First Pull Request

Add comments (description) to config file rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

[This config]( option was added via [this PR]( Sti...

Created - 0 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

Warn about open_basedir when data directory not found Elgg/Elgg


Created - 0 comments - dev usability easy security

Document that metadata API accepts/casts bools Elgg/Elgg

Unlike strings/ints booleans aren't returned in the type given; they're cast to integers. I think this behavior should be explained in the phpdocs.

Created - 0 comments - dev usability docs easy

Display entity menu by default in the object/default view Elgg/Elgg

This line is trying to add a non-existing view `'navigation/menu/metadata'` into the metadata part of the view. There are...

Created - 0 comments - dev usability easy

Remove timeout from all actions Elgg/Elgg

Especially delete/disable/enable activities can result in a long run time. Removing the limit for all actions seems the simplest way to avoid ever breaking one of these processes. We should also l...

Created - 0 comments - easy important

Add access system documentation to RST Elgg/Elgg

Things to include: - [ ] Core access levels - [ ] Access collections (reference group_acl) - [ ] Custom user friend collections

Created - 0 comments - docs easy

Panels on home page not correctly displayed phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin

### Describe the bug From [this commit](, the panels are not displayed correctly anymore. Also, the 2 fi...

Created - 0 comments - bug good first issue ui

[TASK] Add FAQ entry for overwriting type field TYPO3-Solr/ext-solr

From time to time users try to overwrite the Solr document's type field. However, since it is an important field used to ensure consistency between TYPO3's database and Solr's index the extension p...

Created - 0 comments - easy help wanted needs documentation

List files with parsing error as skipped tomzx/php-semver-checker

The current behavior of the `compare` command is to die upon parsing any invalid code, which is probably not what the average user wants. `compare` should instead record the files which it wasn't ...

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

Unit Tests / Photon / Windows Compat Automattic/jetpack

#### What I expected I ran the unit tests under VVV on a Windows machine. I expected them to pass. #### What happened instead They did not pass. :( ``` vagrant@vvv:/srv/www/wordpress-develop/sr...

Created - 0 comments - Photon Unit Tests [Type] Bug [Type] Good First Bug

Stats: Update method for inserting JavaScript Automattic/jetpack

We use a global var and a combo of `wp_footer` and `shutdown` to insert the stats js, initially as part of a workaround for sites that aren't using `wp_footer`. It's been long enough now that we ca...

Created - 0 comments - Stats [Type] Enhancement [Type] Good First Bug [Type] Good For Community

PHP Coding Standards: create ruleset.xml file for Jetpack Automattic/jetpack

While some of us probably have the [WordPress coding standards sniffs]( enabled by default in our code editors, this might n...

Created - 0 comments - General Unit Tests [Type] Enhancement [Type] Good First Bug [Type] Good For Community

RSS Widget: load images via SVG thanks to Social Logos Automattic/jetpack

Replacing #5074 The RSS Widget uses the images [here]( to display RSS icons next to each Feed URL. It would be nice and save space...

Created - 0 comments - Extra Sidebar Widgets [Pri] Low [Status] Needs Design Review [Type] Enhancement [Type] Good First Bug

Warn user if loadout is unindexable osmium-org/osmium

And prevent the loadout from being saved.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

update_lscores might do more harm than good osmium-org/osmium

Can't we just run the UPDATE after the vote is cast?

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

SSO + Admin UI: Add options to UI state Automattic/jetpack

We need to add these two items to UI state so we can disable the checkboxes in the UI `Jetpack_SSO_Helpers::is_match_by_email_checkbox_disabled` `Jetpack_SSO_Helpers::is_require_two_step_checkbox...

Created - 0 comments - Admin Page SSO [Pri] Normal [Type] Bug [Type] Good First Bug

Twitter Widget: refactor widget settings for easier setup and less confusion. Automattic/jetpack

2 things could be improved: 1. *To use the No Scrollbar” option, you should not specify a number of tweets in the widget settings, and check the “No Scrollbar” option.* We could make this more ...

Created - 0 comments - Extra Sidebar Widgets Touches Files [Pri] Low [Type] Enhancement [Type] Good First Bug

Sharing: custom sharing icons are not aligned in wp-admin Automattic/jetpack

#### Steps to reproduce the issue 1. Go to Settings > Sharing in your dashboard. 2. Create a new custom sharing service, like Hacker News ([see example here](

Created - 0 comments - Sharing [Pri] Low [Type] Bug [Type] Good First Bug [Type] Good For Community

Remove unused import json-api-php/json-api


Created - 0 comments - easy

Global admin option to add javascript/css to <head> elkarte/Elkarte

As per the request here -

Created - 0 comments - easy feature request

Settings.class: javascript bit elkarte/Elkarte

``` 'javascript' => '', ``` I think it should be renamed, because in fact it can store almost anything (e.g. a `class="something"` or other stuff).

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Add some interfaces elkarte/Elkarte

At the moment I can think of search and payments (both payment and display), there may be others.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Add a "remove" button next to... elkarte/Elkarte

anything that requires a remove button. For example censored words, bans, ban triggers, member groups, boards and any other "list". There are a lot of places, some are easy, some less.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Quick search for PMs too? elkarte/Elkarte

It would be nice to let members use the quick search (i.e. the top-right form with the dropdown) to search in PMs as well as in forum/board/topic and members. As far as I remember it shouldn't be ...

Created - 0 comments - enhancement good first issue

Comparing versions in javascript elkarte/Elkarte

#1641 needs a bit more work in the "next" release. That javascript should be cleaned up quite a bit and maybe merged if possible. It may or may not be an easy task depending on how skilled with j...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

UI should show first 8 characters of SHAs silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

To make things more readable, I think we should show only the first 8 characters of a SHA in the lists of commits, with the full SHA shown in a tooltip.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Environment names are not quoted correctly for Capistrano silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

``` [2014-11-06 18:48:29] Running command: cap -f '/var/www/deploy/releases/20141029031715/assets/Capfile' -vv foo:Custom AWS deploy:check ROLES=web -s 'history_path'='/var/www/deploy/logs/deployna...

Created - 0 comments - bug easy

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