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effective_sample_size() to POD types for RStan/PyStan usage stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: The current interface is ``` double effective_sample_size(const Eigen::Matrix<Eigen::VectorXd, Dynamic, 1>& samples) const; ``` which is suboptimal for interfaces because ...

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make step and int_step consistent stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: `int_step(x)` and `step(x)` return different values for 0 and NaN. * [ ] Change the definition of `step(x)` so that it matches `int_step(x)` * [ ] update definitions in doc a...

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explicitly add language tags to all markdown code blocks uptake/uptasticsearch

Currently, code blocks in `` use generic markdown (\`\`\`), which means we're missing out on some syntax highlighting! To close this issue, edit `` so that each code block indi...

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Add warning about integer division stan-dev/stanc3

``` Info: integer division implicitly rounds to integer. Found int division: 2 * N / F Positive values rounded down, negative values rounded up or down in platform-dependent way. ```

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