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希望提供设置使标签页页头能自动充满一行的空间 ElemeFE/element

现效果: ![image]( 目标效果: ![image](

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Migrate from moment.js to `date-fns` praveenpuglia/vuetify-daterange-picker

Reason: moment.js produces larger bundle size and since we are not using all of moment.js it makes sense to import what we use only instead of full moment.js but moment.js has a performance overhea...

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Add contribution guide mazipan/vue2-simplert-plugin

I need contribution guide in this repo. You can see the sample contribution guide from this pull request Thanks for your help 🎉🎉🎉

Created - 1 comment - good first issue hacktoberfest help wanted

Hide code for apostrophes SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

<img width="360" alt="screen_shot_2017-11-09_at_5 34 37_pm_720" src="">

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Add Server side Rendering so we can support twitter cards / Facebook cross posting SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

The goal is to have Tweets include the image when we include a softwaredaily link. All that is needed is to have the server send out the corresponding meta tags associated with each post / page....

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Add support for virtual products DivanteLtd/vue-storefront

I mean very simple support: if you've got only virtual products in the cart, no shipping address should be required for the checkout. Is meant for orders of digital media/gift cards etc

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Adding Hotjar trackign code DivanteLtd/vue-storefront

For user experience improvement we want to perform analysis of click/scroll tracking with Hotjar. Could someone help me with adding tracking code? ``` <!-- Hotjar Tracking Code for www.demo....

Created - 1 comment - enhancement / improvement good first issue ux

When posting jobs don't show an alert on success SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

Maybe a little green banner above the jobs page or maybe show the job just posted.

Created - 1 comment - enhancement good first issue

Forum: Users without a Name should be encouraged to fill one in (but not annoyed) SoftwareEngineeringDaily/sedaily-front-end

Something maybe at the top of the forum compose form or when viewing a thread? Maybe just site wide? Maybe after you make a comment / post you are redirected to add a name if you like? Otherwis...

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Improvements of the input labels in forms DivanteLtd/vue-storefront

If input is in focus or have value in it upper label should be visible <img width="618" alt="screen shot 2018-03-30 at 12 39 53" src="

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue

Bug on account menu on Firefox DivanteLtd/vue-storefront

In Firefox the account menu closes before succeeding selecting any of the links into the dropdown <img width="254" alt="firefox-issue" src="

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue

agregar boton para ir al chat de gitter medellinjs coljs/medellinjs

Created - 1 comment - good first issue

texto en caja de eventos coljs/medellinjs

Agregar texto `click para confirmar asistencia` en el cuadro del siguiente meetup programado.

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Game logs SibylLab/Program-Wars

**Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.** When testing, it can sometimes be hard to tell if a bu has occurred. For example, I was playing a game and it seemed like the AI ...

Created - 1 comment - UI enhancement good first issue project improvement

Criar falko-org/Falko

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

Colocar animação de carregar nas páginas do project e do backlog falko-org/Falko

## Comportamento esperado Ao carregar o dashboard ou o backlog o sistema deve mostrar a animação. ## *Comportamento atual Fica em branco como se a página já tivesse sido carregada. ## *...

Created - 1 comment - easy enhancement

Bad flexbox sizing when there aren't many rows showing richardtallent/vue-scrolling-table

If the tbody contents don't fill the available space, the positioning tbody and tfoot are not correct. Thought I had this solved, but apparently was a side effect of using hot-reloading.

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue

<community page> Team graph MPH-Bali/green-village-project

Maybe change colour of "working hours" to green? Red is always a negative colour ![image](

Created - 1 comment - good first issue

<community page> Newsletter Signup MPH-Bali/green-village-project

• Wrong icon • not matching the design + text + button

Created - 1 comment - good first issue question

<community page> Footer MPH-Bali/green-village-project

• Footer design not matching • Footer links missing Status: ![image]( Should look like...

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Automatically open the browser window when starting the app from the console MPH-Bali/green-village-project

the browser window should open when a contributing developer runs `yarn start` or `yarn run dev`

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introduce deployment script to package.json MPH-Bali/green-village-project

currently have to run the following commands to deploy - `cd public` - `yarn` - `yarn build` - `cd ..` - `firebase deploy --only hosting` (regular `firebase deploy` currently doesn't work due ...

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Item Listing View: Check-All icon alignment directus/app

Seems too far to the right; should align with checkboxes below ![screen shot 2018-04-03 at 8 30 56 pm](

Created - 1 comment - bug good first issue

Add open-licensed font—CC Accidenz Commons creativecommons/vue-vocabulary

Please add the open-licensed font that was commissioned specifically for CC to Vocabulary. It is available via download from WP here:

Created - 1 comment - aspect: design discussion: rfc duration: quickie good first issue improvement: feature priority: moderate

首次 Loading 頁面 MonospaceTW/goodfood

![首頁.jpg]( 顯示 Icon 與文字 * [x] - 顯示畫面 * [x] - 1秒跳轉google

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