough with the Travis configuration format to configure this properly, so for now the two builds are running one after the other.

Created - 1 comment - easy

switch to hpack gelisam/hawk

Every time I build, I get warnings about some source files not being tracked. hpack automatically generates a `.cabal` file which includes all the source files, so let's switch to that.

Created - 1 comment - easy

Make port configurable channable/icepeak

Currently, Icepeak always listens on port 3000. We should make that configurable with a command-line option and possibly also via an environment variable.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Allow requests with some sort of durability guarantee channable/icepeak

Currently, requests to the HTTP API post the command to the core queue and then immediately return. This could lead to a situation where a `GET` following a `PUT` returns stale data. The proposa...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

ghc-7.10 and earlier build with minimal changes, but are not supported onrock-eng/github-webhooks

Can be seen here: @rahulmutt feel free to add a gate on the options needed for this to build and sub...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted

`React.Flux.Views` is plural and `React.Flux.Store` is singular liqula/react-hs

Not a big deal, just seems to me like they should probably both be the same. Maybe singular since `View` is exported from `React.Flux.Views`.

Created - 1 comment - easy help wanted

Add a way to fully enable/disable outputs waymonad/waymonad

We can enable/disable outputs by DPMS now. This keeps them in the logic and we can move our cursor into it. For power saving and maybe blanking away for a moment, this is good this way. There...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

The first implementation of data type MPCommand and map from command number to its name. Grandison-RG/mpemu

That's limited implementation, only for two commands: VERSION and MOOLTIPASS_STATUS.

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

Further editor fanciness amuletml/amulet

## Features - [ ] **Code folding:** This should be pretty easy - just walk over any "large" definitions and offer to fold them to a single line. - [ ] **Type at cursor**/**Type tooltip**. - [...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue help wanted

Turn OPTIONS_GHC into LANGUAGE pragmas keera-studios/Haskelloids

This implementation uses OPTIONS_GHC to specify language extensions (you can search for it in the file). There are newer ways of doing this now:

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue hacktoberfest help wanted

writer for AZW3 (Kindle native format) jgm/pandoc

@jgm, I wonder whether a writer for the [Kindle native format]( could be added to issue #1852.

Created - 2 comments - format:EPUB good first issue new:writer

Benchmark moving the arguments to the right ekmett/lens

#551 looks interesting, but it'd be a much easier sell if we had some benchmarks showing it actually helped in some situations. It makes the code a fair bit harder to read, so it'd be nice to know ...

Created - 2 comments - benchmark easy performance

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