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typo dotnet/docs

"your can use" -> "you can use" in sentence "By adding what is called a binding redirect your can use the new library version without having to recompile your app. " --- #### Document Detail...

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[Bug] Set-DbaLogin does not enable the login sqlcollaborative/dbatools

We have a switch as `[switch]$Enable` that should enable the login but it is not actually coded to do anything. All that is needed would be logic around whether the parameter was passed in, with...

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Invoke-DbcCheck Exception instead of ErrorRecor sqlcollaborative/dbachecks

invoke-dbccheck line 97 `Stop-PSFFunction -Message "Failure" -Exception $_` should be `Stop-PSFFunction -Message "Failure" -ErrorRecord $_`

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Testing database growth event check doesnt use policy.database.filegrowthexcludedb sqlcollaborative/dbachecks

Bug Report General Troubleshooting steps Verified running the latest release of dbachecks? YES Does (Find-Module dbachecks).Version match (Get-Module dbachecks).Version.ToString() YES Verif...

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SqlServerDsc: Update manifest and license with the new year 2018 dsccommunity/SqlServerDsc

**Details of the scenario you tried and the problem that is occurring:** We should update the manifest and license with 2018 after the new year. **The DSC configuration that is using the resour...

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Find-Module -AllVersions returns no results when run against internal/private repositories PowerShell/PowerShellGetv2

In version 1.1.7 of PowerShellGet, running "find-module <_module_name_> -AllVersions" returns no results when run against private /internal repositories. It does return all versions when run agains...

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Add build step for merging the contents of multiple .ps1 files into a single .psm1 file PowerShell/PowerShellGetv2

As mentioned at, we need a build step for merging the contents of multiple .ps1 files into a single .psm1 file. #### L...

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xRegistry: Fails to remove reg key when the Key is specified like 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE' dsccommunity/xPSDesiredStateConfiguration

<!-- Your feedback and support is greatly appreciated, thanks for contributing! ISSUE TITLE: Please prefix the issue title with the resource name, e.g. 'ResourceName: Short de...

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404 error on xClusterQuorum node and cloud documentation dsccommunity/xFailOverCluster

Hi All, I have recently been trying to go create SQL high availability using DSC, im currently stuck on using this powershell module to assign a Cluster Quorum to a cluster and have it register...

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Replace `Import-Module` and `.` with `using module` microsoft/Requirements

We heavily rely on classes, which don't integrate well with `Import-Module`, which forces us to dot source a lot. `using module` should solve our import woes.

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Support query parameters PowerShell/Polaris

They're absolutely necessary. localhost:8080/hello?name=Tyler There's a bug to track the investigation of ASP.NET Routing in but potentially...

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Use `-UseBasicParsing` in all `Invoke-WebRequest` calls so that IE is not a dependency PowerShell/Polaris

For every `Invoke-WebRequest` in our tests, we need to add `-UseBasicParsing`. Without it, PowerShell on Windows will use IE. We don't want that to happen because we don't need complex parsing of t...

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How can I modify the script if this is sealed? Juanito99/SolarWinds_NPM_OpsMgr

Hi Ruben. Do you have an unsealed version of this? You say in your doc that the ps1 script is able to be changed but I'm unable to open up the management pack since it's sealed. Thanks so much...

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Progress Reporting GitGerby/HashChildItems

Report progress as hashing proceeds through a tree; use Write-Progress to report current file being hashed, percent of files hashed, and work out time remaining based on time averaging.

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consider aliases and named positions for cmdlets ArtisanByteCrafter/KaceSMA

for example `-MachineID` or `-AssetID` to simply accept `-ID`.

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String comparison marker points into emptiness after shortening the output pester/Pester

The `--------^` arrow is no longer needed after the output of string comparison was changed, but it is still present in string comparison, and it points to empty space. ``` "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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Get-DbcCheck description improvements sqlcollaborative/dbachecks

<!-- ERASE the sections that are not applicable but please provide as much information as possible --> ## Issue In many cases the description output from Get-DbcCheck does not provide much deta...

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Errors with Get/Set-PSRepository on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) PowerShell/PowerShellGetv2

## Expected Behavior Getting / setting PowerShell repositories should behave the same in WSL as they do in Windows. ## Current Behavior We're getting odd errors getting and setting PowerShell ...

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Please correct spelling of available MicrosoftDocs/SCCMdocs

"avaliable" - line 3, para 1 under 'Tip' --- #### Document Details ⚠ *Do not edit this section. It is required for ➟ GitHub issue linking.* * ID: cf24a1d9-b5e0-7031-fe6d-dd49...

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Message Administrator replaced with Start Teams MicrosoftDocs/SCCMdocs

Starting with version 1910, I guess Message Administrator option has been replaced with Start Microsoft Teams chat option. Please update the article. Thanks, Prajwal Desai --- #### Document Detai...

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Add example for Event Trigger poshbotio/PoshBot

It would be nice to have an Event Trigger example in the documentation ( so newcomers like myself can understand how that works.

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Cosmos DB - Change instances of "collection" to "container" MicrosoftDocs/mvp-hackadoc-2018

When Cosmos DB was known as DocumentDB, each database contained one or more collections. Now, with Cosmos DB a database can contain a graph, a table, or a collection- and the term we've chosen to r...

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Script to add Service Principal/details added to Default.parameters.json Microsoft/DscScaffolding

We need to populate servicePrincipalApplicationId. We need to look into adding a script for that

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Blog post about Copy-DbaLogin needed for dbatools blog sqlcollaborative/dbatools

I didn't even remember LoginRenameHashtable existed! Can someone please write an in-depth blog post about Copy-DbaLogin that we can put on dbatools blog? thanks !

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Create Pester Tests for Existing Functions sqlcollaborative/dbatools

There are already a substantial amount of cmdlets that do not currently have any associated pester tests. As stated in the post "Path to 1.0" > 'The most i...

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Invoke-WebRequest : Server Error PowerShell/PSSwagger

When executing New-PSSwaggerModule -SpecificationUri against a internal uri, the response is Invoke-WebRequest : Server Error 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. ...

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Azure DevOps is removing older build images gaelcolas/Sampler

The Windows Server Core 1803 image is being removed on March 23, 2020. It must be removed or transition to another image as appropriate.

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OutputFile does not resolve PSDrive pester/Pester

## 1. Provide a general summary of the issue in the Title above When writing the results of `Invoke-Pester` to a file (eg: `-OutputFormat NUnitXml -OutputFile "Test:\foo.xml"`), it fails to writ...

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New Command: Get-DbaTraceFlagIndex sqlcollaborative/dbatools

## Feature Request Provide the ability to have a central list of all known trace flags for SQL Server. Build it out similar to the `Find-DbaCommand` where we have an `index.json` file that contain...

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