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Chronos NaiveDate Serialisation / Deserialisation graphql-rust/juniper

I was trying to use `NaiveDate` as a scalar for a bookings application and was surprise to find out that I need to pass a string like `2018-01-01T16:39:57-08:00` for it to work. If I understand...

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Refactor object proc macro attributes to support parameter attributes graphql-rust/juniper

Function parameter attributes are getting stabilized with `1.39`. (see This means we can refactor the argument customizati...

Created - 2 comments - enhancement good-first-issue help wanted

Clean up Clippy warnings + remove try! graphql-rust/juniper

Right now, there are a lot of clippy warnings in the codebase. Most of them are sensible suggestions and should be fixed. Also, we should remove `try!` and replace it with `?` everywhere. ...

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Use -Z minimal version on CI graphql-rust/juniper

Use -Z minimal version when building on CI to make sure that everything works with the minimum version specified in cargo.toml. Will need to wait until the flag hits stable.

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