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Create a netlistsvg skin with routing muxes and logic muxes SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs

Logic and routing muxes should look different in the diagrams generated.

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bring system support in to match fusepy/fusepy

There have been contributions such as #72 and #54 that don't apply patches to ``. We should spend some time making sure the definitions match/are shared.

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Unable to deal with non-UTF-8 filenames fusepy/fusepy

Fusepy was recently modified to treat all filenames and metadata as Unicode strings instead of byte strings. This works when filenames are UTF-8, but breaks when filenames or other metadata contain...

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Reverse eMarque file format bb-ffbb/eMarque-eXtract

It would be great to reverse eMarque file format (for example, to create a lightweight version of eMarque for a device like tablet or smartphone) !

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