First Pull Request

Add a bytecode loader gluon-lang/gluon

This would allow the vm crate to be included and used separately though limited to only loading pre-compiled bytecode. For starters it doesn't need any checking for bytecode validity but eventually...

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement vm

Run BMP decoder through bmpsuite image-rs/image is a really thorough suite of edge cases, and it would be great to put this decoder through its paces. Adding it to the automated t...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement help wanted

Provide a link to Reddit and IRC in the docs. image-rs/image

We should provide a link to some source of helps such that the issue tracker doesn't get used as a help forum like for example in #494.

Created - 0 comments - easy

Incorrect comment image-rs/image

From /src/ppm/ `````` rust impl<'a, W: Write> PPMEncoder<'a, W> { /// Create a new PPMEncoder from the Writer ```w```. /// This function takes ownership of the Writer. pub fn...

Created - 0 comments - easy

Generate a C header file to match the C api gluon-lang/gluon

The C api won't be very useful without a C header with all the functions and types defined and while this could be created and maintained manually that forces some duplication. Instead we may want ...

Created - 0 comments - beginner enhancement

Remove the "gamma_" prefix from "gamma_srgb_to_linear" and "gamma_linear_to_srgb" in PistonDevelopers/graphics

Not something I know a lot about, but from reading up on the topic, it seems that the "gamma" prefix in these functions is redundant since it is implied by srgb. Since they are public functions ch...

Created - 0 comments - easy

Use ByNeed<T> when it arrives in libstd nickel-org/

`ResponseFinalizer` should be replaceable with `ByNeed<MiddlewareResult>`. There are probably additional places that could benefit too!

Created - 0 comments - E-easy

Ensure all modules that define traits are publically accessible nickel-org/

We can't just rely on re-exports in this case as the way rust has it's error message, it recommends `use foo::Bar` where the path is the initial definition, which may be private (not the public re-...

Created - 0 comments - E-easy P-low T-task

Update `output_color` and `output_stencil` when resizing PistonDevelopers/piston_window

Currenctly, does not update the original `PistonWindow`, leading to main target being recreated after window resize for...

Created - 0 comments - bug easy

Add patches and test features from piston v0.23 PistonDevelopers/glutin_window

- [ ] ~~resizable~~ (not supported on OSX (blocked by - [x] decorated - [ ] ~~controllers~~ (not supported)

Created - 0 comments - draft easy

Refactor best-effort samples in window creation PistonDevelopers/sdl2_window

See This could be made more readable by refactoring it to a function that creates the window.

Created - 0 comments - easy

Request depth buffer PistonDevelopers/sdl2_window

Created - 0 comments - easy

Implement `Dsp` and `Node` for `Vec<T>` where `T` impls `Dsp` and `Node` RustAudio/dsp-chain

The `audio_requested` method should simply call `audio_requested` from each element in the `Vec` and sum them all onto the output buffer.

Created - 0 comments - draft easy

`cargo add`: Integration tests killercup/cargo-edit

- [ ] Useful error messages - [ ] Manifest lookup - [ ] TOML Structure (cf. #15)

Created - 0 comments - cargo-add easy help wanted refinement

Add mipmap generation of texture PistonDevelopers/hematite

This will fix moire patterns you see on the distant blocks.

Created - 0 comments - easy

Implement FnOnce for Morphism freebroccolo/

Currently blocked on

Created - 0 comments - A-closures B-upstream E-easy I-enhancement P-low

Implement sendable Morphism variant using Thunk freebroccolo/

This would be similar to the old version that used `FnOnce` but would still work with recent changes to the language.

Created - 0 comments - A-closures E-easy I-wishlist P-low

Implement partial application using HList freebroccolo/

May need to wait until associated `Fn` return types are implemented but it's worth exploring.

Created - 0 comments - A-traits E-easy I-enhancement P-low

Escape more characters in `json::write_string` PistonDevelopers/meta

- "\n" - "\r" - "\t"

Created - 0 comments - easy

Add global function that converts from GLFW events to InputEvent PistonDevelopers/glfw_window

This will make it possible to initialize a window through the original API.

Created - 0 comments - draft easy

AtlasBuilder.load should not require PNG extension PistonDevelopers/gfx_voxel

This should be specified in the argument. I think it would be better to send a `Path` as argument.

Created - 0 comments - draft easy

AtlasBuilder should not keep internal path PistonDevelopers/gfx_voxel

Textures loaded into the atlas should specify the full path, therefore it does not need to keep a path.

Created - 0 comments - draft easy

Add example that creates a hue saturation image PistonDevelopers/select_color

To check that the translated code works.

Created - 0 comments - easy

Update dependency graph PistonDevelopers/cam

Currently blocked because cargo-dot needs a compatible version of Cargo. Remove "" and generate the graph directly with `cargo dot | dot -Tpng > Cargo.png`

Created - 0 comments - easy

Implement Free Reader freebroccolo/

See We need `Coyoneda` for this but otherwise it's easy: ``` Haskell data ReaderF r x = Ask (r -> x) | Ctx (r -> r) (Coyoneda (Reader r) x) der...

Created - 0 comments - B-upstream E-easy I-enhancement P-high

Integrate with shoggoth freebroccolo/

We should revisit the definitions here and incorporate the machinery from [epsilonz/]( (see [here](

Created - 0 comments - E-easy E-tedious I-enhancement P-high

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