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SignUpViewController fields don't update after `emailAsUsername` is set. parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Failing code snippet: ``` objc PFSignUpViewController *controller = [[PFSignUpViewController alloc] init]; controller.emailAsUsername = YES; controller.fields = PFSignUpFieldsUsernameAndPassword |...

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PFLogInViewController should provide default implementation for PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

Currently - to handle both login and signup - you need to implement both `PFLogInViewControllerDelegate` and `PFSignUpViewControllerDelegate`, even though you might have presented sign up from insi...

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Refactor to modern Objective-C smartdevicelink/sdl_ios

Use boxed syntax and subscripting

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HV target field value should be updated to the setpoint on start snoplus/orca

This is true for the backend code in the model but is not propagated to the GUI. Perhaps makes the most sense to only ensure the target >= setpoint and target <= nominal for the GUI.

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UIAlertView has deprecated in iOS 9 parse-community/ParseUI-iOS

<img width="247" alt="screen shot 2015-10-12 at 5 56 17 pm" src=""> `UIAlertView` has deprecated...

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Enable Documentation Comments warning smartdevicelink/sdl_ios

And fix all the warnings. So many warnings.

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how use rn-apple-healthkit terrillo/rn-apple-healthkit

hello i am use rn-apple-healthkit,system Prompt : ``` _rnAppleHealthkit2.default.getBiologicalSex is not a function. (In '_rnAppleHealthkit2.default.getBiologicalSex', '_rnAppleHealthkit2.defaul...

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Android: Crashes when providing Old Subscription ID and Proration Mode = DEFERRED dooboolab/react-native-iap

### Version of react-native-iap 3.0.0 ### Version of react-native 0.59.2 ### Platforms you faced the error (IOS or Android or both?) Android ### Expected behavior App should not crash ...

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Error use tableView registerNib tigerAndBull/TABAnimated

[self.tableView registerNib:[UINib nibWithNibName:@"XX" bundle:nil] forCellReuseIdentifier:@"XX"]; self.tableView.tabAnimated = [TABTableAnimated animatedWithCellClass:[XX class]]; log: Term...

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Feature request: support single clicks ccosnean/CCIAbacusView

It seems you can add (or even replace the existing pan gesture) with a tap gesture.

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Surround motion not implemented XVimProject/XVim2

Hey @antmd and @JugglerShu, thanks for getting this up with XCode 9! I noticed the surround motions aren't working, e.g. ysiw" surrounding inner word with quotes. I know it's technically a vi...

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[TextFields] Clear button out of bounds material-components/material-components-ios

### Overview Clear button out of bounds ### Reproduction steps Text field clipped to bounds ### Version number 35.3.0 ### Operating system and device iPhone SE iOS 11.0 ![screen sho...

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Tapping on Today extension bookmark should display that Stop OneBusAway/onebusaway-iphone

I should be able to open the app and navigate to a stop inside of the app by tapping on a bookmark in the Today extension.

Created - 2 comments - good first issue Today Extension

Version and Build Number in Settings criticalmaps/criticalmaps-ios

Add the Artwork, version and build number to settings. _Any other information to show here?_ ![346456354](

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[RTL] Allow flipping regardless of passed direction material-components/material-components-ios

### Overview Right now the functions require passing in the direction and then if that is LTR, it does nothing. CGRect MDCRectFlippedForRTL(CGRect leftToRightRect, ...

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Repartition disk to one container from ? google/restor

I am not sure if this is an issue or a feature request. I tested Restor with to restore a macbook with 2 partitions (one HFS, one APFS container) and both show up as targets. (disk2S2 and diks2s3)...

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[Req] Allow launching in auto-image state google/restor

Feature request: Can you provide a switch or a preference that allows us to launch the program already in "Auto-Image" mode? Upon launch, it should read the preferences and use the primary disk i...

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[TextField] Underline lineheight not working properly material-components/material-components-ios

When you set the underline.lineheight and when textfield lose the focus, the line height will revert back to the default value rather than the value we did set. **Steps to reproduce** 1. set u...

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arrays_input developers documentation pgRouting/pgrouting

Write the developers documentation of the following files

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Create App Extensions Starter project for iOS/OS X parse-community/Parse-SDK-iOS-OSX

It would be tremendously helpful to have a sample application with at least a single app extension, with all the code inside of it as another starter project. This would also improve CI testing tha...

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how to unpause recording jsierles/react-native-audio

it seems I can call AudioRecorder.pauseRecording(), but cannot unpause it, calling AudioRecorder.startRecording() wont' resume it, just start over thanks

Created - 5 comments - enhancement good-first-pr

Get average decibel level of an audio recording jsierles/react-native-audio

How would I to find the average decibel level of a recording?

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It just doesnt work on 10.15 Catalina DaFuqtor/MiddleClick-Catalina

Hi, I followed instructions, installed id via brew, enabled in privacy settings (uninstalled old middleClick app before) and it launches, I can see it in top bar but 3 fingers tap/click just doesnt...

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缺少一份文档 Tencent/LKImageKit


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Comment if you want to join the iOS beta via Testflight – and then please open issues for any pro... nextcloud/ios

The new beta for Nextcloud iOS app is open, write your Apple account email address here if you want receive the invite for TestFlight :

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