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Add a link to a well-documented Study Group produced Git Lesson mozillascience/study-group-orientation

I know that some Study Groups have done lessons on Git-- is there a well-documented beginner-friendly lesson we can link to here? Thanks!

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Add a screenshot of an active community member gallery to mozillascience/study-group-orientation

It would be great to have a visual on this page... Maybe from a group with lots of active members, for extra inspiration!

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Create a 30-sec video about what Open Research means to you and add it to mozillascience/study-group-orientation

We'd like to capture Study Group Leads and members of the Mozilla Science Lab community sharing their perspectives on open research. This video should be ~30 seconds long, and presenters should sp...

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Create a 3-min video on open publication for mozillascience/study-group-orientation

We need a video that provides at least a few specifics/practicalities that answer some of the following questions... - How can the current system be transformed so it’s more effective and open? - ...

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Add great examples of public communication of research to mozillascience/study-group-orientation

I'm looking for examples from researchers or institutions that are reaching out to engage and communicate research to the public in creative and audience-appropriate ways. These could be: - blogs ...

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Add a short ~30 second video of a challenge or repsonse to "open" mozillascience/study-group-orientation

Challenges include: *If I share my data or my process, I’ll get scooped! Someone will steal my data and all my work will be for NOTHING!!! (joey) *What do I know about these open access journals?...

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Test out the new Lesson Template on some of your group's lessons! mozillascience/study-group-orientation

Try out the [new lesson template](! Use it to format some of your lessons, and add them to the lesson repo. Share links...

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Properly direct error/warn messages to stderr frmendes/geometry

Geometry currently outputs warning and error messages to `stdout`, when the most appropriate behaviour would be to use `stderr`. Here is some docs about `stdout` and `stderr`: https://www.jstor...

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Automatically determine newest LuaRocks release aperezdc/rockz

Allow setting `ROCKZ_LUAROCKS_VERSION=latest`, and auto-detect which LuaRocks version is the newest available from the [releases page]( Note that ...

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`Access-Control-Allow-Origin` pointing to an origin should include `Vary: Origin` h5bp/server-configs-apache

When `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` points to a URL rather than `*`, then `Vary: Origin` should be sent along with the response. Sources: -

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Add MIME types for WebPackage h5bp/server-configs-apache

[Web Packaging]( "comes in several layers": - Bundled HTTP Exchanges (Web Bundles): `...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue mime-type

Add MIME types for AVIF images h5bp/server-configs-apache ``` .avif image/avif .avifs image/avif-sequence ``` This is being prototyped in Chrome:

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be able to run jetify in a glob of files mikehardy/jetifier

`jetifxy android/**` this could help react-native bridge package maintainers to easily transform their libraries

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Could not update RVM (rvm get master) rvm/rvm

<!-- IMPORTANT: Before filling a new issue please verify if your problem still exists with latest RVM. We constantly apply fixes but only release new stable versions once a month. rvm ...

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Gather info on expired passwords and locked accounts CISOfy/lynis

It would be nice if lynis would gather (and report in the portal/reports) information about user-accounts: - Expired or soon to expire passwords (passwd -e) - Locked accounts (passwd -S ) - Ex...

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binaries of arm64v8/alpine:edge seems to be the wrong format. gliderlabs/docker-alpine

With the last change of the rootfs 19 days ago in commit ce346ca, created by the build-bot i cannot use anymore the image. To reproduce it on a raspberry pi arm64v8 (archlinux 64-bit-arm-versio...

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Wrong results with OpenNTPD CISOfy/lynis

I'm using OpenNTPD instead of the default ntp on my FreeBSD server - when lynis analyses the ntp settings it tries to query information with `ntpq` which is (to my knowledge) is not possible with O...

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Makefile completion should detect --file argument fish-shell/fish-shell

Right now the [Makefile completion]( doesn't give any indication of the `--file` option to [`__fish_print_make_targe...

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Support specifying multiple packages in checksum/build/aportgen commands postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

So you could do: `pmbootstrap checksum aports/device-*` for example. Relevant files: `pmb/parse/` `pmb/helpers/`

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Improve message: "installed version ... is newer, than the version in the repositories" postmarketOS/pmbootstrap

- [x] Create a wiki page, that explains why this happened and what to do about it: [done](

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Add a reinstall command asdf-vm/asdf

Sometimes, especially during development and troubleshooting, it would be nice to be able to reinstall a version in a similar manner to Homebrew. In its primitive form, it could be just `uninstall`...

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Write recipe for nesalizer haikuports/haikuports

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get members list for ssh keys treehouses/builder refers to public visible members of ole-vi but should do the same on public visible members of organization of open-learni...

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Support all RISC-V assembler pseudoinstructions lowRISC/riscv-llvm

It would be good to provide a command-line option for enabling/disabling the use of these pseudoinstructions when printing RISC-V instructions.

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Embrace+Evolve grassroots norms for Sm|Md|Lg local_vars.yml + Content Pack Suites iiab/iiab

These are a great start for [IIAB 6.4]( providing very real choices among IIAB server apps, immediately as installation begins:

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Symlink "locked" icon pop-os/icon-theme

We use a `locked` icon in the installer overlaid on a drive for drive encryption. There may be a better namespace—though nothing was obvious from the icon naming spec. We could use something like `...

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Add a CONTRIBUTING doc rak8s/rak8s

I'm thinking that as the project grows and folks want to help out, adding a contributing doc would be useful. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these, but here's an example of what my company is using...

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[llvm] Reuse ninja as instead of make -j$(nproc) habitat-sh/core-plans

This is a follow up issue for [this conversation]( @bdangit @miketheman

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