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Add a reinstall command asdf-vm/asdf

Sometimes, especially during development and troubleshooting, it would be nice to be able to reinstall a version in a similar manner to Homebrew. In its primitive form, it could be just `uninstall`...

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Add a CONTRIBUTING doc rak8s/rak8s

I'm thinking that as the project grows and folks want to help out, adding a contributing doc would be useful. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these, but here's an example of what my company is using...

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Test and update documentation around comma-separated list for taxa NCBI-Hackathons/STREAMclean

The released version of the genome downloader should support comma-separated lists. "This is supported in the 0.2.6 release that I just pushed to github and pypi." (Response to Issue 55 on their ...

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Support a simple web interface pelias/docker

It would be really handy for users of Pelias to be able to experiment with geocoding on a map when using the docker setup. Being able to actually use an autocomplete interface is especially nice. ...

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show message when changelog command invoked with not existing tag usernam3/meta_commit

When ```meta_commit changelog``` is called and passed tag does not exist it shows error : ``` meta_commit/lib/meta_commit/changelog/commands/commit_diff_examiner.rb:21:in `meta': undefined meth...

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Health routes theorganist24/my_first_web_app

Need to build in some sort of health route. Would like to be able to curl /health, and it return "APPNAME ok".

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Please unify all configuration variables under common namespace MikeDacre/tmux-zsh-vim-titles

For example `tzvt_`. Something like `tzvt_path_width` and `tzvt_zsh_title_fmt`. Same goes with vim and tmux vars too.

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Documet supported platform in Readme zachcurry/emacs-anywhere

Screenshots and .dmg suggests it's OS X only?

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Refactor PRSectionTransformer and PREPubMenuJustHeaderTransformer pillar-markup/pillar

- `PRSectionTransformer` should be a direct subclass of `PRNodeTransformer` - it's implementation should rely on standard `visit` methods, not on imperative-style `manageItem:` - look at `Pilla...

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License violation wroadd/hassio-addons

# Problem/Motivation I came here to notify you of a possible license violation. You've forked my repository, which is perfectly fine. Nevertheless, the code in that repository is licensed under...

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Integrate ElectrumX Server - how to I make a pull request btcpayserver/btcpayserver-docker

I made a custom fragment to integrate ElectrumX server to use my BTCPay full bitcoin node. Thats cool, and works well. Below is the content of my custom fragment. I wanted to make a git pull r...

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should have secure password distribution Midburn/midburn-k8s

I suggest to use

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Add a `POSTGRES_HOST` variable to backend deployment OperationCode/operationcode_infra

This can be created preemptively until the backend actually supports it. The operationcode_backend has its Postgres host hardcoded per environment, which makes it very difficult to create N numb...

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Apt Mirrors Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV

Sometimes when provisioning, `apt` fails to retrieve packages due to network issues. This seems to have happened in #1991 but if there had been a backup to fall back to this might have been avoided...

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Remove unsupported-versions from php-build/php-build

The idea is removing unstable definitions from (because of the name of that variable, `STABLE_DEFINITIONS`), but keep the builds o...

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I tried to deploy the v2hero to heroku onplus/v2hero

1. generate an uuid by as my id 1. alterId is default, `64` 1. no set server port, but I used `80` 1. I use v2rayW as client and config as above 1. Use travis-ci to build ...

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Bootstrap NAV kubeconfig navikt/utvikler-ansible

Klone NAV kubeconfig repo ~~Add KUBECONFIG env with point to kubeconfigrepo/config~~ Symlinke config til ~/.kube/config edit: endret basert på tilbakemelding

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