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Show an example of shapeless records + TypedAPI twitter/scalding

Any takers want to make give us an example to get people to see that records can be as easy as the Fields API?

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add the fix to the HBase tap. twitter/scalding

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Add some default hadoop counters twitter/scalding

cascading adds a few default counters, but we could add some more. For instance hit-count of the map-side cache for commutative semigroups. Helps in tuning the cache size, but there might be others.

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Implement sketch inner join, where both sides are sketch twitter/scalding

If both sides of a join are skewed, or you want to do a self join, the Sketched cannot handle that. It would be nice to support these cases.

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The ExecutionTest with Kmeans is flakey twitter/scalding

The law written is only true with high probability, so it sometimes fails. Need to fix this to denoise the tests.

Created - 0 comments - beginner cleanup

auto-deploy github pages on merges to master twitter/algebird

It'd be fantastic if we didn't have to remember to deploy the docs and github pages. This script has the incantations that will make this possible with Travis:

Created - 0 comments - beginner documentation

Jackson backend does not support JsonBuffers propensive/rapture

The Jackson backend typeclass does not have implementations for the mutation operations, despite representing JSON in an inherently mutable data structure.

Created - 0 comments - #json easy feature

Add blog and code samples to homepage propensive/rapture

Include links to recent blog entries, and a selection of code samples to the home page, beneath the "About Rapture" section.

Created - 0 comments - docs easy website

Test serialization of Rapture HTML propensive/rapture

We have no tests which check that HTML output is correct.

Created - 0 comments - #html easy testing

Provide method for "shoehorning" the wrong element type inside another propensive/rapture

This was called `illegalNest` in an earlier version of Rapture HTML. I'm not sure why it got deleted.

Created - 0 comments - #html easy

Refactor MIME multipart reader to a separate module propensive/rapture

This doesn't really belong in the IO module.

Created - 0 comments - #io easy

P25 - Generate a random permutation of the elements of a list. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: Hint: Use the solution of problem [ P23 ]( . Example: ``` scala> randomPermute(List('a, 'b...

Created - 0 comments - easy

P33 - Determine whether two positive integer numbers are coprime. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: Two numbers are coprime if their greatest common divisor equals 1\. ``` scala> 35.isCoprimeTo(64) res0: Boolean = true ```

Created - 0 comments - easy

P38 - Compare the two methods of calculating Euler's totient function. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: Use the solutions of problems [ P34 ]( and [ P37 ]( to c...

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P39 - A list of prime numbers. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: Given a range of integers by its lower and upper limit, construct a list of all prime numbers in that range. ``` scala> listPrimesinRa...

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P47 - Truth tables for logical expressions (2). z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: Continue problem [ P46 ]( by redefining ` and ` , ` or ` , etc as operators. (i.e. make them metho...

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P61 - Count the leaves of a binary tree. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: A leaf is a node with no successors. Write a method ` leafCount ` to count them. ``` scala> Node('x', Node('x'), End).leafCount re...

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61A - Collect the leaves of a binary tree in a list. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: A leaf is a node with no successors. Write a method ` leafList ` to collect them in a list. ``` scala> Node('a', Node('b'), Node('c'...

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P62 - Collect the internal nodes of a binary tree in a list. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: An internal node of a binary tree has either one or two non-empty successors. Write a method ` internalList ` to collect them in a list. ``...

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P62B - Collect the nodes at a given level in a list. z3on/scala-99-problems

Problem link: A node of a binary tree is at level _ N _ if the path from the root to the node has length _ N _ -1. The root node is at level 1. Write a m...

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Update absa bintray AbsaOSS/enceladus

Moving to free bintray account as trial period is ending. This change requires an update to our repository URL.

Created - 0 comments - Enceladus enhancement good first issue

Don't ignore exceptions thrown during JPA rollback playframework/playframework

I noticed this bit of code [in the JPA implementation](

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue help wanted

Errors on sub-projects documentation playframework/playframework

When using assets in sub-projects there must be a specific configuration. But the Java code snippet for the Assets subclass provided at

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted topic:documentation

Add Java APIs for TestServer.runningHttpPort and TestServer.runningHttpsPort playframework/playframework

### Play Version 2.6.4 and above. ### API Java. ### Expected Behavior We need to have Java APIs for `TestServer.runningHttpPort` and `TestServer.runningHttpsPort`. Ideally, these API...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted topic:java-api

add getScheduler to ActorSystem akka/akka

There should have a `getScheduler` and `getDispatcher` method there. `getContext().getSystem().scheduler()` seems a little wired.

Created - 1 comment - 1 - triaged good first issue help wanted

Log a message when a node receives or loses leadership status akka/akka

Akka clusters are masterless during regular operation, but there is a 'leader' role which identifies a node that will perform some administrative tasks when the gossiped cluster membership informat...

Created - 1 comment - good first issue help wanted t:cluster

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