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never delete trailing whitespace when editing markdown files sagemathinc/cocalc

Even if the user has checked "Strip trailing whitespace: remove whenever file is saved", still don't do it on .md files, since they are special, in that trailing whitespace has special meaning. ...

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Re-enable Git editor sagemathinc/cocalc

@haraldschilly wrote "do you see here at the bottom of the chat code the part, which is about register_file_editor ? that’s what’s missing for the sage-git files. I don’t know if the class for the ...

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when commercial is no, don't include the links to historical and other usage stats, which make no... sagemathinc/cocalc

Right now this is basically the "More data..." link on help and landing pages: <img width="388" alt="screen shot 2017-01-16 at 12 07 17 pm" src="

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create a not-yet-supported editor for some common file types, to avoid corruption sagemathinc/cocalc

1. upload your super valuable xlsx excel spreadsheet to smc 2. click on it 3. It's now corrupted! Fix: make a really simple editor that says "this file type not supported" and register it for...

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get rid of the separate first name and last name boxes in account settings sagemathinc/cocalc

Instead have a single "name" box, and use the same heuristic to split into first and last as we use in the sign up page. Important since wrong names are confusing to teachers... Also, go thro...

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chat: preview button should be stateful sagemathinc/cocalc

when clicking preview, the box opens up but the only way to close it is to click the "X". clicking "preview" again should toggle-close it. also, the button should indicate the active/disabled state.

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support all mathjax environments sagemathinc/cocalc

support [mathjax environments]( in `smc-util/`

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Warn user if loadout is unindexable osmium-org/osmium

And prevent the loadout from being saved.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

update_lscores might do more harm than good osmium-org/osmium

Can't we just run the UPDATE after the vote is cast?

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Remove destroy method from user admin component sozialhelden/wheelmap

The following method can be removed from `app/admin/users.rb` because it doesn't provide any value and user deletion works without it: ``` ruby def destroy poop = resource poop.des...

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Members page: Add "Propose a new member" button the same and opening a form as on the Voting & pr... oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

A sliding form on the members page to show/hide the propose a member form.

Created - 0 comments - associations starter ux

Report version number accurately for new builds oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Say we release version 3.2.1, and then make a few commits of new development work. Someone running the latest commit still sees the version number reported in-app as '3.2.1', even though this is a ...

Created - 0 comments - feature starter

Tasks should only display 'Dismiss' link when rendered on the Dashboard oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Generally speaking, dismissal only affects their display on the Dashboard (since important tasks always remain visible in the relevant section of the app until they're properly dealt with). Hitting...

Created - 0 comments - bug coops starter

Don't raise error when an invitation URL is re-used oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Instead, we should fail gracefully by redirecting to the home page, with a message. Currently, it produces this error: A StateMachine::InvalidTransition occurred in invitations#update: Cannot t...

Created - 0 comments - bug coops starter

Improve performance of 'new association' page oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

This is the public-facing 'landing' page for the app. When we get traffic spikes to the app, it'd be nice to be serving this from a mostly static cache, rather than re-rendering it all the time. (W...

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Coop new resolution form: purpose of text fields is unclear oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

When proposing to, for example, change the registered office address: ![Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 19 04 50]( ...

Created - 0 comments - coops starter ux

'New AGM' form should display hints about timing of AGM oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

There are certain rules about when the AGM should be scheduled. The 'new AGM' form should help the secretary get this right.

Created - 0 comments - coops feature starter ux

Coop: Better messaging when an incomplete set of minutes is saved oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Since the minutes are not yet complete, the app talks about the minutes as if they were entirely absent (e.g. "Enter minutes for this meeting" instead of something like "Finish entering minutes for...

Created - 0 comments - coops starter ux

Coop: List of General Meetings also displays Board Meetings oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

On /meetings, only GeneralMeetings (and subclasses of GeneralMeetings) should be listed.

Created - 0 comments - bug coops starter

Tasks should be deleted when their subject or member is deleted oneclickorgs/one-click-orgs

Outright deletions are rare in OCO, but when they do happen associated records should be cleaned up properly. Orphaned tasks can easily result in exceptions when viewing e.g. the Dashboard.

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