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Use node-gyp specified in configs when available pnpm/pnpm

Currently pnpm always uses the node-gyp which is shipped with it. However, npm uses a custom node-gyp when it is specified in the configs (see:

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Improve documentation and tests sindresorhus/type-fest

My goal is to have *the* best documentation for each provided type. If something is unclear in any of the types, please comment or open a PR to improve it. Some things you could contribute: ...

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Have nicer responses for some tags M195/m

Some tags currently use responses like 'thanks for visiting', which doesn't really make much sense.

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Speichern-und-Später-weiter bahrmichael/interactive-questionnaire

> Ich denke auch, dass wir eine “Speichern und später weiter Bearbeiten” Funktion gut gebrauchen könnten. Ich finde hier ein kontinuierliches Speichern sinnvoller. Genauso wie beim Fragebogen is...

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Make iterable interfaces by extending instead of method defining microsoft/TypeScript

`[Symbol.iterator](): IterableIterator<T>;` is verbose. It is not modern es style. Should use `extends Iterable<T>` instead. **TypeScript Version:** master **Expected behavior:** ```ts i...

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Element.prototype.getAttributeNode has a non-nullable output type microsoft/TypeScript

**TypeScript Version:** 2.7.0-dev.20171229 **Expected behavior:** Element.prototype.getAttributeNode should have the following output type: **Attr | null** **Actual behavior:** Element.p...

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Need better error message about incompatible constructor signature microsoft/TypeScript

<!-- BUGS: Please use this template. --> <!-- QUESTIONS: This is not a general support forum! Ask Qs at --> <!-- SUGGESTIONS: See https://gith...

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Invalid fix for properties with `-` microsoft/TypeScript

input: ```ts type A = { "foo-bar": number }; var a: A; a.foobar; // Trigger quick fix for spelling suggestion ``` Expected: ```ts type A = { "foo-bar": number }; var a: A; a["foo-bar"...

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No completions on meta-properties microsoft/TypeScript

```ts class C { constructor() { new./**/ } } ``` **Expected**: Completion for the `target` keyword at the `/**/` marker. **Actual**: No completions.

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Addon-docs: props with default values appear before props without default values in the props table storybookjs/storybook

**Describe the bug** If a prop have a default value, it will be displayed in the props tables before a prop without a default value. **Expected behavior** All props should appear in the same o...

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Angular - Passing CLI Parameters with storybook storybookjs/storybook

When building and running storybook I would like to be able to pass parameters for angular.json. For instance injecting configurations in Angular is done with "ng serve -c my-config" or "ng build -...

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Remove example code from JSDoc angular/components

#### Documentation Feedback API docs with usage example code don't get formatted. We should avoid putting code snippets in these API docs. Our Overview (sourced from `.md` file) and Examples ...

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Provide CLI examples palantir/tslint

The only documentation that features an example states: [`tslint -c tslint.json 'src/**/*.ts'`]( That's very lightweight. Personally I do `tslint --config tsl...

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defaultExpandAllRows missing in typescript TableProps<T> ant-design/ant-design

### Version 3.0.0 ### Environment windows 10 ### Reproduction link [http:///](http:/// ### Steps to reproduce ``` return <Table columns={this...

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TreeSelect: Clicks "X" to remove selected item in the input box of filter, the returned informati... ant-design/ant-design

### Version 2.13.8 ### Environment Windows 10, Google Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) ### Reproduction link [](https://codesandbox....

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Calendar component's mode props can't control ant-design/ant-design

### Version 3.1.4 ### Environment all ### Reproduction link []( ### Steps to reproduce I hope Calendar's view mod...

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Switch - typo in stylesheet ant-design/ant-design

### Version 3.2.0 ### Environment Firefox 58 ### Reproduction link [

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make the sider zero-width trigger color not hardcoded to white. ant-design/ant-design

- [x] I have searched the [issues]( of this repository and believe that this is not a duplicate. ### What problem does this feature solve? Curren...

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Clean up old docs site apollographql/apollo-client

Current AC 2.0 docs are at and AC 1.0 at Neither of these sites clearly states which version they are for (though they do each ...

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Memory Leak due to readFragment apollographql/apollo-client

**Intended outcome:** When using `readFragment` against data that is already in the cache, node's memory usage should remain stable. **Actual outcome:** Our node server's memory usage spiked o...

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[no-invalid-this] allow `this` when it's explicitly declared in function arguments typescript-eslint/typescript-eslint

<!-- If you have a problem with a specific rule, please begin your issue title with [rulename] to make it easier to search for. I.e. "[no-unused-vars] False positive when fooing the bar" Pleas...

Created - 1 comment - enhancement: new base rule extension good first issue package: eslint-plugin

Re-Export out GraphQLOptions in apollo-server-express apollographql/apollo-server

<!--**Issue Labels** While not necessary, you can help organize our issues by labeling this issue when you open it. To add a label automatically, simply [x] mark the appropriate box below: -...

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How to add floating bubbles that are still visible outside of the app NativeScript/NativeScript

I'm trying to figure out how to add a floating bubble that will be visible outside the app (after the app is minimized) like so: ![screenshot]( Is this possib...

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Include and maintain Code Editors IDE plugins repositories NativeScript/NativeScript

This issue does not refer to any version of NativeScript or platform, it's a suggestion for to maintain also a repository of plugins for VSCode as you maintain a repository for TNS plugins from Git...

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"TypeError: Path must be a string. Received true" vuejs/rollup-plugin-vue

I'm just getting started with Rollup. When trying to import a .vue file, the plugin throws the following error: ``` [!] (vue plugin) TypeError: Path must be a string. Received true src\js\ui\A...

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When credentials on HttpLink is set to true and no basic auth provided it fails in Safari apollographql/react-apollo

**Intended outcome:** Same in all browsers: fail or work. In Chrome it just works. **Actual outcome:** When following setup is used in Safari it breaks with "Unhandled error". <img width...

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Review CLI help menu webhintio/hint

There are a few things that are outdated in the CLI help menu (`sonarwhal -h`). We should make sure the information is up to date: ![image](

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Move "how to use this rule" after the "further reading" section webhintio/hint

The how to use this rule is mostly a copy paste in all rules and while it provides useful information, it's not as important as to why the user should care (especially if they are using the online ...

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