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Hail's Matrix Multiply Should Perform Better When Massively Reducing Size hail-is/hail

Consider a NxM matrix, X, where N << M. The product X ⨯ Xᵀ has size NxN. If the block size is chosen on the order of N, say, N/2, then the number of partitions in the product is four. The number of...

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Improve nCubeOfVolumeAtMost hail-is/hail

The function `nCubeOfVolumeAtMost` tries to sample from a distribution of vectors with constant product. Such vectors can be used as the dimensions of a square/cube with constant area/volume. We...

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Improve performance of BaldingNicholsModel hail-is/hail

The Balding Nichols Model currently does a bunch of allocation per-variant. We can avoid a lot of this by using a random seed per-partition, instead of per-variant. Moreover, we should modify the i...

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Vault Leader janstenpickle/scala-vault

Hi, We have Vault setup with Consul. Is there a way we can query the Vault leader from your scala-vault plugin? Thanks. Thanks, Govind

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Add a command to launch sbt shell in the builtin terminal laughedelic/atom-ide-scala

Since v0.11 Atom IDE UI has a terminal and it seems to be possible to open it with a given command: It would be ni...

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Case-to-Case inehritance generated twilio/guardrail

Hey, i came across this case of invalid scala code generated - basically if you have a definition which contains allOf with just one other definition, case class extension hierarchy is generated...

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