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Rack::Protection more examples in docs sinatra/sinatra

/cc sinatra/rack-protection#55

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Document sharing sessions sinatra/sinatra

Perhaps this is already covered somewhere, but worth looking into. Especially with regards to Rack::Protection and Sinatra sessions. /cc sinatra/rack-protection#107 and sinatra/rack-protection#83

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Frozen string literal should be a new object if String#freeze is redefined jruby/jruby

I added "foo".freeze support recently, but I did not put in a check if String#freeze has been overridden. That leads to a failure in this test from ruby/test_optimization.rb: ``` ruby def test_s...

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getHomeDirectoryPath fails when ENV is stubbed (RSpec) jruby/jruby

How to reproduce: ``` ruby class Foo; def self.[](name); ENV[name]; end; end Object.__send__(:remove_const, 'ENV') Object.const_set('ENV', Foo) File.expand_path('~/anything') # works as expected...

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JRUBY_5122 regression spec "write should not block" tests nothing jruby/jruby

The spec for "should not block for write" [JRUBY-5122 TCPSocket regression spec]( does not appear to tes...

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Backport recent File.expand_path and basename encoding fixes jruby/jruby

As requested by @enebo we should try to backport the fixes for #3877 and #3866 to 1.7. The #3866 fix is mostly isolated from joni transcoding, but the #3877 fix would require 1.7 to start using jo...

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Add static config options pakyow/pakyow

Configuring a Pakyow app to handle static assets is confusing. There are currently two `app` config options: `static` and `resources`. I'd like to move these into a `static` config and rename them ...

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Redirect back to versions tab after saving current revision codevise/pageflow

When clicking the "Save current version" button on the "Versions" tab of an entry admin page (`/admin/entries/n?tab=revisions`), the user is redirected to the top of the page with the "Members" tab...

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Redirect back to features tab on after saving feature settings codevise/pageflow

Just like in #621, hitting the "Save" button on [the features tab]( of either an entry or an acc...

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JSON.parse error on account admin page codevise/pageflow

When going to `/admin/account/n`, a [piece of JS code runs]( that was originally designed to ru...

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Fix #11084 Add 'chronos' to unix_users.txt rapid7/metasploit-framework

This commit adds the username 'chronos' to the user list as it happens to be the default username on ChromeOS, as highlighted by @h00die in Issue #11084.

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Set a better username when new users join ooyala/barkeep

Right now, we take the email as the username. If we can't get the name from openID, we should prompt the user for their name.

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Show "no more commits" when paging to the end of a list of commits ooyala/barkeep

Sometimes we allow you to show the next page in saved search, even when there are no more commits. This may be because we have a logic error detecting page boundaries, or because the state of the u...

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In emails, link to commits SHAs which are referenced in comments ooyala/barkeep

If you include a sha hash like 09dc27f233d20c0db0a342c426c6fa41528fe7fb in your comment, when viewed on the Barkeep website, it is helpfully converted to a link and abbreviated. We should do the sa...

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Documentation help needed. boazsegev/plezi

I'm rewriting Plezi, but rewriting the documentation is far from being my forte... for one, I'm not a native English speaker. If you want to write a tutorial or add documentation for the Ruby code...

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Process checkbox in md description ossboard-org/ossboard

### How to get this error Create task with checkbox (`- [ ]` or `- [x]`). ### Expected result Task body have checkbox

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Add CodeCov support to .travis.yml sendgrid/smtpapi-ruby

Issue Summary Add this to our configuration so that code coverage tests will run!

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Members page: Add "Propose a new member" button the same and opening a form as on the Voting & pr... oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

A sliding form on the members page to show/hide the propose a member form.

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Report version number accurately for new builds oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Say we release version 3.2.1, and then make a few commits of new development work. Someone running the latest commit still sees the version number reported in-app as '3.2.1', even though this is a ...

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Tasks should only display 'Dismiss' link when rendered on the Dashboard oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Generally speaking, dismissal only affects their display on the Dashboard (since important tasks always remain visible in the relevant section of the app until they're properly dealt with). Hitting...

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Don't raise error when an invitation URL is re-used oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Instead, we should fail gracefully by redirecting to the home page, with a message. Currently, it produces this error: A StateMachine::InvalidTransition occurred in invitations#update: Cannot t...

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Improve performance of 'new association' page oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

This is the public-facing 'landing' page for the app. When we get traffic spikes to the app, it'd be nice to be serving this from a mostly static cache, rather than re-rendering it all the time. (W...

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