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Improve looks of training history plots rstudio/keras

as suggested by @javierluraschi :-)

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`matchfailed()` tests, documentation markmfredrickson/optmatch

I experienced an issue where `matchfailed()` returned NA for a small number of observations, breaking a script. (Unfortunately I couldn't stop to investigate.) Hypothesis: this is how it records a...

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Allow users to specify markdown converter ramnathv/slidify

There are some advantages to using Pandoc Flavored Markdown. So, I am thinking it would make sense for users to specify the engine they want to use for converting `markdown` to `HTML`.

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Definitions of pos_remove characters? dselivanov/text2vec

I would like to know what all the abbreviations mean? Some I can guess, like "PUNCT", but no idea what "X" might be. I want to retain contractions, but hard to choose options without documentation....

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effective_sample_size() to POD types for RStan/PyStan usage stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: The current interface is ``` double effective_sample_size(const Eigen::Matrix<Eigen::VectorXd, Dynamic, 1>& samples) const; ``` which is suboptimal for interfaces because ...

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Processing of {min/mean/max}.controls arguments markmfredrickson/optmatch

`findSubproblems()` drops at least some empty or infeasible subproblems. When it's invoked in `fullmatch.matrix()`, in a situation where the user has provided a vector `min.controls` argument: ...

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Change how then names of timestamp files are generated. ropensci/drake

Base 64 encoding uses both uppercase and lowercase letters, and I did not realize until now that this behavior could cause collisions in case-insensitive file systems like Windows. The risk is low,...

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Explicitly set default hash to md5 everywhere ropensci/drake

Currently, drake just relies on the default `hash_algorithm` of `storr_rds()`, which could change in a future version. We should really set the hashing algorithm in one place and pass it to every c...

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Hover text for functions from Vectorize() ropensci/drake

Should be something like `"function(x){x}"` instead of the result below. ```r x <- plan(a = f(1)) f <- Vectorize(function(x){x}, "x") plot_graph(x) ``` ![hover](https://user-images.github...

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Require storr version 1.1.0 or later ropensci/drake

From @emittman: previous versions of [storr]( do not support the `hash_algorithm ` argument in `storr_rds()`.

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Consider adding edit_r_buildignore() r-lib/usethis

Similar to ```r usethis::edit_git_ignore() ```

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drake_plan() should look for duplicate targets ropensci/drake

We still need to double-check for duplicates during `make()`, keys in tibbles will help ( From

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Write vignette about training projects lockedata/starters

Cover the what and why of the methodology expected by createTrainingProject and suggest next steps for user

Created - 1 comment - enhancement first-timers-only up-for-grabs

Add overwrite arg to create_* and add_* function ThinkR-open/golem

Default to FALSE. Will allow to override the folder / file through command line without the yesno. Related to #100

Created - 1 comment - Difficulty: novice effort: low good first issue hacktoberfest

Organize directory structure dalewsteele/appyNOM

/data /R /figs .etc

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Potential issue with recognising cases in transformation. mailund/pmatch

There could be other `cases`, from other scopes, so really, we should carry the environment along the recursive calls and check. ---- *opened via []( from a code comment...

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make step and int_step consistent stan-dev/stan

#### Summary: `int_step(x)` and `step(x)` return different values for 0 and NaN. * [ ] Change the definition of `step(x)` so that it matches `int_step(x)` * [ ] update definitions in doc a...

Created - 2 comments - bug documentation good first issue

Change order in "Getting set up" in Before we start datacarpentry/R-ecology-lesson

As mentioned in #366, it might be better to download the script before creating the "data" folder.

Created - 2 comments - good first issue status:need-contributor type:clarification

sentence clarification in Manipulating Data Frames section datacarpentry/R-ecology-lesson

Contribution from Katherine for instructor training checkout --- I have found a grammatical error in the "Ecology Curriculum". The lesson is "Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Ecolog...

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explicitly add language tags to all markdown code blocks uptake/uptasticsearch

Currently, code blocks in `` use generic markdown (\`\`\`), which means we're missing out on some syntax highlighting! To close this issue, edit `` so that each code block indi...

Created - 2 comments - Hacktoberfest R docs good first issue python

"Error in py_get_attr_impl(x, name, silent) : OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C... r-spatial/rgee

* rgee version: 1.0.0 * R version: 3.6.3 * Operating System: Win10 #### At submit an issue, please attached the following information of your `rgee` session: - [X] You have the Python API i...

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add command to add CC-BY license lwjohnst86/prodigenr

Append to LICENSE? Or new file entirely?

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A few fixes to #52 ropensci/drake

Related to @dapperjapper's PR: #52. 1. Add `require("methods", quietly = TRUE)` to the beginning of `build_times()`. For `parallelism = "parLapply"` on Red Hat Linux, `build_times()` quits in er...

Created - 3 comments - bug easy fixed but waiting for my company's permission to disclose TOP PRIORITY

Make Workflow is circular error less stringent? ropensci/drake

It looks like I'm getting this error because I have a recursive function in my plan. I can see how this is problematic for drake, but I wonder if there is a simple solution? I would recommen...

Created - 3 comments - easy internals

Warn user if <- is used in drake_plan() ropensci/drake

I've seen this mistake multiple times today. Should be easy enough to detect.

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Provide zip and tar downloads for non-github presentations ramnathv/slidify

I think it would be useful to add a feature so that non-github presentations also have a link to download a zip or tar file. It should be relatively straightforward to implement using the `zip` and...

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