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Unable to extend Layout class CosmicMind/Material

I am trying to add methods to allow safe area anchors but parent, child and some other methods are inaccessible ![cbmaterialextentions_swift_ _edited](

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How to prevent FABMenu from closing unless a button is clicked? CosmicMind/Material

I couldn't find a way to keep the FABMenu open, everytime I tap on anywhere on the screen it just closes.

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Add picker data source for Month/Year input fields. ResearchKit/SageResearch

Implement a picker data source that is appropriate to displaying Month/Year selection and converting that selection to a Date answer value. I recommend implementing a picker that implements the ...

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Can we make the error detail for textfields dynamic ? CosmicMind/Material

When the user is typing email : If the email is not in Regex format then it should the error ("invalid") automatically and when the email is again edited in Regex format then the error must be re...

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a issue about the Button click pulse animation! CosmicMind/Material

There is a problem about button pulse animation and button click event! the button click sequence in Android 1.button clicked; 2. ripple wave(pulse animation) shows 3.when animation finish,click ...

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How can i put icons on the textfield like this CosmicMind/Material

![screen shot 2016-08-24 at 3 42 12 pm](

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layoutSubviews for TabBar NOT being called before viewDidLayoutSubviews CosmicMind/Material

I have a `TabBar` as a bottom bar of `ImageCard` which is being prepared on `viewDidLoad` but as all the widths of elements are 0 i started hooking up all the methods: `viewWillAppear` `viewWillL...

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Navigation Left & Right Views position CosmicMind/Material

Why they have great amount of space? Image attached below. ![screen shot 2017-12-11 at 2 48 38 pm](

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shouldHideNavigationOnTap not working FolioReader/FolioReaderKit

There was a previous bug that was flagged as fixed but is still present in 1.2.0 if you set shouldHideNavigationOnTap to true.. the navigation never shows up. if you set it to false the navigati...

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Pod Compilation issue on Xcode 9 , Swift 4.0 CosmicMind/Material

Today I update my Xcode to latest Xcode and my project won't compile anymore. If I use ```swift pod "Material" , "2.9.1" ``` I get following compilations issues. <img width="986" ...

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Material on XCode 10, Swift 4.2 CosmicMind/Material

Hi, There are 289 warnings when I try to build my current Material on XCode 10, with Swift 4.2 on. I check for new Material (by `pod outdated`) but no new version yet? When would you relea...

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NavigationDrawerController and menu button CosmicMind/Material

if press on menu button on navigation bar and move finger to left, the left view controller will close, but the content view stay on screen, and block the user interactions. ![nov-20-2017 15-54...

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