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Show warning when using --backend and opening in existing instance qutebrowser/qutebrowser

When we have a running QtWebKit instance, and start with e.g. `--backend webengine`, that won't work, so we should show a warning.

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Add a --debug-flag argument qutebrowser/qutebrowser

There are various arguments which are used rarely and purely for debugging. Currently that's at least `--debug-exit` and `--pdb-postmortem`, and soon something like `--webengine-mainworld-js` or so...

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add unit tests for auxiliary functions nesaro/pydsl

- filter_subsets - extract_alphabet - common_ancestor - is_ancestor ## <bountysource-plugin> --- Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](

Created - 0 comments - easy test

test graph_from_alphabet nesaro/pydsl

in branch #46 , add tests for the function graph_from_alphabet. ## <bountysource-plugin> --- Want to back this issue? **[Post a bounty on it!](

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Python 2 and Python 3 compaitablity shubhamchaudhary/universal

This is more or less to ensure `pip2 install` and `pip3 install` work seamlessly. Right now universal may or may not work when installed using pip2 (in python2/site-packages). **Steps to reprodu...

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universal always return exit code 0 shubhamchaudhary/universal

universal should return proper status code at exit time

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Add quiet flag to numb all the noise shubhamchaudhary/universal

Have a --quiet flag to stop all noise and just show simple stuff like: ``` Compiling foobar.cpp Running: Hello World! ```

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Builder tests not covering properly shubhamchaudhary/universal

Even if you remove compile or run, test will still pass. Only line of defence right now is the file name check

Created - 0 comments - easy tech debt

Commands tab completion dbrgn/orochi

Should be doable using readline.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

invert viewer colors larray-project/larray

blue for low, red for highest would seem more logical to me. Needs to be discussed with users though.

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Allow to specify filepath for 'export' projecthamster/hamster-cli

Right now the export path is equal the `work_dir`. The resulting files extension is given by the export format. Its name is static: `report`. It would be nice to allow users greater control over t...

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Increase Faker usage in testss projecthamster/hamster-cli

Initial tests offen use 'foobar'-like strings for random content. This should be substitured by apropiate faker instances. Times will not be trivial to change due to internal logic, but at least si...

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categories command msg when no categories projecthamster/hamster-cli

When no categories are to be returned, still show a short and friendly feedback message.

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Documentation Sumith1896/gof

The ITSP page has our website, we need to complete it. And quickly to. smile

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Tests Pitt-CSC/PittAPIWebWrapper

Write tests for the endpoints to ensure they are all returning 200 with proper JSON output

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement help wanted

Set proper headers Pitt-CSC/PittAPIWebWrapper

Currently the calls are missing a lot of proper, standard headers. Please include proper CORS and cache headers.

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Update installation instructions in readme. Aeva/switchprint

The current readme doesn't describe all of the dependencies actually needed to install and run switchprint. Additionally, in its current state, "python install" should never be called. R...

Created - 0 comments - bug documentation easy

Implement daemonization support. Aeva/switchprint

Switchprint should make use of Also, in the event that switchprint is not running and other host software wishes to connect to it, it should be possible...

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init.d script for controlling the daemon Aeva/switchprint

This bug depends on issue #3. Additionally, this is worthless unless switchprint can use the dbus system bus instead of the session bus.

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Update installation instructions Aeva/switchprint

The project readme needs to be updated to correct for two things: 1. The dependencies list is incomplete. 2. Remove "sudo python install" all together and replace it with "sudo python setu...

Created - 0 comments - bug documentation easy

Sprinter reprap may attempt to write to serial port after printer has disconnected. Aeva/switchprint

This traceback is occasionally produced when sprinter_driver attempts to write to it's serial port. ``` python Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/aeva/science/switchprint/switchprint...

Created - 0 comments - bug cleanup easy

indicate page loading Aeva/ridinghood

The Gtk.Entry widget which is the URL bar supposedly can also double up as a progress indicator bar, so, we should connect that up to something so you can tell that something is going on when a pag...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

meaningful browser window title Aeva/ridinghood

The title bar should contain the title value or domain of the current web page. Formatted something like so: "{UNIVERSE} - {TITLE} - Ridinghood Browser" Maybe also find a nice window icon to...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

divide into several source files Aeva/ridinghood is getting pretty hairy! The main classes should be pulled out into separate source files. Other refactoring might be prudent.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement futureproofing

Marking suspended tabs qutebrowser/qutebrowser

From the [Arch BBS]( > One question though: is it possible to cange the "Suspended: " string in front of the tab title? I have the t...

Created - 1 comment - component: ui easy priority: 2 - low

move to github page hep-gc/cloud-scheduler

We should move from the dated Drupal website it is now to github page with a custom domain:

Created - 1 comment - easy newfeature

Provide recent changes method for sorting/filter changes WeblateOrg/weblate

Weblate should provide sorting/filtering recent changes per change type.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue hacktoberfest

Print a list of available sensors/readers pytroll/satpy

Is there currently a way to print a list of supported sensors/readers? That would make it easier to get started working with the data (e.g. when a user downloads new supported data, it would be mor...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Failure of weblate.trans.tests.test_formats.RESXFormatTest WeblateOrg/weblate

Due to spaces difference, weblate.trans.tests.test_formats.RESXFormatTest fails. Simple patch fixes it in my build instance:

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue hacktoberfest help wanted

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