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"make modules-test" doesn't fail when tests fail rakudo/star

The make task should fail if any of the child tests fail. tools/build/ is hardwired to return 0 - it could check the return status of the child "prove" processes and at change the ex...

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Have hrpg +/- detect when we've levelled up. pjf/WebService-HabitRPG

Currently: ``` hrpg + email Updating Respond to email (f98fc39d-b507-4c55-a9fa-b184f6369ad1) HP: 50/50 (+16.60) XP: 3/170 (-163.00) GP: 24.22 (+0.95) ``` We didn't just take a massive XP hit, w...

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Update hrpg _update (experimental feature) to realise that up and down parameters should be conve... pjf/WebService-HabitRPG

As it says on the label. Maybe also have a proper update/edit command that's not quite so dangerous. ## <bountysource-plugin> --- Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](https://w...

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more documentation aggrolite/dwdb

Some more documentation would be nice. Tagging as any easy one for OpenHatch. Feel free to ask questions

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Add an autosave mode dod38fr/config-model-tk-ui

Currently, a value modification is done in 2 steps: * the "store" button on the right side store the modified value from the widget to the configuration tree *in memory* * then the configuration ...

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Update built-in templates to resemble the new design mojolicious/mojo

<img width="879" alt="dev" src=""> The built-in development template still uses a rather dated de...

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Updated tests for the Custom Set problem exercism/perl5

In order to reduce the amount of code required to pass incremental tests (assuming that users pass tests starting from the top), the order of the tests was modified slightly. Since this track impl...

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Accessors for OrderedList attributes? nichtich/Pandoc-Elements

Shouldn't there be setters/getters for `start_number`, `numbering_style` and `delimiter`? BTW I noticed that OrderedList isa AttributesRole. That's hardly correct since its attributes are differen...

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GET /api/1.3/phys_locations?region=:regionId no longer returns results apache/trafficcontrol

fyi: regionId has always been (right or wrong) the ID of the region. My guess is this broke when the phys_locations GET apis were created in Golang.

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue minor Traffic Ops API (golang)

Sym links in CPL maharper/Champlain-Saint-Lambert-webwork-repo

Currently the CPL has (at least) three sym links where one place in the directory structure links to another place. For example `champlain-problem-library/ComputingMath/Linear-Equations` points to...

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Catmandu::Store default_plugins configuration needs also default_options LibreCat/Catmandu

I need to create a default_plugin for a store that is configurable. E.g. the `catmandu.yml`: ```(yaml) --- store: main: package: DBI options: default_plugins: [ 'FooBar'] ...

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Some texts are not localized in the templates UPC/ravada

For a text to be translated it must be correctly defined in the template file with the code like this: `<%=l 'Choose a Machine to Start' %>` Check all texts are like this, specially at the temp...

Created - 2 comments - Hacktoberfest frontEnd good first issue

Replace JSON with JSON::PP exercism/perl5

`JSON::PP` has been included in perl core since 5.14, and `JSON` falls back to `JSON::PP` if `JSON::XS` is not installed. I suggest replacing `JSON` with `JSON::PP` so that installing `JSON` is ...

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[Feature Request] Получение данных каталога с пагинацией и фильтрами sovetromantica/sr-api

На данный момент в методах API доступны только **/animesearch** и **/last_episodes** с довольно узкой направленностью. Они не позволяют реализовать "каталог" контента с пагинацией по нему. Предл...

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Support delimited key-value pairs format LibreCat/Catmandu

The [miller command line tool for data processing]( uses "delimited key-value pairs": ``` a=pan,b=pan,i=1,x=0.3467901443380824,y=0.7268028627434533...

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[docs] 在 README 中加入 ShareLaTeX 的链接或者 badge sjtug/SJTUThesis

现在我们在 ShareLaTeX 上支持多个稳定版本, 这一点可以在 README 中体现一下来告知同学们 - [0.8, ported by billryan@]( - [0.9.5, ported by goodbest@](https://www.shar...

Created - 3 comments - area/docs good-first-issue help-wanted platform/ShareLaTeX

Provide a systemd .service file? Difegue/LANraragi

It would be great if the software provided a Systemd .service unitfile. Wouldn't have to be installed by default, but just having it tucked away in lib/ or something where someone could edit the re...

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[Suggestion] Scrollable Reader Difegue/LANraragi

Would it be possible to have a feature added to load all images on a single page and be able to scroll down them at some point in the future please Theres a userscript for exhentai called ehunter ...

Created - 4 comments - enhancement good first issue reader

stat() in array context does not work with perl 5.23.3 and greater evalEmpire/perl5i

The File-stat.t test fails: ``` $ perl5.23.4 -Mblib t/File-stat.t ok 1 - An object of class 'File::stat' isa 'File::stat' ok 2 not ok 3 - stat() in array ...

Created - 5 comments - easy

Integration with Active Directory UPC/ravada

Hi, I would like to know about the possibility of authenticating with Active Directory domain users. I have in production the AD and would like to make the test if logging in frontend with th...

Created - 7 comments - backend good first issue Hacktoberfest

Sort completeable tasks by active/inactive/completed. pjf/WebService-HabitRPG

Currently, `hrpg daily` shows all dailies. However, HabitRPG allows configuring on which days dailies are active or not. If they are not active, I think they should be displayed differently. ### Cu...

Created - 9 comments - easy enhancement hrpg

Redhat installation instructions UPC/ravada

Add a new doc for install Ravada on Redhat and similar distributions: 1. Download the package from github 2. Uncompress 3. Download requirements : some w...

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