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Rack::Protection more examples in docs sinatra/sinatra

/cc sinatra/rack-protection#55

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Document sharing sessions sinatra/sinatra

Perhaps this is already covered somewhere, but worth looking into. Especially with regards to Rack::Protection and Sinatra sessions. /cc sinatra/rack-protection#107 and sinatra/rack-protection#83

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New "enforcing" option: `oldie` jshint/jshint

Currently, JSHint issues some warnings that relate to peculiarities of outdated versions of the Internet Explorer browser: - `W002`: "Value of '{a}' may be overwritten in IE 8 and earlier." (is...

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Uncaught exceptions in browsers without webrtc support webtorrent/webtorrent

There's an "Error: No WebRTC support: Not a supported browser" exception in Safari. Visible on We can handle this more gracefully, which has the excellent side benefit of ma...

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Make our automated release notes and process better by contributing to GitVersion reactiveui/ReactiveUI


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Remove fully qualified test names in test explorer reactiveui/ReactiveUI

**Do you want to request a *feature* or report a *bug*?** Feature **What is the current behavior?** ReactiveUI's unit tests use fully qualified names, which makes it hard to see the actual...

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Use node-gyp specified in configs when available pnpm/pnpm

Currently pnpm always uses the node-gyp which is shipped with it. However, npm uses a custom node-gyp when it is specified in the configs (see:

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Add comments (description) to config file rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

[This config]( option was added via [this PR]( Sti...

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Add a bytecode loader gluon-lang/gluon

This would allow the vm crate to be included and used separately though limited to only loading pre-compiled bytecode. For starters it doesn't need any checking for bytecode validity but eventually...

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Run BMP decoder through bmpsuite image-rs/image is a really thorough suite of edge cases, and it would be great to put this decoder through its paces. Adding it to the automated t...

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Provide a link to Reddit and IRC in the docs. image-rs/image

We should provide a link to some source of helps such that the issue tracker doesn't get used as a help forum like for example in #494.

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Incorrect comment image-rs/image

From /src/ppm/ `````` rust impl<'a, W: Write> PPMEncoder<'a, W> { /// Create a new PPMEncoder from the Writer ```w```. /// This function takes ownership of the Writer. pub fn...

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Generate a C header file to match the C api gluon-lang/gluon

The C api won't be very useful without a C header with all the functions and types defined and while this could be created and maintained manually that forces some duplication. Instead we may want ...

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Add S.comparing sanctuary-js/sanctuary

Create a Sanctuary version of [comparing]( in Haskell. Usage: ```haskell sortBy (comparing length) [[1..10], [1...

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Remove the "gamma_" prefix from "gamma_srgb_to_linear" and "gamma_linear_to_srgb" in PistonDevelopers/graphics

Not something I know a lot about, but from reading up on the topic, it seems that the "gamma" prefix in these functions is redundant since it is implied by srgb. Since they are public functions ch...

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Use ByNeed<T> when it arrives in libstd nickel-org/

`ResponseFinalizer` should be replaceable with `ByNeed<MiddlewareResult>`. There are probably additional places that could benefit too!

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Ensure all modules that define traits are publically accessible nickel-org/

We can't just rely on re-exports in this case as the way rust has it's error message, it recommends `use foo::Bar` where the path is the initial definition, which may be private (not the public re-...

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Update `output_color` and `output_stencil` when resizing PistonDevelopers/piston_window

Currenctly, does not update the original `PistonWindow`, leading to main target being recreated after window resize for...

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Redirect back to versions tab after saving current revision codevise/pageflow

When clicking the "Save current version" button on the "Versions" tab of an entry admin page (`/admin/entries/n?tab=revisions`), the user is redirected to the top of the page with the "Members" tab...

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Redirect back to features tab on after saving feature settings codevise/pageflow

Just like in #621, hitting the "Save" button on [the features tab]( of either an entry or an acc...

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JSON.parse error on account admin page codevise/pageflow

When going to `/admin/account/n`, a [piece of JS code runs]( that was originally designed to ru...

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Provide fromREADME entrypoint felixSchl/neodoc

Provide a convenient "fromREADME" entrypoint that would use a regular expression along the lines of `````` /^```(?:docopt|neodoc)\n((?:\s|.)+?(?=^```))/m `````` to extract the first occurrence o...

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Add patches and test features from piston v0.23 PistonDevelopers/glutin_window

- [ ] ~~resizable~~ (not supported on OSX (blocked by - [x] decorated - [ ] ~~controllers~~ (not supported)

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Refactor best-effort samples in window creation PistonDevelopers/sdl2_window

See This could be made more readable by refactoring it to a function that creates the window.

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Request depth buffer PistonDevelopers/sdl2_window

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Add tests for #39 RaRe-Technologies/smart_open

Missing tests for the disable multiprocessing functionality. How to create them is discussed in #39

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Delete fixture and get removed fixture function for later restoration ~8 canjs/can-fixture

From: Something like: ``` js can.fixture("services/thing", function(){ ... CODE A ... }); // in a test, remove default fixture and provide your own var ...

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doc issue canjs/can-connect ![canjs_-_value](

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Open/Close group in mocks sidebar using left and right arrow keys 500tech/mimic

This should expand the group when clicking on the right arrow and collapse when clicking the left arrow

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