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invert mapping b/w binop operators and the operator module numba/numba

Currently, operator functions in the `operator` module is mapped to the numba internal impl. This makes it difficult to overload operators using `numba.extending.overload`. It is probably better ...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

review and improve error handling/reporting and responses bepasty/bepasty-server

Improve that stuff for nearly all possible errors that bepasty can handle.

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Noop implementation apigee/henchman

Created - 0 comments - easy

user module to manage users. apigee/henchman

Be able to specify groups, homedir..etc

Created - 0 comments - easy

Create an exists module apigee/henchman

Basically does a "test -e <file>"

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Better document the motivation of the project bernardosulzbach/ahmes

Write about why I needed to implement it in Python (write about testability and practicality). An obligatory GUI is a bizarre idea for a simulator.

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy enhancement

Implement all Ahmes instructions in Python bernardosulzbach/ahmes

A good amount of the work has already been done, but it is not complete yet.

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Jumps should always use two memory accesses bernardosulzbach/ahmes

For the computer to behave as expected by the original simulator, a jump should always trigger a reading of the jump address from the memory. This should be ensured by tests and properly documented.

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy enhancement

os.chdir should be avoided miracle2k/webassets

Along the lines of #391, [there are]( still [other uses of os.chdir remaining](

Created - 1 comment - easy

More helpful message when binary can't be found miracle2k/webassets

Didn't add the path to the SASS bin file, but the error I was getting wasn't very helpful at all: `OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory` Being thrown from here:

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fill() method for DeviceNDArray numba/numba

This would call a CUDA kernel that zeros out the contents of an array. This is a pretty simple kernel. (Don't forget to also add the method to the CUDA simulator version of DeviceNDArray!)

Created - 1 comment - easy feature_request

index method does not work on tuples numba/numba

It works on lists but on on tuples. E.g., ```python @numba.njit def f(): return [1,2,3].index(2) @numba.njit def g(): return (1,2,3).index(2) print(f()) print(g()) ``` resul...

Created - 1 comment - easy feature_request

np.transpose() support numba/numba

The binding for `np.transpose()` does not exist at present, it really should!

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

Make sizes human readable bepasty/bepasty-server

No one can use Size: 191622081 bytes,

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

If pixel clock detected (or no input detected) reset the input every X seconds timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware

We know that some laptops require us to type `inputX on` after plugging them into the Opsis. It would be good to make it so that we don't have to this manually. Two options; * If an input is e...

Created - 1 comment - boards-all firmware-softcpu good-first-bug hdmi2*** level-firmware type-enhancement

Replace the shell script with a Python script timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware

Currently we have a script called [``]( which is a shell script that embeds in the firmware ...

Created - 1 comment - boards-all firmware-softcpu good-first-bug hdmi2*** level-firmware status-help-wanted type-cleanup

Implement ansible "debug" module apigee/henchman

Ansible does a very cool way of using debug. It's basically a module which prints to screen certain variables or message statements.

Created - 1 comment - easy

Update tpm2-tools pointers keylime/python-keylime

Now that @jetwhiz tpm2-tools patches have landed upstream we can change git repo URLs from /keylime/tpm2-tools to /tpm2-software/tpm2-tools

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted

Add support for closure-stylesheets miracle2k/webassets

I would love to be able to use Google's Closure Stylesheets: However, the closure-stylesheets tool current does quite a number of different things so...

Created - 2 comments - easy feature

Create Issues Bug pycontribs/jira

When creating issues, if one of the issues contain an invalid value for a field, the program quits on an AttributeError. ` File "", line 159, in create issues = self.jira.creat...

Created - 2 comments - good first issue type:bug

numba.stencil does not have a “mode” parameter numba/numba

## Reporting a bug - [x] I am using the latest released version of Numba - [x] I have included below a minimal working reproducer The [documentation for `numba.stencil`](https://numba.pydata.o...

Created - 2 comments - bug doc good first issue

Should interactive mode ask you about creating new stacks? cloudtools/stacker

The current behavior of `--interactive` is that any new stacks will get created, without any prompt. But this can be potentially dangerous (or at the very least, annoying) if you accidentally make ...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

Tests bepasty/bepasty-server

Hey, I have some questions regarding your tests: - why are test-files placed between other prod-files? - why are you not using any continous integration service (like travis)? - why is there no cov...

Created - 2 comments - easy enhancement task

Allow user to view and edit profiles GetTogetherComm/GetTogether

Allow people to view profiles of another user, and edit their own profiles

Created - 2 comments - good first issue help wanted

Hide messages from deliberate malloc impl overflow test as they can be alarming numba/numba

As a follow up to:, see if the messages can be captured and silenced.

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue

Extend EDID to support CEA-861 block in the output timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware

I am not suggesting anything, just posting these comments. from: (10:49:55 AM) tumbleweed: CarlFK: no, ...

Created - 3 comments - boards-all firmware-softcpu good-first-bug hdmi2*** level-firmware status-help-wanted type-enhancement

read/write miriad functions do not correctly interpret the integration times RadioAstronomySoftwareGroup/pyuvdata

The Miriad standard is for the integration times to mark the *beginning* of the integration ( while the pyuvdata standard is for the t...

Created - 3 comments - bug good first issue

Evaluation of time series clustering rtavenar/tslearn

It would be nice to allow the user to evaluate the quality of a clustering by providing the equivalent of the silhouette score (or related metric) for time series clustering.

Created - 4 comments - good first issue new feature

`stacker.util.ensure_s3_bucket` function does not tag S3 buckets created cloudtools/stacker

Currently S3 buckets created by stacker do not have any tags, even if that bucket is created on a stacker build run with a stacker config yaml defining tags. This is because the `ensure_s3_bucket`...

Created - 5 comments - enhancement good first issue help wanted

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