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[trivial] Fix the name of a test suite ocsigen/lwt

[It should be `lwt_list`, not `lwt_util`]( See [`](

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Make Lwt.pick [] raise Invalid_argument ocsigen/lwt

This issue is about adding an `if` to [`Lwt.pick`][pick], [`Lwt.choose`][choose], [`Lwt.npick`][npick], [`Lwt.nchoose`][nchoose], and [`Lwt.nchoose_split`][nchoose_split], so that they raise `Inval...

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Comments dropped from files consisting of only comments ocaml-ppx/ocamlformat

Files that contain only comments have no parsetree locations at all, which defeats the comment placement algorithm. It seems that comment-only files need to be specifically recognized and all the c...

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UI: TextInput component briskml/brisk

Similar to what we have with `TextView`, we need a `TextInput` component for entering text.

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted macOS

[easy-ish] Tests for Lwt_sequence ocsigen/lwt

[`Lwt_sequence`]( doesn't have a test suite at all, but it is [not immune to potential ser...

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[easy] Delete Camlp4 from the manual introduction ocsigen/lwt

The Camlp4 syntax is deprecated, but we are still confusing users by [talking about it (at length) on the manual intro page (link; section "The syntax extension")](

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Point to from docs ocsigen/lwt

[]( was just launched as an experimental service. There's a bit of a (IMHO misguided) rush to create new categories (see e.g. the one for Core/Async), ...

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jbuilder and the paths of Lwt's installed cmi files ocsigen/lwt

@diml in > qcow-tool fails to build in one the datakit build. I check, it's because mirage-block-unix uses Lwt_unix but...

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Binding for ElementHandle.contentFrame() zploskey/bs-puppeteer

This should be included in Puppeteer 1.1.2 which is expected to be released on March 15th. [Docs](

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Create a list of Lwt-related libraries, and link them from README ocsigen/lwt

An example of this is [lwt-parallel]( Also, many libraries have `_lwt` packages. Let's collect the most relevant ones, and link to them from the README, so users ca...

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[easy] Document that Lwt_io.printf is more like sprintf than printf ocsigen/lwt

From `Lwt_io.printf` calls `ksprintf` internally. This has some surprising consequences: - `%!` doesn't really flush any...

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Transpilation fastpack/fastpack

As of now, FastpackTranspiler supports a few, mostly non-standard syntax features (JSX, decorators) and some stage 3 features (spread). What is the goal of this project in terms of transpilation...

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Accurate messages in exceptions raised by Lwt ocsigen/lwt

For example, trying this in the REPL ``` let _, r = Lwt.wait ();; Lwt.wakeup r ();; Lwt.wakeup r ();; ``` i.e. calling `Lwt.wakeup r ()` when `r` is already resolved, raises `Invalid_ar...

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[easy] Clarify Lwt.finalize documentation ocsigen/lwt

From > The documentation for Lwt.finalize states: > > > `finalize f g` returns the same result as `f ()` whether i...

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Splitting pipeline operators on newlines ocaml-ppx/ocamlformat

Hello! First of all thank you for this tool, I'm very much enjoying it. I like to use a pipeline operator in order to structure my code so that it reads from left to right (similar to F#, Elm, E...

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[easy] Fix whitespace, formatting, prettify the code ocsigen/lwt

When code doesn't look good, it is difficult to read and understand. We want Lwt to be easy to work on. Basically, if you run into any strange indentation, please go ahead and fix it :) Here are...

Created - 11 comments - easy technical debt

API: We should throw an exception when a hook is used outside of a component context revery-ui/reason-reactify

We don't do any checking or handling when a hook is called outside of a `render` function. This is simple to reproduce - just by calling `useState` outside of a component. We should add a test c...

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