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Disable fullScreen and option to change it to fullWindow clappr/clappr

I'm not able to disable fullScreen button. The only way to disable it is via delete from template. Is there an option to deactivate fullScreen and may be an option to alter it with fullWindow. Most...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Add default error screen clappr/clappr

When a playback error occurs, like the one reported in #1105

Created - 0 comments - easy feature plugin

add a comment system for docs cobrateam/splinter

Created - 0 comments - Docs easy

Please change 'current release' button cobrateam/splinter

This might be common knowledge to a lot of programmers, but I was having a difficult time trying to download splinter, because I didn't even think I could click the 'current release' button on the ...

Created - 0 comments - Docs easy

cmd/tsuru: add --bind <appname> in service-add command tsuru/tsuru

This way, we can create and bind a service into an app with just one command. What do you guys think?

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

cmd/tsurud: write man page tsuru/tsuru

Created - 0 comments - docs easy

cmd: allow customization of ~/.tsuru via environment variable tsuru/tsuru

I'd like to propose introducing a new environment variable that affects how the command line framework works: `TSURU_HOME`. It would allow the user to customize where to store token, targets and pl...

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app-start: handle container already running tsuru/tsuru

tsuru should handle the error on start a started app and raises a more readable error ``` $ tsuru app-start -a staticzito ---> Starting the app "staticzito" $ tsuru app-start -a staticzito ---...

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Fix the terrible functions examples adamchainz/django-mysql

The functions examples in the docs are all terribly non-specific and just use annotate. Django's manual has much clearer examples which also have some kind of rationalization behind them. Let's do ...

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Check for inflamatory language amperser/proselint

Created - 0 comments - easy rule

Thing i haven't seen in any of the books but that is a weakening or condescending phrase amperser/proselint

"And we must remember", "And remember",… probably can find a source for this somewhere but it made me roll my eyes when i read it, which suggests it's a problem.

Created - 0 comments - easy rule

Beef up rule on comparing uncomparables amperser/proselint

``` source: DFW's dictionary notes in The Telegraph source_url: ``` > Unique > This is one of a class of adjectives, sometimes called “uncomparables”, that can be a littl...

Created - 0 comments - easy rule

Add docstrings to the database functions adamchainz/django-mysql

Django's DB functions have docstrings, we should have them too.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement help wanted

support HTTPs tsuru/gandalf

Gandalf should be able to terminate TLS, supporting HTTPs.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

improve test_atmosphere pvlib/pvlib-python

The `test_atmosphere` module can easily be improved in a few ways: 1. Add numerical tests. 2. Replace the `Location.get_solarposition` calculated zenith angles with prescribed zenith angles. Unneed...

Created - 0 comments - easy testing

use gops to report informations about gandalf tsuru/gandalf

`gops` ( is an agent that can report additional information about the Go process. We can use it to make easier to debug problems in `gandalf`

Created - 0 comments - easy help-wanted

Let the player take notes LambdaHack/LambdaHack

Let the player write an arbitrary note and insert it in Diary (History), with a timestamp, level number, number of actors in the party, current score (perhaps all this only in verbose note mode). A...

Created - 0 comments - easy self-contained

Refactor to modern Objective-C smartdevicelink/sdl_ios

Use boxed syntax and subscripting

Created - 0 comments - beginner best practice

Methods that need more docs data-8/datascience

Housekeeping for which methods still need docs (just in the order they appear in the documentation, not by priority). These methods have just a sentence or two in the docstring. **Creation** - [ ...

Created - 0 comments - good first issue help wanted Spring2016

UI should show first 8 characters of SHAs silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

To make things more readable, I think we should show only the first 8 characters of a SHA in the lists of commits, with the full SHA shown in a tooltip.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Environment names are not quoted correctly for Capistrano silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

``` [2014-11-06 18:48:29] Running command: cap -f '/var/www/deploy/releases/20141029031715/assets/Capfile' -vv foo:Custom AWS deploy:check ROLES=web -s 'history_path'='/var/www/deploy/logs/deployna...

Created - 0 comments - bug easy

Tell approver what revision is going live silverstripe-archive/deploynaut

In the second step of an approval workflow, the approver is asked to approve (me good English, yes). But the approver gets no hint at what he's approving, in terms of SHA, commit message or age of ...

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

No indication which pipeline step in logs are shown silverstripe-archive/deploynaut When clicking on one of the log links on the left, you get the view on the right. I tend to open them all in tabs, which makes it really confusing to know which is which.

Created - 0 comments - easy enhancement

Double entity encoding in tag dropdown on release pipeline selection silverstripe-archive/deploynaut


Created - 0 comments - bug easy

Coalesce chained logical expressions Xion/callee

Chained expressions such as `a | b | c` are currently represented as nested matchers (`Or(Or(a, b), c)`) because of operators associativity. These structures should be flattened instead (e.g. `Or(a...

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update the HISTORY file and all references in docs and README evonove/django-stored-messages

All versions since `1.0.1` are missing.

Created - 0 comments - starter

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