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Fix huntbugs warnings pgjdbc/pgjdbc

Here's the way to get huntbugs report: ``` cd pgjdbc mvn one.util:huntbugs-maven-plugin:0.0.9:huntbugs ``` The report is generated into `target/huntbugs/report.html` All the warnings (88 in total...

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Improve to be more user-facing pgjdbc/pgjdbc

For instance: describe common errors, useful connection properties, add links to, etc.

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Map inet type to InetAddress pgjdbc/pgjdbc

I use JPA but sometimes it’s too limited so I use native queries in those cases. But it means I cannot pass a type parameter to [ResultSet.getObject(…, …)](

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loginTimeout in java.sql.DriverManager never be used pgjdbc/pgjdbc

in the file:pgjdbc/src/main/java/org/postgresql/,line 246. ``` LOGIN_TIMEOUT("loginTimeout", "0", "Specify how long to wait for establishment of a database connection."); ...

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Postgres timestamps returning with inconsistent precision on reads after prepared statement thres... pgjdbc/pgjdbc

## Description and Context PostgreSQL JDBC driver version 42.1.1 PostgreSQL 9.6.3 Java 8 update 77 Reading a PostgreSQL `TIMESTAMP` using connection's `prepareStatement(String sql)` returns...

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