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Lint: Multiple inherent impls rust-lang/rust-clippy

We may want to have a lint that checks for [multiple inherent impls]( Why those are not problematic from a language standpoint,...

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suggest struct constructor instead of mutable object + field mod rust-lang/rust-clippy

If you have a struct where all fields are public, then you should never do `let mut a = A::default(); a.x = 42;` but instead use a constructor with `.. A::default()` at the end: ``` rust #[derive(...

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lint: transmuting known null pointer to ref rust-lang/rust-clippy

`mem::transmute(std::ptr::null())` – this is undefined behavior.

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collapsible_if shouldn't apply if there is a comment before rust-lang/rust-clippy

In this example there is comment which applies to both branches in the `else` block. ``` if entry.end > entry.base { prev = entry_; // Go to the next entry } else { ...

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improve collapsible if in complex cases with same expressions rust-lang/rust-clippy

``` rust if a { if b { f(); } } else { f(); } ``` could be ``` rust if !a || b { f(); } ```

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float_cmp: ignore when comparing with constant? rust-lang/rust-clippy

Consider: ``` const ONE: f32 = 1.0; fn main() { let v = 0.9; let _ = v == ONE; } ``` These are probably cases where you want to check for the exact constant, because it is a common argume...

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Lint std::panic::catch_unwind rust-lang/rust-clippy

<!-- Hi there! Whether you've come to make a suggestion for a new lint, an improvement to an existing lint or to report a bug or a false positive in Clippy, you've come to the right place. If you ...

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Lint: Implicit Deref rust-lang/rust-clippy

Basically, an `#[allow]` by default lint that tells you when you are referencing a value implicitly (e.g. `String::new().chars()` is really `(*String::new()).chars()`. Rationale is that somebody o...

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Lint to warn about str::as_ptr() usage in ffi call rust-lang/rust-clippy

Hello. It would be nice to have a warning when using `str::as_ptr()` in a ffi call instead of using `CStr`. For instance, in the following code: ``` rust unsafe { printf("Hello".as_ptr() as *cons...

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Add topics to GitHub rust-lang/rust-clippy

See Looks like only the owner can do that @Manishearth smile We should have *Rust* and *linter* at least.

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Implement multisample render buffers glium/glium

Add a `new_multisample` for render buffers. There's no need to create new types.

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Implement default tessellation level glium/glium

When you submit patches but don't have a tessellation control shader. This should be done by adding a field in `DrawParameters`.

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Add test for multiple textures sampling glium/glium

Test if textures are binded correctly when there are multiple textures involved.

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Write tests for glium_macros glium/glium

Now that `glium_macros` isn't used in tests anymore, it needs to have its own tests to see if it works.

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Use for the examples glium/glium

Instead of reinventing the wheel, use which has support for glium.

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Default Sampler settings are undocumented glium/glium

Had to go digging around in the source to find out what the defaults are.

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Switch to `Into`, `From`, etc. traits glium/glium

This library has several traits named `IntoFoo`. They should be replaced by `Into<Foo>`.

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Implement polygon offset glium/glium

By adding an element in `DrawParameters`. Allows alteration of the depth value of the fragments.

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Add tests for compute shaders glium/glium

Also test if the work group is too high.

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Add correct support for GL_EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture glium/glium

The code in should be adapted.

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Add a bytecode loader gluon-lang/gluon

This would allow the vm crate to be included and used separately though limited to only loading pre-compiled bytecode. For starters it doesn't need any checking for bytecode validity but eventually...

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Add a public function to bind a texture to a specific bind point glium/glium

Makes it possible for users to bind textures if they know in advance that they will be used a lot.

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