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add a comment system for docs cobrateam/splinter

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Please change 'current release' button cobrateam/splinter

This might be common knowledge to a lot of programmers, but I was having a difficult time trying to download splinter, because I didn't even think I could click the 'current release' button on the ...

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Fix the terrible functions examples adamchainz/django-mysql

The functions examples in the docs are all terribly non-specific and just use annotate. Django's manual has much clearer examples which also have some kind of rationalization behind them. Let's do ...

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Check for inflamatory language amperser/proselint

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Thing i haven't seen in any of the books but that is a weakening or condescending phrase amperser/proselint

"And we must remember", "And remember",… probably can find a source for this somewhere but it made me roll my eyes when i read it, which suggests it's a problem.

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Beef up rule on comparing uncomparables amperser/proselint

``` source: DFW's dictionary notes in The Telegraph source_url: ``` > Unique > This is one of a class of adjectives, sometimes called “uncomparables”, that can be a littl...

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Add docstrings to the database functions adamchainz/django-mysql

Django's DB functions have docstrings, we should have them too.

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improve test_atmosphere pvlib/pvlib-python

The `test_atmosphere` module can easily be improved in a few ways: 1. Add numerical tests. 2. Replace the `Location.get_solarposition` calculated zenith angles with prescribed zenith angles. Unneed...

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Coalesce chained logical expressions Xion/callee

Chained expressions such as `a | b | c` are currently represented as nested matchers (`Or(Or(a, b), c)`) because of operators associativity. These structures should be flattened instead (e.g. `Or(a...

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update the HISTORY file and all references in docs and README evonove/django-stored-messages

All versions since `1.0.1` are missing.

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String matchers to assert on characters Xion/callee

`String` and `Unicode` matchers could accept optional argument for matching characters, e.g. letters, digits, or arbitrary predicates. It could take a set of characters, a callable, or a `Matcher`.

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mediagoblin support for ImageClass.upload() tpltnt/SimpleCV

Integrate support for [mediagoblin]( into ImageClass.upload().

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TinyWebGallery support for ImageClass.upload() tpltnt/SimpleCV

Integrate [TinyWebGallery]( into ImageClass.upload().

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Reduce Benchmark Times of stat_ops, particularly kendall correlation pandas-dev/pandas

ref #29165 the stat_ops benchmarks add a significant amount of time to the ASV runs. The "kendall" correlation method in particular takes over 10 seconds per run in some cases, and there are at le...

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Aggregation (sum) fails for a grouping along a multi-column level in pandas >=0.25.x pandas-dev/pandas

#### Code Sample Find the dataset [`bug.csv` here]( ```python import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv("bug.csv", header=[0,1], in...

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DOC: improve s3 access doc-strings / docs pandas-dev/pandas

Created - 1 comment - Data IO Docs Effort Low good first issue

TST: split out sparse tests pandas-dev/pandas sets up a really basic structure. ideally split out tests from tests_series and test_frame, in a similar manner to how we do ``pandas/tests/frame...

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reset_index() doesn't work with CategoricalIndex columns pandas-dev/pandas

#### Code Sample, a copy-pastable example if possible ```python df=pd.DataFrame({'Year': np.random.randint(2000,2017,10000), 'Month': np.random.randint(1,12,10000), 'Data': np.random.randint(0,...

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DOC: NumFOCUS link broken at pandas-dev/pandas

The links to NumFOCUS on the pandas web site are all broken. Link on pages: http://panda...

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DOC: Add validation error when a docstring is missing pandas-dev/pandas

We have the script `scripts/` that checks several formatting errors in the docstrings. Currently, when a function, method... has no docstring at all, it fails few of the ch...

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BUG: to_datetime with unit, utc=True and errors='ignore' does not coerce to UTC pandas-dev/pandas

``` In [3]: pd.__version__ Out[3]: '0.24.0.dev0+1040.g24bce1a5f' In [4]: pd.to_datetime([1], unit='s', box=True, utc=True, errors='ignore') Out[4]: DatetimeIndex(['1970-01-01 00:00:01'], dtyp...

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Add "Companies using Splinter" page to docs cobrateam/splinter

It would be nice to know what companies are using splinter for two reasons: marketing and the feeling of "if company X is using splinter I should give it a chance."

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update chromedriver version cobrateam/splinter

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Oval selection does not update color (does not support hit testing) bokeh/bokeh

When using an oval for a graph node, the oval's color is not updated when selected. #### ALL software version info (bokeh, python, notebook, OS, browser, any other relevant packages) bokeh: 0.1...

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Removing support for redundant database connection parameters gunthercox/ChatterBot

Right now, the MongoDB storage adapter and the SQL storage adapter each support both of the following parameters. - `database`: A simple string such as "chat-bot-database" that then gets turned ...

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Check for lexical illusions amperser/proselint

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Add rule about email capitalization amperser/proselint

E.g., don't complain if it's all in lowercase.

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Add rule about starting paragraph with "But" amperser/proselint

``` Justin Jungé to me Show more Mar 23 Hi Jordan, I'm grading more tutorial essays and keep making a similar set of comments about a problem that proselint might be able to flag. Here's one in...

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