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Channel: Missing test case for alert command ProgVal/Limnoria

There is no test case for the `alert` command in the _Channel_ plugin.

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Web: could titlesnarfer also snarf description or could there be different description snarfer? ProgVal/Limnoria

I have used @reticulatingspline 's [supybot-titler plugin]( and it has this one big advatange towards web plugin: it also gets `<meta name="desc...

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Scheduler: warn before adding command that is invalid. ProgVal/Limnoria

It would help with typos and other things which make the scheduler fail.

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Default is not full path. ProgVal/Limnoria

When running _supybot-wizard_ in the output .conf file you will have: ``` /my/full/path/data/tmp ... web ``` I guess web is supposed to...

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CTCP: make version single target or add something to make it more difficult to use when CTCPing c... ProgVal/Limnoria

CTCP VERSION is usually spammy and annoying and it would be nicer if it was single-target like `ctcp version Mikaela`.

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CTCP: add time command ProgVal/Limnoria

Which is preferably single-target instead of spamming the channel with many time responses (and nicks) or if that kind of function is added, make something to allow owners to restrict it. See also...

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assertError() doesn't work properly if reply.showsimplesyntax is set to True ProgVal/Limnoria

I decided to spin up a custom mod of Limnoria a while ago, with custom defaults in `src/`. One of these includes setting `reply.showsimplesyntax` to True by default, but this causes many tes...

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NickAuth appears to be case-sensitive ProgVal/Limnoria

I am used to typing nicks with small letters to config files so I had added one user using small letters while her nick had capital letters too and NickAuth refused to recognize her, because of it.

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Apropos doesn't search with plugin name, but lists the plugin name in reply ProgVal/Limnoria

``` 2015-03-02 15:17:58+0200 < Mikaela> @apropos nickauth 2015-03-02 15:17:58+0200 <@Limnoria> No appropriate commands were found. 2015-03-02 15:18:04+0200 < Mikaela> @apropos nick 2015-03-02 15:18...

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Fix the terrible functions examples adamchainz/django-mysql

The functions examples in the docs are all terribly non-specific and just use annotate. Django's manual has much clearer examples which also have some kind of rationalization behind them. Let's do ...

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Check for inflamatory language amperser/proselint

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sitemap.xml in bot/data/web is not visible to web server ProgVal/Limnoria

And note that the file is not forced to be sitemap.xml, it can be anything ending to .xml or [RSS feed or text file]( Automatic sitemap generati...

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Thing i haven't seen in any of the books but that is a weakening or condescending phrase amperser/proselint

"And we must remember", "And remember",… probably can find a source for this somewhere but it made me roll my eyes when i read it, which suggests it's a problem.

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Allow customizing the "whoami" unidentified message ProgVal/Limnoria

Like `help` can be customized. > I don't recognize you. You can message me either of these two commands: "user identify <username> <password>" to log in or "user register <username> <password>" to...

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ChannelStats: Add link counts to the values ProgVal/Limnoria

I think seeing a number of links pasted in the channel would be a nice feature to have.

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Beef up rule on comparing uncomparables amperser/proselint

``` source: DFW's dictionary notes in The Telegraph source_url: ``` > Unique > This is one of a class of adjectives, sometimes called “uncomparables”, that can be a littl...

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Add docstrings to the database functions adamchainz/django-mysql

Django's DB functions have docstrings, we should have them too.

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Channel status ProgVal/Limnoria

Currently there is only `status status` which tells which nick the bot is using on networks where it's connected to. There is no command to get information on how many channels the bot is as a numb...

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Unix: allow specifying the default ping count ProgVal/Limnoria

I opened in case people agree with my preference, but it doesn't resolve the issue why I opened it. - Debian GNU/Linux 7.9 (wheezy) - The current (runn...

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Add version information to library. simple-salesforce/simple-salesforce

Currently, the package version is accessible through `pkg_resources`. It is relatively common, however, to have the version accessible through the package itself. This should be added to `simple_sa...

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Add tests for #39 RaRe-Technologies/smart_open

Missing tests for the disable multiprocessing functionality. How to create them is discussed in #39

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Scheduler: add some kind of info command ProgVal/Limnoria

I fakehostmask aka that uses scheduler... ``` 2016-03-15 20:46:49+0200 <@Mikaela> __fakehostmask Lash- remind 36h 2016-03-15 20:44:57+0200 <@Lash-> Mikaela: jos tu...

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Exit gracefully if rethinkdb is not running bigchaindb/bigchaindb

When using bigchaindb and trying to perform some database operations, if rethinkdb is not running bigchaindb will exit some stack trace and the exceptions thrown by the rethinkdb python driver. We...

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Support more granular env var config for API server bigchaindb/bigchaindb

### Currently `BIGCHAINDB_SERVER_BIND` and `BIGCHAINDB_API_ENDPOINT` can be used to set the http server socket binding and the api endpoint url, as documented in [server.bind, server.workers & ser...

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invert mapping b/w binop operators and the operator module numba/numba

Currently, operator functions in the `operator` module is mapped to the numba internal impl. This makes it difficult to overload operators using `numba.extending.overload`. It is probably better ...

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No docstrings about User Message & Event Message praekeltfoundation/vumi

There is not documentation about the message payload. For example what should contain 'from_addr' or the 'user_message_id' in Event? It's quite important as the original keys are quite confusing wh...

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Optionally set to_addr or from_addr in telnet transport praekeltfoundation/vumi

There are currently two variants of the telnet transport. One requires to_addr to be set and uses the connection port as the from_addr, the other asks for both at the start of the session. Making t...

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vumi.dispatchers.load_balancer should store transport names in a dict keyed by exposed name inste... praekeltfoundation/vumi

The list means that replies have to take exactly the same path they took out otherwise confusion will occur (and information about the route back will be lost).

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Remove sent_message_id from acks. praekeltfoundation/vumi

The ability to put third-party ids into acks was an old idea we abandoned.

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