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Filter items with no messages pyblish/pyblish-qml

If a plug-in produces no messages, provide an option to discard showing the plug-in and/or associated instances altogether, so as to make it easier to locate those that actually do provide output.

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Filter exceptions pyblish/pyblish-qml

In addition to filtering logging levels, allow filtering of exceptions.

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Timeline pyblish/pyblish-qml

# Goal Provide the user with an overview of timing information per-instance/plug-in.

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Improve visibility of checkboxes and status information pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal At the moment, checkboxes live side-by-side with visual progress. Separate the two, and hopefully make each clearer; both what can be done interactive, and what is and has happened in te...

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Add KnittingPatternSet.load_from_image fossasia/knittingpattern

Allow loading knitting patterns into a knitting pattern set from an image. Hint: - most of the work is already done by the conversion sub-module - test. mock?

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Add basic description to built-in help kn-bibs/dotplot

It would be nice to have some more general information visible after typing: `python3 -h` Only small changes are needed: to start with one can add _description_ parameter to [ArgumentP...

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add badges fossasia/AYABInterface

Add these badges to this repository: .. # |downloads| image:: :alt: PyPI Package monthly downloads :target:

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Allow different line arguments for Communication fossasia/AYABInterface

Currently, the communication object only takes a callable as [get_needle_positions](

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Resize "Instance" and "Plugins" sections in the main tab pyblish/pyblish-qml

The main tab is divided in two parts: - Instances - Plugins At the moment it is not possible to adjust the size of each of those sections. I think that there will be some instances in which the na...

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tx_builder does not handle decred consistently summa-tx/riemann

Sometimes it uses `make_decred`, sometimes it checks if the network is set to decred. It should uniformly check if the network is set to decred.

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Add different substitution matrices for plotter kn-bibs/dotplot

We can start with the most poplar aminoacid substitution matrices (like PAM250) and adding a switch in command line arguments.

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Warning indicator pyblish/pyblish-qml

When logging warning call with `self.log.warning`, it would be nice to see an indicator in there main tab. The suggestion is to colour the checkboxes yellow when any warnings has been logged on a ...

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`output` Plug-in Attribute pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal Provide user feedback on what a particular plug-in outputs, e.g. an .abc or .mb file. ### Implementation ``` python class MyPlugin(...) output = [".mb", ".abc"] ``` Inspired by mkolar...

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Maintain checked state after refresh pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal When pressing reset, the state of checkboxes reverts to their defaults. That's annoying, and it would be better if they "remembered" their state across resets and sessions. ### Implementa...

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Custom Header pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal Visualise additional information through customisable header. ![image]( - [Sour...

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Create a command line interface fossasia/knittingpattern

Create a command line interface to - [ ] convert pngs to knitting patterns - [ ] knitting patterns to png - [ ] knitting patterns to svg - [ ] Test the Command line interface (CLI) Hints: - The pa...

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use fossasia/knittingpattern

py.test allows adding the settings to the Currently, they live in different files. Imports should be moved. Hints: -

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prepare for live deployment schul-cloud/schul_cloud_resources_server_tests

Currently, the server saves all ressorces. This is bad for deployment as useless test data can be stored for a long time. - [ ] Add an optional argument to the server that it should only save a ...

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Add description fossasia/AYABInterface

The actions should be translated. Localization and filling in values can work like this: ``` action.translate(gettext) action.english() # returns the English string (default) ``` `gettext` is a ...

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建议支持 img 的 内嵌路径 hustlei/QssStylesheetEditor

```css background-image: url(:/img/close.png); ```

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Create docker container for server schul-cloud/schul_cloud_resources_server_tests

Create a docker container for the example server. - [ ] the dockerfile should be in the repository root - [ ] dockerhub build this automatically - [ ] document how to use the server in the REA...

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Clipboard Report pyblish/pyblish-qml

When a something fails in Pyblish, it would be good to easily paste a report into an email or chat. Having a "Copy Report to Clipboard" button would give artists the easy option of posting reports ...

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Convenience Toggles pyblish/pyblish-qml

### Goal Allow for quick access to checking/un-checking validations, based on some logical predicate. 1. Toggle _all_ 2. Toggle _none_ 3. Toggle _failed_

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Overview Scrollbar pyblish/pyblish-qml

**Goal** To show/hide a scrollbar in the Overview when the list of instance and plugins get too long to show. **Motivation** Users often don't pick up on that the list of instances and plugins a...

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Add note to docs that TPOT refits the best pipeline(s) on the full training set EpistasisLab/tpot

From discussions in #583, we should add a note to the docs that TPOT refits the best pipeline(s) on the full training set. This behavior may affect some users' pipelines, especially if they're usin...

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Add instrucion default to row fossasia/knittingpattern

currently, only the color is inherited from the row. This breaks with the generality of the format. Instead of ``` "id" : "A.2.1", "color" : "mocha latte", "instructions" : [ ...

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measure and change unique fossasia/knittingpattern

Do a performance measurement of both implementations: - knittingpattern.utils.unique - [uniq]( depending on what is faste...

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Checkboxes and Process indicators pyblish/pyblish-qml

Currently checkboxes on non-optional plugins are redundant, and only used for indicating success, failure and processing. I think we should separate checkboxes and process indication, and effectiv...

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account_invoice: Debe agregarse una secuencia contínua, adicional a la de NCF odoo-dominicana/l10n-dominicana

#### Impacted versions: develop #### Steps to reproduce: Crear una factura y validarla #### Current behavior: Solo se tiene la secuencia del NCF #### Expected behavior: Se debería tene...

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Style Test Server Page schul-cloud/schul_cloud_resources_server_tests

If you like, this page is just static HTML: You can find the source code here:

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