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Exporting notebook with pager out doesn't work well gibiansky/IHaskell

Since we use CodeMirror for highlighting, it looks ugly and unhighlighted when exported to html. Exporting to PDF doesn't work at all, see ## <bount...

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Use pyro.plate in baseball example pyro-ppl/pyro

- Uses `pyro.plate` in baseball example - Removes `max_iarange_nesting` (deprecated) from the API completely - since this was not a part of the previous release of HMC.

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Methods that need more docs data-8/datascience

Housekeeping for which methods still need docs (just in the order they appear in the documentation, not by priority). These methods have just a sentence or two in the docstring. **Creation** - [ ...

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more permissive about missing terms that doesn't terminate the neuroNER prematurely renaud/neuroNER

From Shreejoy: _You can see a whole list of terms that I tried below (Based on hand-curated neuron-NER-compliant terms that I had my ugrad curator Brenna annotate based on neuroelectro articles, t...

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Hello Notebooks! niallrobinson/jade-hack

Jupyter Notebooks are a great way to investigate data. You can combine code with notes and images to create interactive webpage documents. In this task you'll run a basic notebook and see what all ...

Created - 0 comments - beginner jupyter

Enhance Pool constructor from array-like objects catboost/catboost

Hello! The problem is that the constructor from array-like objects does not support all the features available in the constructor from (`dataset_description_file` + `column_description`). For ex...

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DOC: Add markdown file on contributing to `gdeltPyR` linwoodc3/gdeltPyR

* Use the pandas contributing document as a guide. * Define versioning logic * Implement release plans with group of features to add before version number updated * Explain how to set up d...

Created - 1 comment - documentation easy

Fixing typos and broken links WhitakerLab/scona

This is a great place to start if you're looking to dip your toe into contributing via GitHub. If you see a typo or a broken link anywhere in our documentation you can fix by making a pull reque...

Created - 1 comment - good-first-bug

move `pretty_print` functions out of client/grid OpenMined/Grid

There are a few utility functions to print stuff near the bottom of client/grid. These should likely be in a utility class.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Fix existing linter errors: Fix long lines OpenMined/Grid

Ideally we want to keep lines under 80 characters for people coding with small screens. There are a lot of lines currently longer than 80 and some a lot longer than 80. These are mostly string lite...

Created - 1 comment - code quality enhancement good first issue

Tune clustering methods XuMuK1/KeywordsExtraction

Clustering methods are quite good, especially k-core --> Girvan-Newman To choose keywords, use clustering, then the most stable (the largest?) cluster, then top5 by centrality (betweeness, b...

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create navigation for all pages... chalmerlowe/bokeh_tutorial

on the **refactor** branch Using markdown tables, create navigation for each page. ``` |Previous|Table of Contents|Next| |:------|:-----:|------:| |[Name](url)|[Name](url)|[Name](url)| ``...

Created - 1 comment - beginner help wanted

Code style in TOC vatlab/sos-docs

The code style does not look good in TOC. ![image]( It should have the same background a...

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Infrastructure for ingesting real classifier output aimalz/proclam

As was discussed on today's call, we may have access to some real classification submissions and their corresponding truth tables. We'll need some infrastructure to read in this data and convert d...

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Json model catboost/catboost

As the first step - json model for models on numerical features only.

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[FR] Error messages should be more specific pyro-ppl/pyro

Users at PROBPROG 2018 requested more-specific error messages when models are invalid. Specific improvements include: - [x] #1509 Print sample site information when `Distribution` inputs are in...

Created - 2 comments - good first issue help wanted warnings & errors

Create periodogram for Epoch folding StingraySoftware/stingray

Created here in HENDRICS for convenience, with the basic information that should be available at the very least:

Created - 2 comments - good first issue

Manage incompatibilities in old Python and library versions StingraySoftware/stingray

The recommendations contained here are very useful: Also, see the fine-grained dependency management that the new configuration file `pyproject.toml...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

`_isattribute` in `` not general enough? StingraySoftware/stingray

I am moderately concerned that our `_isattribute(data)` function in ` is not general enough. This function checks whether the data is a single number or an array, by running `isinstance` fo...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue question

Syntax highlighting does not work with Thebelab jupyter/jupyter-book

It seems like syntax highlighting is broken since the update to thebelab 0.4.0.

Created - 2 comments - bug good first issue

List available data sources chaoss/grimoirelab-manuscripts

Right now, there is no way of knowing which data sources are available for generating a report. It would be great having something like: ``` $ manuscripts --list-data-sources Available data so...

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Allow disabling of rolling average gedankenstuecke/twitter-analyser

The graphs so far are averaged using a 180 day rolling average. some people might want to have a look at the raw data that's not smoothed out?

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue

Tensorflow loads when loading TorchClient OpenMined/Grid

Shouldn't be necessary to load Keras stuff when working with the PyTorch interface

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

Clear Inputs button bayesimpact/encompass

“Clear Inputs” button to clear inputs and start a new analysis should appear in Service Area andf Provider drawers.

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue priority

List frameworks and libraries in readme NJACKWinterOfCode/nervy-notebooks

An indexed list of libraries with corresponding notebooks can be written in ``

Created - 2 comments - Difficulty: Easy good first issue

Add new metrics and objectives catboost/catboost

Currently we have: RMSE Logloss MAE CrossEntropy Quantile LogLinQuantile MultiClass MultiClassOneVsAll MAPE Poisson PairLogit QueryRMSE QueryAverage Recall Precision F1 TotalF1 AU...

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