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Predefined Call Summaries radareorg/radeco-lib

Write/Generate call summaries for standard functions. Should include: - Arguments - Types of arguments - Registers modified - Registers preserved - Return type - Return register **Bonus...

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Simple Type System in IR radareorg/radeco-lib

Currently, we have the ability to mark nodes as either a scalar (not an address) or a reference (pointer/reference). We'd like to take this a step further and be able to assign primitive (C like) t...

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Add support for unimplemented esil instructions radareorg/esil-rs

Currently the following still need to be implemented: - [ ] `GOTO` - [ ] `TODO` - [ ] `LOOP` - [ ] `BREAK` - [ ] `$`

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Minidec should use latest improvements from radeco-lib radareorg/radeco-lib

Minidec currently uses the old deprecated containers. This should be ported to use the latest container systems. Additionally, we should also look into adding more command line options to select...

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Improvements to DOMTree radareorg/radeco-lib

Dominator tree construction was one of the first analysis implemented in radeco. This needs some love. As such, it is works but is inconsistent with the other analysis API in radeco. A refactor is ...

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Parsing text based radeco-ir into graph representation radareorg/radeco-lib

This would allow us to write IR to files and load them up at a later point in the analysis. It would be nice if we could do this with a parser generator in rust, such as [lalrpop](

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Make accessing bindings in `RadecoFunction` more ergonomic radareorg/radeco-lib

Currently, accessing `Bindings` in `RadecoFunction` is not elegant. We should improve support for this. This should also be extended to improve accessing of type and other node information related ...

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Never panic radareorg/radeco-lib

Error handling is currently not a strong point in radeco-lib. Sometimes we just need to accept that our analysis is imprecise and move forward to produce acceptable output rather than panicking. Ho...

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Reference strings in the output radareorg/radeco-lib

``` define-fun sym.main(unknown) -> unknown { bb_0x4004FC.0000(): %1: $Unknown64 = rsp - #x8 %2: $Unknown0 = Store(mem, %1, rbp) call 0x4003e0(r15=r15, r14=r14, r13=r13,...

Created - 7 comments - easy enhancement high-prio minidec

radeco-lib should use structures provided by arch-rs for better compatibility radareorg/radeco-lib

With `arch-rs` written to abstract away architecture-specific structures should be imported from it. They are (and not limited to): - [ ] Modify `` so that `SubRegisterFile` implements...

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