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Allow users to specify markdown converter ramnathv/slidify

There are some advantages to using Pandoc Flavored Markdown. So, I am thinking it would make sense for users to specify the engine they want to use for converting `markdown` to `HTML`.

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effective_sample_size() to POD types for RStan/PyStan usage stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: The current interface is ``` double effective_sample_size(const Eigen::Matrix<Eigen::VectorXd, Dynamic, 1>& samples) const; ``` which is suboptimal for interfaces because ...

Created - 1 comment - code cleanup good first issue

Change how then names of timestamp files are generated. ropensci/drake

Base 64 encoding uses both uppercase and lowercase letters, and I did not realize until now that this behavior could cause collisions in case-insensitive file systems like Windows. The risk is low,...

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Explicitly set default hash to md5 everywhere ropensci/drake

Currently, drake just relies on the default `hash_algorithm` of `storr_rds()`, which could change in a future version. We should really set the hashing algorithm in one place and pass it to every c...

Created - 1 comment - easy TOP PRIORITY

Hover text for functions from Vectorize() ropensci/drake

Should be something like `"function(x){x}"` instead of the result below. ```r x <- plan(a = f(1)) f <- Vectorize(function(x){x}, "x") plot_graph(x) ``` ![hover](https://user-images.github...

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Require storr version 1.1.0 or later ropensci/drake

From @emittman: previous versions of [storr]( do not support the `hash_algorithm ` argument in `storr_rds()`.

Created - 1 comment - easy

Consider adding edit_r_buildignore() r-lib/usethis

Similar to ```r usethis::edit_git_ignore() ```

Created - 1 comment - feature good first issue

drake_plan() should look for duplicate targets ropensci/drake

We still need to double-check for duplicates during `make()`, keys in tibbles will help ( From

Created - 1 comment - easy interface

Write vignette about training projects lockedata/starters

Cover the what and why of the methodology expected by createTrainingProject and suggest next steps for user

Created - 1 comment - enhancement first-timers-only up-for-grabs

Add overwrite arg to create_* and add_* function ThinkR-open/golem

Default to FALSE. Will allow to override the folder / file through command line without the yesno. Related to #100

Created - 1 comment - Difficulty: novice effort: low good first issue hacktoberfest

Organize directory structure dalewsteele/appyNOM

/data /R /figs .etc

Created - 1 comment - good first issue

Potential issue with recognising cases in transformation. mailund/pmatch

There could be other `cases`, from other scopes, so really, we should carry the environment along the recursive calls and check. ---- *opened via []( from a code comment...

Created - 1 comment - FIXME good first issue

Look into adding DOI to description? sfirke/janitor

A note from Uwe Ligges of CRAN: >For the future: Is there some reference about the method you can add in the Description field in the form Authors (year) <doi:.....>? I don't know about DOIs....

Created - 2 comments - good first issue hop-right-in question seeking comments

Need help making logo smaller in filesize, saving as specific size .png (current in .ai format) sfirke/janitor

It would be neat to add the hex sticker to this library: The specs for adding to the library are here: Someone would need to get the .ai fil...

Created - 2 comments - good first issue hop-right-in

make step and int_step consistent stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: `int_step(x)` and `step(x)` return different values for 0 and NaN. * [ ] Change the definition of `step(x)` so that it matches `int_step(x)` * [ ] update definitions in doc a...

Created - 2 comments - bug documentation good first issue

Change order in "Getting set up" in Before we start datacarpentry/R-ecology-lesson

As mentioned in #366, it might be better to download the script before creating the "data" folder.

Created - 2 comments - good first issue status:need-contributor type:clarification

sentence clarification in Manipulating Data Frames section datacarpentry/R-ecology-lesson

Contribution from Katherine for instructor training checkout --- I have found a grammatical error in the "Ecology Curriculum". The lesson is "Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecolog...

Created - 2 comments - good first issue type:typo text

explicitly add language tags to all markdown code blocks uptake/uptasticsearch

Currently, code blocks in `` use generic markdown (\`\`\`), which means we're missing out on some syntax highlighting! To close this issue, edit `` so that each code block indi...

Created - 2 comments - Hacktoberfest R docs good first issue python

add command to add CC-BY license lwjohnst86/prodigenr

Append to LICENSE? Or new file entirely?

Created - 2 comments - easy high priority mozsprint

A few fixes to #52 ropensci/drake

Related to @dapperjapper's PR: #52. 1. Add `require("methods", quietly = TRUE)` to the beginning of `build_times()`. For `parallelism = "parLapply"` on Red Hat Linux, `build_times()` quits in er...

Created - 3 comments - bug easy fixed but waiting for my company's permission to disclose TOP PRIORITY

Make Workflow is circular error less stringent? ropensci/drake

It looks like I'm getting this error because I have a recursive function in my plan. I can see how this is problematic for drake, but I wonder if there is a simple solution? I would recommen...

Created - 3 comments - easy internals

Warn user if <- is used in drake_plan() ropensci/drake

I've seen this mistake multiple times today. Should be easy enough to detect.

Created - 3 comments - easy interface

Provide zip and tar downloads for non-github presentations ramnathv/slidify

I think it would be useful to add a feature so that non-github presentations also have a link to download a zip or tar file. It should be relatively straightforward to implement using the `zip` and...

Created - 3 comments - easy feature

Workspace related functions on Databricks Azure/azureml-sdk-for-r

**Describe the bug** I am trying to use this library in Databricks and I encounter a problem in the operation of this function (it hangs). **To Reproduce** - install the azureml sdk in this...

Created - 3 comments - good first issue

S3 Code is Proprietary zapier/parquetr

How we hook in and out of S3 is a chunk of code that is Zapier proprietary. We need to isolate that code, clean it up, and release it open source. Until that is done, the package is only useful a...

Created - 3 comments - enhancement good first issue

create `pid_to_eml_datatable` helper NCEAS/arcticdatautils

similar to `pid_to_eml_other_entity`, this function will use sysmeta to generate a physical section for a dataTable object, in addition to inserting attributes and factors. arguments - mn = m...

Created - 4 comments - enhancement good-first-issue help wanted

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