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#runInstall expose command if failed yeoman/generator

If the #runInstall spawn fails (or skipInstall is set) it should log what the command would have run so the user can run it on their own. This would include things like `--save-dev`

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Tests for GeoJSON functions required Leaflet/Leaflet

None of following [GeoJSON functions]( are covered with tests yet: - [ ] `geometryToLayer` - [ ] `coordsToLatLng` - [ ] `coords...

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Fix huntbugs warnings pgjdbc/pgjdbc

Here's the way to get huntbugs report: ``` cd pgjdbc mvn one.util:huntbugs-maven-plugin:0.0.9:huntbugs ``` The report is generated into `target/huntbugs/report.html` All the warnings (88 in total...

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Implement a connection property to add SQL text and bind values to PSQLException pgjdbc/pgjdbc

Currently pgjdbc does not put SQL text to the error messages. That makes debugging harder. It would be nice if pgjdbc could just add SQL text. Note: SQL text and bind variables might impose ...

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OutOfMemoryException can happen when trace logging is activated and logged message is huge pgjdbc/pgjdbc

Large number of binds might cause OOM while logging. Of course it might lead to OOM even without logging, however it makes sense to add a property to set the maximum length of a log message. see...

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Remove env#help() method yeoman/environment

This help method is command line specific and should be removed from this module. To do so, we'll need to reimplement this method inside [yo](

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Promisify yeoman/environment

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queue time and time since job started on RQ integration getsentry/sentry-python

(moved from #128) as per discussion on rq/rq#1003, the following would be very useful (and I think aren't implemented at present): * time since the job started * job queue time You should b...

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`#[juniper::object]` interfaces attribute not documented graphql-rust/juniper

Hi, this afternoon I've been porting some graphql types to using the attribute macro syntax. I was stuck trying to get my interfaces working correctly. I think I've figured it out, with `inte...

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Support legacy arg layout for fs.write() in node.js filerjs/filer

The node.js implementation of `write()` supports two arg layouts, and we only support one of them (see ``` javascript // usage: // f...

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read/write off spec from node implementations filerjs/filer

`offset` and `length` are assumed to be `0` if they aren't set in node, but in Filer we assume 0 and the length of the buffer.

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Explore and Filer filerjs/filer seems like something fun to use with Filer. No concrete ideas, but something I wanted to file for future.

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invert mapping b/w binop operators and the operator module numba/numba

Currently, operator functions in the `operator` module is mapped to the numba internal impl. This makes it difficult to overload operators using `numba.extending.overload`. It is probably better ...

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Add more tests for name type checks in setxattr, getxattr, fsetxattr, etc filerjs/filer

We have a bunch of error paths not getting hit in our tests for `fs.setxattr` and `fs.fsetxattr` related to checking on the type of the `name` argument:

Created - 0 comments - good first bug test-coverage

review and improve error handling/reporting and responses bepasty/bepasty-server

Improve that stuff for nearly all possible errors that bepasty can handle.

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Noop implementation apigee/henchman

Created - 0 comments - easy

user module to manage users. apigee/henchman

Be able to specify groups, homedir..etc

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Create an exists module apigee/henchman

Basically does a "test -e <file>"

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Plotrb camelcases some data fields for no apparent reason SciRuby/plotrb

I have the field `:common_name` in one of my data sets, and it gets turned into this: ``` { "name": "minerals", "values": [ { "commonName": "almandine", ...

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Create Duchoadongland/0xbitcoin

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Better document the motivation of the project bernardosulzbach/ahmes

Write about why I needed to implement it in Python (write about testability and practicality). An obligatory GUI is a bizarre idea for a simulator.

Created - 0 comments - documentation easy enhancement

Implement all Ahmes instructions in Python bernardosulzbach/ahmes

A good amount of the work has already been done, but it is not complete yet.

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Jumps should always use two memory accesses bernardosulzbach/ahmes

For the computer to behave as expected by the original simulator, a jump should always trigger a reading of the jump address from the memory. This should be ensured by tests and properly documented.

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Filter tag throw error if starting with condition mozilla/nunjucks

This test is failing: ``` js equal('{% filter title %}{% if a %}a{% else %}b{% endif %}{% endfilter %}', 'b'); ``` with: ``` Template render error: (unknown path) TypeError: Cannot call meth...

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Hide private subgenerator namespaces yeoman/yo

With composability becoming more common, we end up with some very specific subgenerators that may clutter the `yo gen --help` interface. We should probably offer a way to hide some "private" subgen...

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Deprecated devdeps & dependencies angular-fullstack/generator-angular-fullstack

- [x] I understand that GitHub issues are not for tech support, but for questions specific to this generator, bug reports, and feature requests. Item | Version ----- | ----- generator-angular...

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Values for NavigationParams are defined as strings (is it on purpose?) react-community/react-navigation

TypeDefinition.js defines `NavigationParams` as a map where each value (parameter) must be a string. `export type NavigationParams = { [key: string]: string, };` Yet, in the same file the...

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Avoid using IDB_RW for read-only operations filerjs/filer

In cases where we aren't changing data or metadata, we can use IDB_RO instead of IDB_RW to allow better concurrency.

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binaries of arm64v8/alpine:edge seems to be the wrong format. gliderlabs/docker-alpine

With the last change of the rootfs 19 days ago in commit ce346ca, created by the build-bot i cannot use anymore the image. To reproduce it on a raspberry pi arm64v8 (archlinux 64-bit-arm-versio...

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